Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Oil

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Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Oil is a nail and cuticle oil. The formula is enriched with seven nourishing oils to moisture and condition the cuticles and nails, leaving them visibly shinier.

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Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Oil


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I adore this nail and cuticle oil, great for nourishing nails and leaving a lovely shine. Scholl products always deliver and this oil is no exception. At a price point of under $15.00 its great value as it lasts for ages, you dont need a lot, and the difference in my nails is visible when I use this product. This oil leaves nails and cutivles feeling so soft and its super hydrating, great for drying weather and winter winds its easy to use, you use it just as you would a nail polish and it dries really quick without feeling greasy or oily. It absorbs readily and the results speak for themselves. Love this and would highly recommend it.
I love this nail oil because it makes my nails glossy and shiny. I apply this every night before bed and as a result, I have had numerous compliments about my shiny nails. My nails look visibly healthier and look like I’m wearing clear polish, but it's easier and faster than actually applying the nail polish. This is a great product to get healthy shiny nails!
I love this! I use it everyday on my nails and cuticles and I love the smell! I get very dry cuticles all the time and especially in winter. I find these oil helps keeps them moisturised and keeps my nails looking shiny. I use it morning and night. Great product again from Scholl!
I'm actually so obsessed with this product! Right off the bat, it smells INCREDIBLE - sweet, but not overly so. Really easy to apply onto your nails - I usually smear it along my cuticles. The nail oil dries super quickly without leaving any residue and gives a fantastic shine. Highly recommended!
I've never been one to take particularly good care of my nails. I've tried a couple of nail balms over the years but never really stuck to a routine with them for long. My nails have always been quite brittle, prone to breaking and quite rough around the edges. I received this oil free with a Priceline goody bag. I'd never tried a nail oil before and a quick scan of it's natural ingredients had me intrigued. Sweet almond,apricot kernel and argan oils with vitamin e, omega 3 and a few more fantastic natural oils. As a fan of natural products, i definitely wanted to give this a try! The School Velvet Smooth Nail Care Oil comes packaged in a clear glass container with a white lid. The bottle and the brush are shaped the same as most standard nail polish bottles. To apply, you just brush on the clear oil like you would when applying nail polish. You then rub the oil into the nails and cuticles and wait for it to dry. The scent was very sweet and floral and smelt quite pretty. My nails immediately looked much shinier and the rough edges around my nails were much smoother. After a few weeks of nightly use, my nails are looking much better (yes-I actually stuck with using this regularly!) My nails definitely break less,look much healthier and more nourished ,and the roughness around my nails has completely gone! I will definitely be repurchasing in future. Beautiful, healthy nails naturally.  Pros *Natural ingredients *Easy to use *Strengthens and repairs brittle, damaged nails  *Smooths and hydrates skin around the nails  Cons *Can take a while to absorb. I find it best to apply before bed each night. I recommend this to anyone wanting beautiful, stronger nails that just look so shiny and healthy. It takes minutes and the results are quite amazing!
I had always hated my brittle, peeling nails. At beauty school my teacher was shocked at the weak condition of my nails and assumed I had just had acrylics removed but no, unfortunately this was just how my nails had always been. That, of course, was until I was introduced to Scholl nail oil. I had never tried an oil on my hands before but was always curious about the oil manicurists put on your cuticles at the end of the manicure.  The Scholl nail care oil has a really nice smell and feels nourishing on the nails. After you file/buff or paint, you simply dab a drop on every cuticle then massage in to your cuticles and your nails. Within a week my nails showed a dramatic difference. No longer were they brittle with dry cuticles. My nails felt smoother, ripple-less, and the surrounding skin is soft and has a gentle scent. Pro's *Brings brittle, weak nails back to life *Suitable on fingers and toes *Quick to use and blends in easily *Rubbing your cuticles stimulates the blood flow to the area and can help increase your nail growth *You only need a small amount and so the bottle does last a while Con's *Something I didn't even think about when I purchased this oil was the allergy information. We have a few serious allergies in my family, thankfully none of them to nuts. As this oil contains sweet almond oil you do need to take care if you or someone in your household has a nut allergy. In today's hectic world, we have such busy schedules that your cuticles are often the last thing on your mind. It is my personal belief that Nail & Cuticle oil is the unsung hero of the at-home manicure. Everyone who loves flawlessly healthy nails should invest in this oil.
Really good oil for caring for your nails!!! I really love how moisturising this oil is for my dry nails!! The only thing i don't like about it is, that it can get a bit messy when applying it and it doesn't soak in straight away!
I love this nail oil. It's super easy to use, it comes in a nail polish style bottle and you just paint it on and and then rub it in to your nails and cuticles. It is so nourishing and made my nails and cuticles look and feel so much healthier after just one application. It absorbs quite quickly, doesn't leave any residue and smells quite nice too. I will definitely be purchasing this product time and time again.
