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Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is an electronic foot file that removes hard skin from heels and feet. The battery operated device spins a Micralumina™ roller with diamond crystals at high speed to gently buff away rough, hard skin.

Available in Pink and Blue.


Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi


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My holy grail

I got sick of using the traditional foot file that you have to rub back and forth on your heels for ages to see any results so that's why I bought myself one of these Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi battery operated foot files. I wish I had bought one sooner. It's comfort to hold and does the job quick! It does however make a lost of white dust (skin) so I like using mine sitting down in the shower with no water on to contain the mess. Then I'll shower afterwards to wash all the skin down. I love the fact that you can replace the file heads instead of the entire device and you can buy different levels of coarseness. I love using the most course one first to remove all the real hardened cracked parts of my heel first if I haven't done it for ages and then I'll change the heads over and use a more smoother one to smoothe the heel off to finish. I find I get quite a lot of uses out of mine before I have to change the batteries and replace the files too. And the file replacements are always on sale which is another bonus.
The Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Footcare System is a battery-operated system that helps to remove hard skin from the heels. It can be used on wet and dry skin. The system has a handle that is comfortable and easy to hold and at the end is the exfoliating barrel that rotates.  When I began using this foot file, the first thing I noticed was just how messy it is. I mean it's getting rid of dead skin, so I should have expected a lot of "dust". I now use it in the shower base. The rotating exfoliating barrel is easy to use on my heels, but I find it more difficult to control when using on the contours of my foot. My feet are quite dry and I get a lot of dryness on pretty much the areas that touch the floor. I expected a lot from this device, being an electronic one. It does produce results, but nothing amazing for me. In the time it takes, I could use a manual foot file and it would be much cheaper. I would recommend using on wet feet, as the skin is then softer. Also, be sure to use a moisturiser once finished exfoliating as this will extend the smooth result. I believe that the Scholl Velvet Smooth Foot File would work better on those that don't have very dry and cracked heels like I do.
It took me ages to buy one of these, always preferring to use a professional heel pumice. Finally I got one at chemist warehouse half price. Game changer!  The handle is a great size to maintain a good comfortable grip, with an easy turn on/off located on the handle so no fidgeting. With the handle being round navigating anywhere in your feet is very easy and effective.  The diamond file is very soft on your more delicate skin but yet very tough on the harder drier areas. With a flick of a switch you pop the file out to rinse and clean making it hygienic for multiple uses. The packaging recommends 12 uses before replacing the files but I have used it way more than that and it's still performing as well as when it was new. I keep trying other brands of foot files but always always return to Scholl.
When I first saw the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi advertised I could see my name written all over it and my feet were calling out to me to purchase one.  So it wasn’t long before I had one of these hot little items in my hands.    I absolutely love having pedicures but with life and work commitments it seemed salon pedicures were becoming a luxury in the past.  The ones I did at home just didn’t seem the same until I purchased the Express Pedi.    I have had dry skin on my feet for many years and although my heels weren’t cracked, the skin was very rough and a bit crusty, with a callous under each big toe.  Gross, I know, and no one wants to read about other people’s horrible feet stories, so I’ll cut short the description.    My feet no longer have to suffer because they took to the Express Pedi like a duck to water.  After the very first use my feet were soft and silky and I couldn’t believe that all I needed was this little device to make my feet look and feel pampered.    To keep my feet looking good, first of all I work the Express Pedi over my feet and then soak my feet in warm soapy water. I then give my feet a good scrub and clean, attend to my toe nails, gently dry my feet and then smother them in a foot balm or lotion.  My easy and effective home pedicure.    I like the design of the Express Pedi with its nice thick handle which makes it easy to hold and control.  The roller spins quite quickly sending powdery dead skin flying so I like to do my exfoliation outside to eliminate mess, and to enjoy the peace and quiet on my own.  I also like that the Express Pedi is battery operated so there are no cords to worry about and I can use it wherever I like, and the batteries seem to last forever.    There is no discomfort in using the Express Pedi and even though I have very ticklish feet I can move the Express Pedi across the soles of my feet without feeling ticklish at all.    They say ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ but I say “the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi with its diamond crystals roller is definitely a girl’s best friend’. 
Warmer weather means sandals or thongs. After having my feet cooped up in socks and in  winter shoes my feet have been somewhat neglected. Dry heels and slightly cracked heels are an eyesore.. The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi comes to the rescue as it removes the dry skin on my feet.. The end result is a smooth healthy looking heel and foot. It is very easy to use and does not need charging as it is battery operated. This express pedi makes looking after my feet very simple, it only requires light pressure to obtain the fantastic results. The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi will last longer than a lifetime of pumice stones. Very happy with product, the price is also acceptable. Do your feet a favour and consider this product.
