Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser

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Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser is a purifying, calming cleanser for all skin types, including delicate and hyper-sensitive. It leaves skin feeling cleansed and fresh without drying or irritating, making it the ideal cleanser for use before and after professional skin treatments. Hero ingredient Aloe Vera contains a novel anti-inflammatory compound that helps to calm skin, as well as improving skin integrity. Boosted with antioxidant Vitamin E to help fortify the skin against free radical damage, while aiding moisture retention for healthy, soft and supple skin. Morning and night, dispense a pea-sized amount into wet hands and apply to the face. Massage gently into the skin to loosen makeup and cleanse impurities, then rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. For stubborn makeup, apply cleanser to wet cotton wool and gently swipe across eyes and lips before rinsing well.


Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser


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Gentle gel cleanser

This is very gentle cleanser as the name suggests but it is nonetheless a gel cleanser, so it doesn't really suit my dry skin. It cleans well but it does strip my skin a little and anyone else with the same skin type as me would be advised to follow fairly quickly with a hydrating toner/essence. It doesn't appear to leave any residue if you thoroughly rinse after use. There is also discernible fragrance or no scent noticably lingers both when washing and after washing. The tube is fairly large so the quantity is generous and can last months as you only sparingly need a small amount to clean the average sized face. The contents have a tendency to leak so be careful securing the lid and I would recommend leaving the tube flat or upside down so the lid is facing up to avoid leakage.

For sensitive skin

This skinstuit gentle cleanser is so amazing and is as gentle as it says it is. The price is a bit up there but it is worth it if you want clean and smooth skin. I have sensitive skin and this cleanser didn’t irritate my skin what so ever. You only need a small amount, a little goes a long way with this product. The lather is really nice. My skin doesn’t feel too dry after using this. I have repurchased this product many times. It is definitely a stable in my beauty routine. The tube is a nice size and it fits in my shower caddy nicely.