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Oil and paraben-free, St. Tropez’s Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse can be used on face and body for a natural sun-kissed glow. The self-adjusting mousse formula with aloe vera makes it easy to apply and long-lasting, while a mood-boosting fragrance helps mask the typical self  tan smell.

Price above is for 120mL. Also available in 50mL and 240mL.


St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse


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So good! Got this for half price yesterday in a Priceline sale, and used it last night. I exfoliated the night before, and just applied the mousse with my hands  I always keep cheap whitening toothpaste to clean my hands post fake tan, and it works a treat. The tan dried quickly and I dressed and later slept with it on  I rinsed it off this morning, and am very happy. No streaks, and the tan looks like a weekend in the sun - not a really fake, dark tan but a nice, even light brown. I imagine you could do another later tonight if you wished, but I’ll just put gradual tan on daily and see how I go. And NO SMELL either. 10/10.
Really love this bronzer. I have tried many other self tanning products over the years just in case I find something better but keep coming back to the classic bronzing mousse. Leaves me with a nice natural looking tan and it's great to use all year round, even when I'm very pale in winter and tanned in summer. Highly recommend using a tanning mitt/glove as it gives you a streak free even colour. I don't normally exfoliate prior to applying and have never had any issues. I try to apply at night so I can just get up next morning and wash it off. Only downside is it does get on your sheets but washes out.
My “go to” self tan. Its pretty hard to stuff this up regarding application and the results are always perfect. There’s none of that horrible fake tan smell you get with others and the tan stays great for at least a week if I prep my skin well beforehand and moisturise everyday. Worth the money for sure 
Ok I'll get straight to the point - this is not an easy product to use, it's messy, it's inconvenient and it'll give your orange bedsheets BUT it will make you look amazing. The colour and the tone of a St Tropez tan is second to none. You really will look as if you've spent the summer in the south of France. I have friends who apply this product regularly but, to be honest, I couldn't be faffed! It's also expensive, so I save it for special occasions. The product come in an easy to use pump bottle; it applies in an easy light fluffy foam straight from the easy pump bottle, and is tinted so you can see where you have applied the tan on your skin. The foam is easy to apply and spreads easy over your body, allowing for smooth application. Because the foam is so light and smooth, it dries instantly, doesnt drip onto the floor and thus you get more product on your body then on the floor. I find the light mousse applies really muddy and unevenly over your body but you just rub it in all over your body. It's recommended that you leave this product on for 4 hours, but for the best results you need to leave it on overnight. When you apply the colour (use tanning mitts or plastic gloves or you'll have orange hands!) - and it's really important you know this because I had no idea and was more than a bit startled - it's a very dark, very muddy brown and it doesn't go on evenly either, it looks, well, pretty horrific. i.e you can't apply it and nip to the shops for a carton of milk, you are homebound. It's best to spend the first hour in your undies or wrapped up in a towel, then find some loose, dark clothing. And it will colour your bedsheets - not stain, just colour. (Make sure you use exfoliant before and apply moisturiser to dry areas such as elbows, hands and knees). The next day, the muddy brown colour will rinse off leaving you with a gorgeous, natural-looking tan and it's all worth it - just! It does leave a scent on your skin, but it's only slight and nothing like the horrible biscuity odour of most products on the market. You will also be impressed with how long it lasts (7 - 10 days). Although, I would say it helps to top it up with a gradual daily tanner like holiday skin and to exfoliate dry areas to avoid pale legs and orange knees! The thing I really like about this product too is that it doesnt dry out my skin or leave it feeling hard unlike most fake tanners on the market. Remember to keep moisturising and wear spf 30 everyday!
