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Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge

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Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge is an audacious, saturated, spiced floral fragrance. It features precious sambac jasmine sepals absolute, an ingredient never used before in perfumery, which is blended with dusky clary sage and rich spice

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 100mL and 150mL.


Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge


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This morning I had a leisurely browse of the Tom Ford counter and I was really surprised to come away with this one as my pick of the day.  I smelled punchy spice scent after punchy spice scent, loved them all, but stopped sampling once I got to Jasmin Rouge.  It was the one that called to me today. It's jasmine, but not as I know it.  But in a way I DO know it because it reminds me of Joy by Jean Patou (a classic, but one that I fear is destined for extinction in today's market), but a sexier, modern tweak.  It's totally addictive and would look amazing next to my red bottle of Chanel #5.  I walked away with a deluxe sample, which I hope will last me until I save my pennies to buy the 100ml bottle - something I'll need to do soon because I won't be able to get this one off my mind!
Thick, lush, heady jasmine smeared over smooth leather. Yum. I fail to see what about this blend would be considered evocative of red lacquered lips and dark smokey eyes, but it's pretty nonetheless. Unfortunately I get little to no whiffs of the other notes, but as both jasmine and leather are two of my favorite notes, I have no problem with this. I do get a itty bitty bit of spice long into dry down though. Longevity is pitiful at 2.5 hours, but Jasmin Rouge is pretty while it lasts. Wouldn't mind having a bottle, but wouldn't quite feel comfortable paying full price for it.