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Tom Ford Private Blend Lavender Extrême EDP

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Tom Ford Private Blend Lavender Extrême EDP is a fresh and invigorating lavender fragrance with a warm tonka drydown. It contains notes of lemon, violet, lavender, geranium, rose, cinnamon and tonka.


Tom Ford Private Blend Lavender Extrême EDP


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Dressed to impress...

Electric! This is lavender on steroids. Stays on forever it seems. Until I shower. On clothing until I wash it. Projects well and leaves a good sillage. Unisex. Spicy, sharp and multifaceted lavender. Not for the fainthearted. Bottle a stunner. As sharp and blingy as the scent itself. Dressed to impress.
I was surprised and blown away by this one.  It is incredible!   It’s not the sharp lavender I thought it would be.  It’s smooth, soft, warm, powdery and just gorgeous.  But the price... I’m all about luxe fragrance, but the pricing here feels really steep and looking at the notes, none of them are overly rare, exotic or so highly prized in perfumery that you can feel the cost is justified.  Love it, but doesn’t feel like good value to me.  If TF released a body cream in this scent though I’d be all over that!
Found this simply amazing , the fragrance of this perfume is superb , I have tried numerous perfumes and nothing equals it, I have recommended this to my family as my daughter has not tried it. I also am going to mention to my friends this beautiful sweet fragrance  that simply no other brand  can ever equal.