Without doubt the St Tropez’s Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse is a must for anyone wanting an easy to apply, non offensive smelling natural colour tan. Great for those who are worried about self applying as you have nothing to worry about.  Best tip i can give is to exfoliate prior to applying to prepare your skin and ensures and even colour. Do get a tanning mitt, whilst it seems odd to begin with, it greatly helps to even coverage. I apply at night prior to going to bed, when I wake up I shower and i have an instant healthy glow. You can wash it off but wait at least 4 - 6 hrs for the colour to set in. The entire range is worth purchasing and although more expensive than others, it’s well worth the expense.  You also use a lot less than others brands so a small bottle lasts months. This product is always in my bathroom and I highly recommend it.
The best thing about this tan is that it's super easy to use. I love the mousse formula as it makes the product easy to spread without annoying streaking, even if I find one before it's dry I just rub it off. I just use bare hands to rub this in then wash thoroughly. It sinks straight in and dries pretty quick. There is not the nasty spray tan smell with this product that you often get with tanning products, it actually smells quite pleasant. This gives s nice natural looking golden glow, I particularly love it for my legs in summer, it gives a great result. After drying this did not rub off onto clothes and it's really high quality, I love st tropez products and this ones a winner. Loving the addition of aloe to hydrate skin, a big bonus as I hate self tanning products that dry skin out. This product lasts really well, about 5 days and wears off gradually while still looking natural. Love this and highly recommend it. Pros Gives a nice natural looking golden sunkissed glow Has a lovely light whipped consistency The handy pump means no mess or waste Easy to use Has moisturising properties, won't dry skin Won't streak Cons There are cheaper tanning products on the market, this one is a little expensive, however it's really high quality and gives a great result
If you're going to fake tan, don't even bother using anything else.  Save yourself the trouble of trying out other products and go straight to the St. Tropez bronzing mousse.  When I was younger I used to go out tanning but as I got older I realised I needed to be sun safe so the tanning stopped.  There was no reason to put my skin at risk for the sake of a tan, however, I did not want to give up on the gorgeous colour I would get so I decided to start using fake tan.  My pasty skin definitely needed some colour and I was going to find a way to get it.  I wasn't well informed about what products to use so I started off with gradual tanning moisturisers which were good but didn't last long nor did they have the bronze colour I was looking for.   Not confident about where to start, I decided to ask one of my friends who had been using tanning products for years about what product she would recommend.  She told me about the St. Tropez bronzing mousse and being a good friend I took her word for it and purchased it for myself.  It came in a bottle with a pump that would dispense the product.  I used several pumps and applied it all over my body with the matching tanning mitt.  The tanning mousse was lightweight and super easy to apply.  I could see the colour right away when I applied it.  My skin became this beautiful golden bronze and that was before I even let the colour set and develop.  The mousse went on evenly and there were no streaks as I was rubbing it into my skin.  The smell of the bronzing mousse was nice as well.  It wasn't offensive and didn't have that fake smell that many people find off putting.  It dried fairly quickly and even though I waited about 25 minutes before putting my clothes on or sitting on my white sheets, the colour did not transfer at all.  Once the whole process was finished the colour looked even better than before.  I was worried about how it would look on my knees, elbows and feet as a lot of tanning products wouldn't blend as nicely but this looked even throughout, no spots darker or lighter than the other.  It was so natural and it didn't have that fake orange look. The shade was just perfect for my skin and I found that it lasted for over a week and a half.  Yes the price is a bit expensive but I wouldn't use it often.  I would normally just wear it when I had a special occasion coming up or if I was just craving that tanned look (especially during the winter).  The colour would actually cover up any imperfections on my body (scars, pigmentation, cellulite) and make it not as noticeable so it was a great way of evening out my skin.  I even used it several times on my face and the results were exactly the same.  It didn't cause any irritation or sensitivities, my skin looked much more even, it covered up acne and pigmentation and it didn't clog my pores or cause any breakouts.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good quality, professional looking tan.  It's easy enough for beginners and for those who are tanning pros you'll notice the difference once you use it.   Tip: Exfoliate and moisturise your skin before using the tanning mousse to ensure the colour stays on and lasts!  Pros: -Great, natural looking colour -Dries fairy quickly -Non streaky -Lasts for over a week -Wont transfer -Can be used on your body and face -Doesn't dry out the skin -Smells nice -Covers up imperfections
