Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Sore Spots

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Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Sore Spots are small gel cushions for the sensitive points of feet to protect against rubbing.


Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Sore Spots


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This product is a must for any  shoes that rub or make sore spots. I bought these scholl party feet invisible gel sore spots when a gorgeous looking pair of shoes I just had to have became unbearable to wear as they rubbed right across the front. These little gel cushions are a godsend and i can now stand in my beautiful shoes for hours without rubbing. Made especially for targeting problem areas they are light and comfortable to wear and dont take up room in your shoes. I highly recommend them for problem shoes, a real must have and at a great price. i highly recommend these gems
I was in Sydney for work a few weeks ago and those killer heels that work a treat when I'm sitting at work normally weren't so great with all the walking that was required around Sydney offices.  I did contemplate buying new shoes.....(any excuse) but came across these in a chemist.  Life changer!  I love how they are for specific target areas and not so bulky and cumbersome that they make your foot feel crowded in the shoes.  It felt like a new person after two days of suffering. Highly recommended.
I have a pair of heels that the front straps rubs and leaves me with blisters. I bought a pack of these and put them in my heels on the sore spots and now I can wear them for hours without any pain. I cannot recommend them enough. They are quite difficult to find in stores but definitely worth the searching