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St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion

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St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion contains an illuminating bronzer to give skin an instant hint of colour, while the tanner develops with daily use. The streak-free formula provides skin-perfecting coverage to help blur imperfections.


St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion


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I loved this product so much as I found it super easy to achieve a natural golden tan. The tinted body lotion simply rubs into skin and acts as a beautiful moisturiser for my skin while the tint gives it a golden glow that looks like I have been on holidays. The product builds tan up gradually with no mess and no fuss and I always get compliments when wearing it. I find this product never streaks and if I let it dry properly it never stains my clothes or sheets. I love st tropez tanning products and honestly this is one of the best I have ever used. I love the bronze tube packaging with flip lid for no mess and ease of use and feel its great value for money as it lasts really well, I never need to use a ton for a great result. I just massage this in and go, it has no nasty odour that some fake tans have and its really hydrating. Love, love, love it and highly recommend it.
I give this fake tan 5 stars because I love that it’s tinted and easy to apply, but most of all, I love how hydrating, it is. I have applied it to my dry face with peeling bits, and dry neck in winter a number of times and it hydrates my face as well as a good moisturiser while at the same time providing me with a golden glow. To me it has a slight soapy like fragrance when you apply it on the skin, which disappears as it dries and in the morning I can’t detect any fake tan smell. For me it has never transferred to my white sheets or my pjs as I apply it straight to freshly washed and dried skin. I find this tanning product to be exactly what it’s labeled as, an instant healthy glow.  I think it would be great for someone who has pale and dry skin as it provides you with a more golden tan rather than a deep one, which some of the other St.Tropez products can do. I also find that the tan lasts well for a few days when looked after even when only applied once, but obviously if you apply the tan daily it does get darker but is very much in the golden hues colour range, perhaps very slightly leaning towards the orangey spectrum. That is why I don’t tend to keep layering it daily but wait for a few days, alternating with moisturiser instead.
Consider me a self tanning convert! I do not remember the last time I was rocking such a beautiful bronze tan! It must have been ten years ago when I was holidaying in Italy ( and though regular tanning was the thing!) And I achieved this healthy glow in a rather easy manner (*as long as you follow the steps meticulously). I really can't believe that tan like this comes from a bottle, or should I say a tube. The packaging is standard, simple, pinky broze tube with a black lid. The formula is in my opinion just right, not too watery, not too thick, looks like a chocolate mousse. It is easily applied, it does spreads evenly and like a dream. It takes a while to dry/set but after a moment one can dress up. While applying the tanning lotion I was hit by a pleasant scent, which surprised me as I know from stories of my friends that self tanning can stink!  The factor that makes application seem easy is the tint in the formula, therefore we see where we have applied the product and which parts are still not covered. I would suggest applying during the day though for better light. I must say I am impressed by how natural and healthy  the tan looks. I decided to give this product a go as I just returned from Europe when didn't have a chance to tan naturally and because of the heatwave where I live I needed to show off my limbs. I am not familiar with self tanning secrets, just followed the steps and I achieved a great result. True, I might have messed up my feet a little but it is not the product's fault, only mine. I also recommend using the special mitt, as the graduał tanning lotion might stain the palms of the hands. And definitely avoid wearing white clothes right after the application. I have noticed only one thing that doesn't agree with the description of the product.... the tube says GRADUAL..... hey, I looked like I already spent a week in ST Tropez after one application and believe me I was not tanned at all! The shade is beautiful, bronze, golden, even, no streaks and I feel so great! Thanks St Tropez! Another great product in the range. They obviously know what they are doing.
Summer is here and everyone wants a bit of colour in their skin but shouldn't spend the time in the sun to get it, so instead we need a great tanning product. I often find tanning products a little bit messy especially if you need to leave it to soak into the skin before washing it off. But you don't need to worry about mess any longer with this awesome gradual tinted tanning lotion from St Tropez. This lotion is really easy to apply and is great for getting an instant glow with some added moisture. The lotion is tinted so it's easy to see where you are applying but it also rubs into the skin easily leaving you with a bit of extra colour. My skin feels soft after I rub it in and it only has a faint smell which is great as often tanning products can smell un-pleasant.  I find this is the perfect product for those moments when you want a subtle instant tan that you can just put on and walk out the door. It would be a waste to use it at night though as one of the main benefits is the instant tint so it's definitely more beneficial to use it in the morning. Just be wary that because of the tanning ingredients I wouldn't recommend getting dressed straight after applying.
St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion is packaged in a 200ml bronze tube with a black flip top, which makes it excellent for travelling. I am not willing to gamble with my health and bake in the sun for a real tan, so faking it is my only option. When I don’t have time for a spray tan or I haven’t done the preparation I mitt up and use a lotion. I have dry skin so I apply moisturiser after every shower so I might as well be getting some colour while I am at. The consistency is a little on the thick side but I am still able to apply it with a mitt so I don’t have to scrub my hands when I have finished. The application is easy because with the bronzing tint I can see where I have over lapped or missed a spot and I can correct the problem area. I always allow my tan to dry before I get dressed so it doesn’t stain my clothing or the sheets. If I am in a hurry I have been known to give myself a quick blow-dry to speed the process up. I never wear a light colour or use light  coloured sheets after I have tanned to avoid any staining.  My skin is fair and it can tan but it just isn’t worth it. I just want to look a couple of shades darker so St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion is perfect. As the name suggests it is a gradual tan and so it takes up to 3 applications to build a good healthy glow. The colour looks natural and fades off evenly, unlike a spray tan that needs to be removed. This is a definite plus for me. I reapply every 3 days just to maintain my summer glow. My favourite part about this Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion is that it contains illuminating powder and a bronzer to help disguise skin imperfections so it is like foundation for my body. Helps to hide a few sins and it makes me feel like I have lost a couple of kilos (which I love!).