Summer is just around the corner, and that means getting my footsies in tip-toe condition (pun intended). After months of hiding in thick socks and boots, my feet were feeling a bit neglected when I came across this clever gadget on sale at half-price and decided to finally give it a go. I can confidently say I was not left disappointed after using it several times over the last few weeks. My dry and neglected heels have been buffed away into baby-bottom-smooth softness! It's almost addictive, watching the little sand-paper like roller spinning and buffing away what looks like layers and layers of dead skin (eeeek!). I love that you can buy the different roller heads depending on how coarse or smooth you need it (personally I have found the coarse one to be far superior and effective), and also can replace them as needed. The ergonomic design of this device is great, with the thick handle very comfortable to hold, even for prolonged periods of time. I also found it easy to clean both the handle and the roller heads. This is a great little tool to incorporate into a regular routine as it really takes no time to give your feet a little buff here and there, without having to break out a sweat or develop RSI from using an old fashioned foot-file or pumice stone. It's like having a semi-professional salon peeicure at home....just buff away, slather on some nice thick foot cream, pop on some bed socks and your feet will be summer-ready in no time. The best part? You can get this in a pink colour! Cons? None for me personally, it does what it promises to do!
I have dreadful feet. Heels like cracked 100 year old leather. I tried this product and was surprised at how it was able to help. Took a few goes to get rid of the worst of it.  I've found having a professional pedicure to get down to the soft skin, then using the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi religiously and using a good heel cream works a treat.  This won't perform magic on bad heels. But in conjunction with professional pedicures it will keep your heels looking better, longer. 
This is such a miracle product!!! It leaves your feet feeling smooth and perfectly manicured and all the good reviews are definitely true. The only thing to be wary about this product is that it can take too much skin off if you overuse it and the best time to use it is to use it after your shower so it leaves minimal damage or takes off to much skin. However despite these minor warnings I love, love, love this product!!
After eyeing this product off for awhile I found it half price on sale and quickly snapped it up!  Since being pregnant and gaining some extra weight my feet have never recovered. They are constantly covered in dry patches of hardened skin. Scholl velvet express pedi looks pleasing and is marketed well. However results are varied. It definitely buffed away some dead skin cells but was not like getting a real pedicure whatsoever. It smoothed my dry dead skin but I still had thick patches of hardened skin that could not be buffed away. The sensation was not painful at all. I was underwhelmed with the results and don't think it's worth the money at all. PROS It's pink It's lightweight Does smooth skin CONS  Does not give pedicure results Expensive Messy I would recommend using this product before or after showering then applying a softening foot cream with cotton socks for best results.
Oh How did I live without you ????? This is a product that everyone should own. How fabulous being able to whip your feet into shape at leisure. Never be embarrassed in sandals again. This takes just minutes to remove dry ugly skin and smooth your piggies into little blossoms.  Easy to store, save big $ and no worries about hygiene at some of THOSE pedicure salons. I have bought several of these babies for gifts and they can be used on males too. Spoil yourself! and always look fabulous head to toe xx
Packaging The product comes in a hard plastic casing, and I must admit, I found it quite difficult to get it out! This is easily forgiven, since it's the only negative I could come up with. Batteries ARE Included! Say what? Yes, the batteries were already in the product, making it pretty much ready to use. This saves me time, effort and hassle. Good one, Scholl! Design and Aesthetics The design is erganomic; the handle is just the right size, and is easy to hold onto, fitting comfortably into the hand. The silver on/off switch is easily manipulated and clearly marked, and all this makes for a simple-to-use product. The light blue/aqua and white colouring is aesthetically-pleasing. This is not a tool you need to hide away because it looks ugly. You could easily leave this pretty pedi out in your bathroom without worrying what visitors might think. Efficiency and Results I love that Express Pedi indeed lives up to its name; it's fast, effective and efficient. Unlike pumice stones or other manual foot files, where you have to slave away for what seems like forever, the electronic foot file does all the work for you! Once switched on, the file spins quite fast, and you simply move it onto areas of dry or hardened skin to slough it away. No hard work required! It doesn't take long at all to see results, even after the first use. My feet were left soft, smooth and silky to the touch. I really wasn't use to this feeling on my feet, so I kept touching them in amazement! Summary I LOVE the Scholl Express Pedi Electronic Foot File! I love how quick and easy it is and I love the results it gives me. With the weather warming up, this is perfect to ready my feet for thongs and sandals. I'd recommend this product, especially if you think there's nothing you can do about dry, hard, built-up skin on your feet. Hope is in sight!
