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Tom Ford Concealer

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Tom Ford Concealer is a concealer with a twist-up applicator that swiftly camouflages redness, blemishes, under-eye circles or razor nicks with natural-looking coverage.  It can be applied with the fingers after moisturiser or an eye treatment, and it seamlessly blends into the skin to hide imperfections.

Available in three shades.


Tom Ford Concealer


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Tom Ford products are always great, as they should be, especially paying $50+ for a concealer. But it was the best $50 i ever spent. This concealer takes my love for Tom Ford to a whole new level. The 1st time i tried it, it took my tired and dark circles under my eyes and made them invisible. I never get fulll coverage like this but im one happy girl right now. Say bye to dark raccoon eyes! This concealer is really worth the money. I reccomend this to anyone who wants really good coverage anywhere on their face but especially their eyes because this isn't too heavy or cakey but the coverage is awesome. This product feels soft and smooth when it glides on my skin. A little tip is to not press too hard because you might break off some of the product. I find applying to my finger then transferring it to my face helps me get a good result and gives me better control when I'm on the run and don't have time to grab out my brushes ect. Must try!