This stuff is great. I'm relatively fair, lots of sun damage freckles. This gives a lovely natural looking tan -- more brown than yellow. My only problem is when I don't apply it well and it leaves marks, but that is the nature of self-tanner when you're a slob like me
This is the best fake tan you will ever have the very simple pleasure of applying!  This is my absolute favourite tanning product and have been using it for years...and years. It is so so easy to apply and gives the most natural looking tan out there.  The texture of the mouse is foamy and once applied on the skin turns a dark liquid brown which is smooth and easy to apply either with bare hands or gloves. The dark colour of the mousse is great as I can see exactly where I have applied already and I can easily rub the mousse in so that the application is smooth and non-streaky. It dries extremely quickly, so you need to work quite quickly. One of the things I love about the mousse is that even if you spot a streak that is almost already dry you can go back over it especially if you're using bare hands, and the streaks just melt away naturally. It feels a little sticky straight after application and there is a slight smell but it goes away after about ten minutes or so. The mousse dries completely in about 5 though I wait around 15 minutes before putting clothes on just to ensure it is completely dry.  In winter I apply every two weeks, the colour stays for the whole time and fades naturally. After every third application I go a couple of weeks without to exfoliate the skin properly. Also with prolonged use it does dry the skin out a little, so make sure you moisturize your skin well! If you've got dry elbows or knees, apply moisturizer on these areas before applying the mousse so it doesn't settle into the creases.  The bottle is very handy, love the pump bottle as there's no mess. Though sometimes the mouse stays in the spout and then becomes liquid and pools in the lid. I make sure a use a tissue to clean out the spout after application to avoid leaks.  Seriously, buy this and you will not be dissapointed. 
I'm impressed with this product! I got a sample size from Bellabox and was hesitant to try it at first as the last time I used a fake tan years ago it turned me orange!! I used it on my legs and I'm white as! This product after an hour had me glowing with a beautiful bronze glow without turning me orange. It also left my skin feeling amazing which was a major bonus. I recommend any first time self tanner user this product!! Also a tanning mit helps apply it evenly :) Shave, exfoliate and moisturize a few hours before hand as it helps the tan be even 
Best tan on the market! I have tried many fake tans - from mousses, to moisturisers, to sprays - however, there is a reason that St Tropez's tanning mousse has been rated the best tanning product for years. The colour itself has a green tint to it, so after you wash it off it looks like a beautiful golden olive tan. Too many times have I been turned orange by tanning products, but with St Tropez it's a perfect shade and undertone every time. The mousse itself is luscious and thick, and applying with a mitt is seamless. It has a some moisturising ingredients in it, so it glides easily on to the skin and also keeps me hydrated for the time it takes the tan to develop,. Blending is also super easy with this mousse - I've never once had trouble blending the edges of it. This is excellent as I've had so many tans go streaky on me when I've been applying them! Once it's all on it stays on, and I've never had it rub off onto my bed sheets when I've put it on before sleeping. It isn't sticky at all which makes it comfortable to wear. After 4-6 hours I wash it off (depending on how dark I want to be) and voila! It stays on for about a week, and fades evenly. I've never had it go patchy on me, although I find it wears off quicker on my face than the rest of my body. It may be expensive compared to other tanning products, but the quality of it exceeds its cost. Amazing tanning mousse, and I will repurchase it again and again!
This is my never fail, super easy tan go to product. I have dry skin, and some tans you need to wash off, or its an overnight developer. I have used this heaps, it doesnt cling to dry spots as much. Immediate results, and i can look sunkissed its not too dark for my fair skin. Product goes a long way. This does smell pleasant, it doesnt have an awful tan smell. I find the lasting time on the tan is about a week. I have only had one fail with this tan, i got sunburnt after applying and my skin peeled to white underneath haha. So remember to put on suncream and avoid getting sunburnt. I will repurchase this when i eventually run out as its amazing.
