Scholl Gel Active Work Women

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Scholl Gel Active Work Women are gel insoles specifically designed for women’s work shoes. The gel pads help absorb shock and reduce the excessive pressure being put on feet over a long period.


Scholl Gel Active Work Women


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I am a that in itself makes me a perfect candidate for this product.As i am on my feet for 13+ hrs a day (with little time to rest),i get unimaginable sore legs and feet...and this helped me soooo much. I noticed the feeling of walking on a softened surface instantly,but the big test was to come at the end of the week,when i am ready to cut my feet off...these soles passed with flying colours.I didn't have the soreness i normally experience,my legs didn't ache as much AND my feet didn't seem to,ummmm,"smell like a teenage boys room" so much.The only thing i will say is that they only lasted me a few weeks (but hey,i do give them a workout),so that was a slight negative,but i loved them so much,i told my workmates about them (they are made with sizes marked on the soles,so you simply cut them to your shoe size)...and they now wear them as well (as does my hubby,who also works on his feet all day too).TIP:Got a brand new pair of shoes ? Pop these in before you wear them to ease the discomfort of "breaking them in".Also,if you have a pair of closed in stilettos,cut these down to fit them...and feel like you are wearing slippers.