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Tom Ford Illuminating Primer

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Tom Ford Illuminating Primer is a hybrid primer that combines skin care and makeup benefits. It increases cellular vitality and contours facial features while enhancing texture, toning and visibly brightening the skin. The primer creates a luminous and flawless canvas for comfortable and long-lasting colour. Dermatologist tested.   


Tom Ford Illuminating Primer


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Tom Ford Illuminating Primer is a true multi tasker like all Tom Ford products it is high end, elegant, replenishing and restorative primer that gives a velvety smooth finish to your skin allowing your foundation to glide on giving the illusion of porcelain skin.I have sensitive skin and have had no irritation or issues using this product the primer flows on and is absorbed quickly giving a soft sexy sheen to your skin. I cannot recommend this product enough. Yes it is pricey but you really get what you pay for and I just feel special owning anything from this range.
I love using this primer by Tom Ford as a subtle highlight/illuminator, underneath foundation. It works wonderfully! After moisturizing my skin and doing my little routine, I press the Illuminating Primer on my cheekbones, under my brow bones, cupids bow, chin and blend lightly. I apply my foundation on top of the primer as usual. The foundation transforms into a more dewy finish and also gets noticeably brighter. This is great for very natural healthy looking skin. But it won't be as noticeable as Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate but I think this has multiple benefits. It's a luxurious and chic product for your makeup wardrobe. If you have dry, normal or combination skin, you might love it for all over your face. Ladies whose skin is oily might want to use it to highlight certain areas only. Thank you again Tom Ford for delivering products I can rely on!
I’m a big fan of Tom For products they have such gorgeous packaging and are a luxury make-up item.  I have tried various primers both inexpensive and expensive but never found one that really complemented my skin until using the Tom Ford Illuminating Primer.  The bottle is nice and weighty and at 30ml it will last a long time. The bottle is similar to the Tom Ford Traceless Foundation with the gold band and same bottle shape with the brown twist pump (top). The pump of the product is easy to use and I like that you can see how much of the product you have left. Once you have pumped the product slowly moves up the bottle, I really like this mechanism for foundations and primers.  Before I apply the primer I make sure my face is clean and moisturised. You don’t need very much of the product only two little squirts does my whole face. I have combination skin that does tend to go a little oily and also enlarged pores.  I find the primer really sinks in and gives me a great canvas to work with. It is nice and dewy but really lifts my face when I put a BB cream or a foundation on-top.  The primer really sets my make-up and it lasts the whole day, and I don’t look shiny or oily. I like how it  gives a nice subtle glow and illuminates my skin.  It has virtually no smell and is a white pearly consistency when smoothed on the face with your fingers.  I like that it doesn’t use silicone or any preservatives. It is on the more expensive side but it is totally worth it you don’t need much and the results on my skin is amazing. I will definitely repurchase.