I've tried so many self tanners but I will ALWAYS come back to this product. I have medium tan skin naturally but of course in the winter I start getting lighter than summer. I exfoliate about three days before I self tan and shave. This product smells like the beach! Most tanners I've used stink so bad I end up throwing them away, but not this one. It reminds me of summer so much!! I like using this mousse with the St. Tropez bronzing mitt as well, it's super soft and makes application easy. I squirt three squirts onto area, and do back and forth strokes. It cries down quickly, and will not stain my clothes. The big test for me is will it stain my blankets, and it doesn't! The 8 oz bottle usually lasts me between 6 months to a year so it may seem expensive, but $42 really isn't for how long it lasts me. Best tanner out there! Thank you St. Tropez!
I really liked this mousse - it was much easier to apply than the spray tan I was using before, with no orange tinge or streaking. It went on amazingly easily with the mitt so the whole process was much quicker..... which means I will use it more often. I have heard it described as "not a spray tan for beginners" but I completely disagree - it was the easiest I have used by far.  I was initially concerned it would be too dark but it actually looked very natural. The only negative would be the tan odour which is similar to the others and I guess is pretty unavoidable.  I would have no hesitation in replacing my former self-starter with St Tropez mousse. It may be a bit pricier but certainly cheaper than  beauty shop tanning!
I was instantly delighted when I discovered the St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing mousse which develops a natural tan to my desire. The soft mousse leaves no trace of streaks, stains. It evenly applies to my skin providing me with a captivating colour and no signs of orange.  This is an extremely easy tan to apply. I just exfoliate and moisturise beforehand, then I use the mousse combined with the St Tropez tanning mitt which is soft, washable and contains a unique superior texture. I just rub the tanning mousse into my skin and the product just glides on quickly which makes the tanning process fast.  For an irresistible darker tan I apply 2-3 coats of the mousse or one single coat to get a striking summer glow.  Over the years I have tried other tanners and have noticed they can take on an unruly colour, but not the reliable quality of the "St Tropez" range.  Always receiving numerous compliments on my tan, it appears so natural on my skin. Many people have thought it was my real colour and this always makes me feel splendid while putting a huge positive smile to my face. I apply the mousse a couple of hours before bed, but if it does accidentally get on the sheets or clothing, it easily comes off in the wash. A believe this is a first-rate tanning mousse that has a pleasant scent and doesn't rub off or go patchy.  I recommend you use the St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse to achieve that highly attractive natural looking tan.  
The St Tropez’s Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse is a holy grail tanner.  It comes in a bottle with a pump and since its a mousse it has a smooth and creamy texture. You will need to exfoliate before you tan. This mousse is extremely easy to apply, I use a tanning mitt, and it blends evenly and easily all of my skin. It only takes a few minutes for the mousse to dry and then you can get dressed. You need to wait around 4 hours until you can wash the tan off, but the results are totally worth. If you are anything like me, then you may get worried your are going to end up looking very orange when using a fake tan.But this mousse deliver a natural looking tan. Hello golden summer glow, even in winter.  I found my tan lasted about 4 days and then started to fade away. One of the best thing about this tan is that it fades easily so you dont need to worry too much about exfoliating off your tan, you can just let it fade. The mousse smells nice - which is a lovely change from the yucky chemical smell of other tanners. Overall I always have a great tan when I use this tanning mousse.  Pros: - Simple and easy to use.  - Very quick to apply and dry.  - natural looking.  - fades evenly and naturally.  - doesnt streak or apply patchy.  - smells good.  - Doesnt transfer onto sheets and clothes.  Cons:  - Need to wait about 4 hours until you can shower.  - A bit more expensive than some other tanners.  I would recommend the St Tropez’s Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse to anyone looking for a simple, easy to to use, natural looking tan.