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St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mist

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With its 360-degree nozzle, St. Tropez’s Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mist helps get to those hard-to-reach areas for even coverage.. The super fine mist dries quickly and provides a long-lasting, natural looking tan.


St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mist


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I absolutely adore this bronzing mist as it is so easy to use to get a natural look. i love st tropez products and this is one of the best self tanners out there. The super fine mist is so easy to use, just spray outside for a natural looking tan without streaking or running. the mist dries really quickly which is a huge bonus and the colour gives a gorgeous glow and beautiful golden bronze and natural look, as though I have been on holidays, it lasted well, about 5 days and feels quite moisturising, not as drying as some fake tans and the smell is not too bad, I always receive compliments when I use this tan and I love it, I would highly recommend it
I love having a golden hue all year round and the St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mist is so simple to use ... simply apply to freshly washed, dry skin and wait 10 minutes before dressing!  Because it's a mist, there is no need for any other products which is great if you're on holidays, simply spray and go! When you spray the mist you can see where you have been and where you need to go which means no white patches and it blends really well into your skin.  It is a buidlable product so if you want a really rich feel to your tan apply two days in a row!  TIP ~ to extend the life of your tan apply a moisturizer after each shower, beautiful sun smart bronzed skin is only one spray application away! 
A friend told me about this product and I thought why not give it a try and I can tell you 100% honest my all time favourite product from St. Tropez. I apply this product with a tanning mit and I have tried many tanning mits with this product and all of them work amazing, the product glides on so nice onto your body, I have also just sparyed this producted directly onto my body and thay works amazing aswell. This product does not go on uneven or streaky at all which i find tans with a spray does. With the 360- degree nozzle, it applies so well all over the body, It is so beautiful all over including my hands, elbows and feet. This tan is so natural and gives a glowing sunkissed finished, the finish was perfect and so many people are complementing my tan when ever its on which is 24/7 because i love this product and nothing else can beat it!
The St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mist is bronzing mist that provides a natural looking tan.   I a bit of the pale side, so self tanning is great for the times when I want a bit of extra colour.   Because it sprays on as a mist, I think the St. Tropez mist is a great self-tanner to try if you are a beginner. To use, you simply spray it on your skin. The mist usually sprays evenly but if it gets a bit patchy, I use a mitt to smooth over the mist for an even colour. Once the mist has dried, you can wear clothes and then I usually allow about 4 hours before showering it off.   The colour result is great. It is a really natural looking sun-kissed colour without looking orange or too tan.   The scent is fairly subtle for a self-tanner. It is a bit of the expensive side for the price, but because it provides me with a quick, natural looking fuss free tan I think it is worth spending a bit more for the St Tropez mist.   My tip: I normally exfoliate the day before using St. Tropez mist, as I think that gives me a more even looking and long lasting tan.   Pros: - natural looking - quick and easy to use - not messy   Cons: - while waiting for the tan to dry and then showering off, it can stain light clothes, so wear darker clothes - a bit on the expensive side  
I have been searching for a good self tanner because we all know sunscreen is a must these days and the real sun is no good for your skin. So on a whim I decided to try this from sephora. I bought the mit and my first thoughts were that it kinda smelled like tanning lotion. Nothing too much where it would upset me so that was a plus. With the mit it was easily gliding on and you were able to tell if there was too much product somewhere and you could buff it out to make it spread evenly. First it shows a little bit of color but nothing drastic. I waited about 6 hours before I washed it off and was very happy with the natural looking tan I ended up with. I received compliments everywhere I went. After 3-5 days It started to fade but i just re applied and it was back to a natural glow. the pros are having an awesome natural looking tan without going in the sun and the only con i would say is if you don't follow directions like moisturizing well before application you could run into some issues with too much product sticking to dry areas. I would recommend anyone to try this product if they want to be pretty and tan without hitting the tanning booth or laying out, I am very pleased with this purchase and overtime I use it I get better at applying it.
I bought this on a whim while on holiday, a spray formula isn't usually my first choice but I was after minimal hassle and mess, both of which it delivered.  The colour result was a lovely golden bronze, that looked even and natural, which was quite a surprise as being a spray formula I was expecting to have uneven. My hands and feet are the same colour, no streaks or tell tell lines and I didn't have to blend anything in or wash my hands. It definitely is quick, and fuss free. The was a small amount of residue that rub off after application, but the tan quick to dry and long lasting. The smell can be overpowering so make sure you have a window or a door open whilst applying.