I love this nail oil! I had always wanted to use a product like this (but had noticed they were a bit pricey and didn't want to fork out on something that might not work) on my brittle, flaky nails and dry cuticles. But I so happy I was able to test this product because it actually made a huge difference on my nails and cuticles - they're in better condition now! The product has a pleasant smell, nothing too strong. A little goes a long way, and quickly absorbs. No greasy feel after use. It's a little pricey, but with only a little bit needed for each use the bottle will last a long time.
I really like this product. Usually I prefer a cream product instead of an oil because I don't like the residue that is often left behind. This oil however, is absorbed quickly. A little goes a long way so this product should last a while. I definitely feel that my nails are looking healthier after using this product.
This oil is actually fantastic, I've used it for a few days now and my nail beds are as good as new! They look so healthy!! The oil itself absorbs pretty quickly and actually smells good. It isn't slick or greasy as well which is awesome, super comfortable and with the fast improvement of my skin in just a few days I'm convinced its got the goods in terms of quality oils/ingredients. It comes in a pretty standard nail polish style bottle, the brush really isn't anything out of the ordinary but it delivers the oil onto your skin so it does the job. Im actually so into this oil that Ive begun to swipe a small line of oil on my super dry knees and elbows before massaging it in. If it works, it works, right?
Love love love this oil! Since using it the visible health and appearance of my nails has significantly improved and they give off a nice natural sheen.  To apply, I use the brush to paint the oil onto my nails, let it sit for 30 seconds and then massage it into the nail and surrounding skin with my fingers to ensure that it is fully absorbed.  Convenient to use and does what it promises earns it staple status in my weekly routine. 
I really like using this nail oil. It is very easy to use, I paint it on exactly as I would a nail polish every few days and feel like it's making a difference in my nails. I would definitely continue using and repurchasing this product.
This nail oil is very nourishing and feels quite luxurious. I used it after the velvet smooth nail care system, and it added that nice finishing touch for a salon like manicure. My nails can be quite dry and flaky, especially after I wash my hair or wash the dishes and I felt  that it did help to improve them, massaged into my cuticles they were also a lot softer. After using it for a week now, applied every night before bed, I can honestly say my cuticles feel a lot softer than before and they're much easier to push back. It has a nice fragrance to it, I think it smells quite similar to baby oil, although it is far less greasy. It absorbs very quickly, and only a small amount is required for each finger. It is packaged in a bottle with a brush identical to a nail polish, making it extremely easy to use. A small amount goes a long way, so I can see this bottle lasting a long time, whilst enabling me to massage it into my nails every night before bed. It feels very luxurious to use, and I can honestly see myself repurchasing when it runs out.
The Scholl Nail Care Oil is super easy to apply. You apply it just like nail polish, however you don't have to be neat and it's even better if you get it on your cuticles! My nails and cuticles love the nourishing oil and it leaves my nails with a natural shine. It works best when you also massage the oil into your cuticles. The oil feels very light and has a very pleasing smell - especially if you love the smell of oil anyway. I used this with the Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail System and my nails look well manicured and fresh. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to moisturise and condition their nails and cuticles.
I really liked the packaging of this nail oil, the brush makes it quick easy to apply. The oil itself has nice consistency and doesn't go everywhere on application. I like to leave it on for a minute or so and then massage into the cuticles and nails. The scent is not overpowering but pleasant on the nose. After just a couple of days I've noticed an improvement in the condition of my cuticles. They felt softer and well nourished, no dryness or tearing in sight. I can see myself using this oil on a regular basis and repurchasing it after I'm done with this bottle (which won't happen anytime soon since you only need a tiny amount per application). 
I love this product!  It is very gentle on nails and skin, and gives a great finish after filing and buffing.  There's a generous amount in the bottle, and for the price, it would last forever. It's easy to apply and dries very quickly. 
This nail oil has change the appearance of my nails! I have been dealing with dryness of cuticles and hated the look of my nails but this oil has truly improved the appearance of them.  I have been using it with the Scholl nail care system and I really can't stop looking at my nails :-)
I loved this oil! I put it on and massaged it into my usually very dry cuticles before bed and after one use saw a massive improvement. Not only did it help my cuticles but by massaging it into my entire nail gave them an overall healthy look and they felt great, no more sore dry and cracked cuticles!
It comes in a nail polish like packing which was very easy to use. The brush applicator was smoothly applied cuticle oil without any problem. The oil has nice smell and it has thick consistency, absorb quickly on my nails. It moisturizes my nails verywell and they instantly looks healthy. I hope that regular use will improve their appearance.  I have noticed improvement in my cuticles after few applications.  I used it with and without Scholl Velvet SmoothElectronic Nail Care System, and I find that it works great all the time. I highly recommend it for those who want healthy beautiful nails and cuticle.