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Tom Ford Correcting Pen

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Tom Ford Correcting Pen is an innovative, dual-ended pen that helps perfect the complexion in target areas. The peach-pink correcting shade at one end brightens and neutralises dark areas and diminishes the look of age spots. The other yellow-based shade counters redness and broken capillaries to even skin tone. 

Available in three shades.


Tom Ford Correcting Pen


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I was not a great fan of concealing. The shade and colour is never right, the end result is always too cakey, your makeup ends up looking too heavy. The list goes on. Tom Ford correcting pen has completely changed my views on concealing, it is now something that i wear on a regular basis. I was trying out Tom Ford's highlighter (it's Shimmer Shot btw). I didn't have any makeup on and the counter advisor used the correcting pen just to cover up my dark circles under my eye. The transformation was amazing and i ended up buying the pen on the spot! The pen is very easy to use. It has 2 shades. The thicker side has more peach or orange tone, and is great for correcting blueish tinge from dark circles. The thinner side is more yellow tone in colour, and is great to help covering redness from either pimples, irritation or small blood vessels. The formula blends in so nicely on bare skin, and on top of any foundation. The coverage is good even with just one layer, but nn bad days, i may put 2-3 layers of the corrector on and yet it never looks cakey.  This is a pricey product, but i do recommend it.