Scholl Velvet Express Pedi Foot Refill 1 Soft 1 Coarse

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Scholl Velvet Express Pedi Foot Refill 1 Soft 1 Coarse are refill heads for the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi. The Micralumina™ replaceable roller head features diamond crystals to gently buff away rough, hard skin from heels and feet. Comes with a Soft and Coarse head.


Scholl Velvet Express Pedi Foot Refill 1 Soft 1 Coarse


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Fixes my cracked heels

I love using this coarse foot file once a week on my heels to maintain that fresh pedicure look and feel. It quickly and comfortably removes all my dry hardened skin on my heels and bottom of my big toes. It doesn't leave the skin rough either. It leaves my skin super smoothe. I love the fact that one refill lasts me a few months and they are so easy to change. I would highly recommend this to anyone with dry, cracked heels and they are also quite often on sale at the chemist which is great so then I can stock up.
Every winter my heels crack like the Grand Canyon, they get so dry and suck a thick build up of dry skin that no amount of moisturiser can fix. I bought the Scholl foot file on a whim because I had nothing to loose, my feet could not get any worse. Within a few uses my heels were so much softer and smoother, the dry skin had just buffed away.  The fact that I can but the file refills easily and in two grits is the best thing ever. 
The Scholl Velvet Express Pedi is a beauty essential and part of my weekly beauty regime. Simple to use and with immediate results the two different refill heads manage all your feet concerns. Rough dry cracked skin on your feet is unhealthy and looks nasty! It is very easy to interchange the heads and they are long lasting so real value for money. Pair with a Scholl foot moisture cream/mask for a real treat. Soft ,smooth ,sexy and healthy - Your feet will thank you.
Being pregnant (and a little bit lazy!), I had been slacking in the pedicure department, but I knew something had to be done when I was starting to get cracked ‘old lady’ skin on my heels! I remembered that I had a refill of the Scholl Velvet Express Pedi Foot Refill 1 Soft 1 Coarse, and decided to put it to the test last night. I used this roller in my Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Foot File in the shower, and then once more after I had dried off to remove the last of the stubborn skin. Honestly, I was a little bit dubious what effect it would have on my neglected feet, but I’m happy to report (and just a little bit shocked!) that it has worked wonders – my feet feel incredibly soft and are as smooth as a baby’s bottom! I think that the coarse version (which has diamond crystals) is far more effective than the standard refill (and any professional pedicure for that matter!), and will definitely be the type that I purchase and recommend from now on. Now I just have to remember to use it regularly!
I use this product every other day to keep the dry skin on my feet in check.Using this before a foot moisturizer has cut down my trips to the podiatrist. I just wish the re-fills were a bit cheaper.
How did we ever live without this one in our beauty cases?  No more excuses for dry skin on your feet.  So simple to use and really does what it says on the pack.  A great product.
This product is excellent my poor old feet have looked and felt better I only use once a week after I have a shower  and it throughly removes all the dry skin from my feet
Take it from me having suffered with cracked heels half my thong wearing life, I now have smooth heels thanks to this great little machine !! Easy to use, doesnt hurt, and the dead skin just falls off. Very happy with my purchase and now my sister uses one :D
Changed my feet for the best!   I use this about once or twice a week alongside moisturising my feet and wow it's changed my feet. They used have hard,dry and cracking skin all over, But now they are much smoother, no longer cracked or have hard flaky skin.
I love wearing open toed and open heeled high heels, even through Winter! This means I have to keep my heels in top shape all year round. Enter Scholl Velvet Express Pedi! I have been using this for a number of months and my feet have never felt so smooth or looked so good! No more cracked heels and it is so easy to use. The more you use it the less you need too! So for those time poor ladies that can't get to the beauty therapist just do it at home.
It's so uncomfortable feeling your dry feet against your bed and stockings - makes my skin crawl! The Scholl velvet smooth is perfect to remove hard skin especially in between your monthly pedicures! No need to soak in water for hours just a few minutes before your shower. Love it - perfect for me as a mum with very little me time.