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Tom Ford Nail Lacquer

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Tom Ford Nail Lacquer is an extra-amplified, gloss and shine nail polish. It has a high performance formula with bendable coating that delivers high coverage and shine while staying colour-true throughout wear. 

Available in 16 shades.


Tom Ford Nail Lacquer


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I'm officially obsessed with Tom Ford! He never disappoints me. I live by the phrase quality over quantity and I think he does too. Even though it's a bit out of budget it's worth it because who doesn't love a good red nail? It's glossy, shiny and brings a beautiful colour. The last time I used this my colour stayed on for about two weeks without chipping off with is a record for me because I'm a very hands on person and my nails can never survive a day without a disaster. This is what I do, apply base coat, coat of TF, another coat of TF and then top coat. I let every layer dry for about 2 minutes and my nails look very classy and not totally rubbish after I'm done with them. I may not be a polish expert but Tom Ford for sure is!