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shu uemura blanc:chroma cleansing oil

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shu uemura blanc:chroma cleansing oil is a lightweight cleansing oil that purifies and cleanses the skin, removing makeup and impurities whilst brightening and polishing the skin.

Price above is for 150mL. Also available in 450mL.


shu uemura blanc:chroma cleansing oil


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As far as cleansing oils go this is a good one, especially in conjunction with a double cleansing routine. I found hat it worked best applied on dry skin like the lady at the Shu Uemura counter suggested. It removes eye makeup well, as well as other makeup as soon as you rinse with water, but when you apply it to wet skin, it just smudges your makeup. After cleansing with this oil, in the correct way your left with clean skin with an oily residue, which requires a foaming cleanser to finish the job. I found my skin texture improved when using this cleansing oil but I didn’t notice an improvement in lightening of my slight sunspots. This is why I gave it 4 stars. I would therefore recommend this for someone that is looking for a good polishing cleansing oil as part of a double cleansing routine.
Cleansing oils are having a huge moment, so a few months ago, I decided to hop on board. Like many others with acne-prone skin, I was apprehensive about using an oil cleanser, but after experiencing the extraordinary difference this Shu Uemura product has made on the clarity of my skin, I wish I had tried it sooner.  The oil has an interesting lightweight consistency, neither too viscous nor too runny. They suggest using three to four pumps, but I find one pump is plenty to cleanse my entire face and neck. As instructed, I massage the oil gently onto my dry face, and within seconds, all my makeup melts away. I tend to continue massaging for about a minute (or five) before I wet my face with a bit of water. This step emulsifies the oil, turning it milky and more soap-like. After a few more seconds of massaging the emulsified oil, I rinse the product throughly off my skin with warm water. That's it. A one-step oil cleansing that leaves my skin perfectly clean and radiant without a trace of makeup or oily residue. I love that this has a non-comedogenic mineral oil base, and even boasts ingredients like salicylic acid and volcanic clay to remove impurities and prevent breakouts. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which explains why skin feels so supple after cleansing. In regards to its brightening pigment-fading claims, I can't say with 100% certainty that it delivers, but three months into using this, I definitely see an evening of my skin tone, even if only slightly. Cleansing has become a relaxing nightly ritual that I look forward to: The heavenly scent of the oil as I give myself a facial massage feels very spa-like in its stress relieving as well as skin rejuvenating effects. I find the Blanc:Chroma to be a gentle and effective cleansing oil that's suitable for acne-prone skin. It may seem pricey, but considering how long a bottle lasts and more importantly, the impressive results, I think the cost is justified.
This is the first cleansing oil that got me into the cleansing oil world. I used to hate anything related to oil but then I learned about the double cleansing method where you should use the cleansing oil first, and then a cleansing foam or gel to get rid of all your makeup. I decided to try out the Shu Uemura cleansing oil since it's what the brand famous for. I purchased the purple bottle which target to brighten up you skin tone. The texture of the oil is very light, at least lighter than what i expected. It feels very comfortable and easy to massage around your face. I usually use 2-2.5 pumps to get rid of my makeup, even my eye makeup and it doesn't irritate my eyes at all. It's gentle but very effective at getting rid of all the waterproof makeup. After all the makeup melt down, I add a little bit of water on my face and the oil turn into a milky texture, and then I just massage my face for around 1 more minute then rinse it off. After rinsing it off, my face feel very clean and hydrated. Personally, I don't need to use a second cleansing foam or gel with this product because I found that it makes hydrated and doesn't leave any residue. Highly recommend if you're looking for an effective cleansing oil.