Truly an exceptional product that delivers outstanding results!  The Express Pedi Electronic Foot File is in a class of its own. This amazing device has, with complete comfort, taken my neglected winter feet & transformed them as if by magic from the first time I used it. While I expected good results after seeing it used with ease on TV commercials, the ease of how well this device works is truly outstanding. It's very pleasant to use - the vibrating roller is highly effective but at the same time it is a gentle process & is designed with safety in mind. It swiftly removes all hard & rough skin in the feet & heel areas, minus any discomfort. I also have very ticklish feet, but this great little device didn't bother my sensitive feet in the slightest. The device is ergonmically designed with ease of use & comfort in mind. The handle grip is sturdy & makes it easy to manipulate the device to everywhere it needs to go. Also I really like that it has a great safety feature built in - if you leave it too long on an area it cuts out to prevent damage to the (now smooth) skin. I can now ditch my pumice stone & other manual pedi tools, as they pale in significance when compared to the Express Pedi. I'd give this 10 stars if I could!
I am not a fan of this. I was so excited when I bought this I had heard so many great reviews about this product. When I used this I was very disappointed. Yes it does get rid of dead skin but not a lot. My feet are very dry and this did not get me the results I wanted. I was hoping for smooth clean feet but that didn't happened. Other members of my family used this it worked for them but not me.If you have very dry feet I would not recommend this at all.
My new favourite thing! After a long long winter my feet and heels are finally free of shoes and it has been a big shock to the system. I purchased this system half price at a local supermarket about a fortnight ago and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Dry skin comes off in a flash and allows heel balm to do its job.  Gentle enough to use everyday.. For those of us who cant get a daily pedicure this is the next best thing!
I love,love, love this product. I love wearing my Haviana Thongs most of the time, which in time leaves me with 'drought feet', as my son once labelled it. This little device is express all the way. Does the work for you. No need for and scary blades the Pedicurist may use, and no black Heros sponge (which leaves little black particles everywhere). My heels looks 100% in my Thongs when I use this once a week.
I use this product every now and then and it surprises me always on how well it works. It is super easy to use and always makes my feet super soft. I like this concept for home pedi especially who are time and money poor, easy to carry and you can even it on holidays.
I bought this tool primarily for my daughter who has a skin condition that makes her feet have build up off rough skin.  It has been a real treat to use this, I even purchased a second so that we could have a rough and a smooth roller available to use.  We generally use a foot file to get the skin clena up process going and then the two express pedi tools to smooth and finish her feet and it does this beautifully.
I first learned about this product after seeing an ad for it on TV but I was skeptical about the results.  I normally would go to the nail salon and get a pedicure whenever I felt like my feet needed a good scrub but that was getting a bit expensive nor was it convenient.  My friend had actually recommended it to me and I trusted her enough to go out and get it.  The express pedi is essential a rolling foot file that is battery operated.  It does look and sound a bit intimidating but it couldn't be any easier.  You grab it by the handle and move it all around your feet, focusing on the areas that are dry and tough like the heel.  It rotates very quickly which gently buffs away at the skin, keeping it smooth! You actually start to see the dead skin form into a white powder from the pedi which is gross yet satisfying.  I use it at least once a week and it's actually quite fun to use.  Your feet might get a bit ticklish at first if you're like me, but soon enough you'll get used to it.  It's perfect for all year round and you won't feel embarrassed about wearing thongs or open toed shoes.
Best product for getting rid of dead skin on my feet!! I have tried numerous ways to get rid of all the dried/hard skin on my feet and been unsuccessful, until i bought this magical product!!! It works so well and makes my feet so nice and soft!! The effects last awhile to which is always an amazing thing!! The only down side is that it is quite expensive, but for how well it works, it's worth it!!
I bought this product a few weeks ago and am absolutely in love with it! It is so simple and easy to use all you do is flick a switch and let the machine do all the work for you!. The roller head is gentle yet very effective on the dry cracked skin on my heels and leaves it incredibly soft I usually follow with their heel balm to moisturize the skin as well so it stays smoother for longer. Usually with regular hand held foot pedis my hand gets sore from the constant movements but with this product the rotating head means that I don't have to do as much work and get an ever better result compared to other products, plus the roller is interchangeable so you can have a rougher or smoother roller depending on your needs. The only con with this product is that you need to lay down a plastic bag or sit in the bathroom because there is no catch tray for the dry skin that the product removes. over all I would highly recommend this product absolutely amazing!!