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TONI&GUY Purple Conditioner is a purple conditioner for blonde hair that neutralises brassy tones and brightens blonde-coloured hair while it conditions. The toning conditioner is infused with violet dye to reduce colour fade and help blonde hair, including bleached blonde hair, stay vibrant for longer.


TONI&GUY Purple Conditioner


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Good drug store alternative

Thank you beautyheaven for the opportunity to trial this. Same thoughts about this as the shampoo, the packaging is nice and aesthetically pleasing. Looks good on display but I personally would prefer a pump dispenser, just less messy and you don’t need to keep squeezing the bottle. The scent was nice just like the shampoo, not too strong but clean smelling. I have dry hair and I found this was hydrating enough and left my hair soft and manageable afterwards. Regular use would definetly help maintain blonde bleached hair for longer. Pretty happy with this range!
My hair tends to like some certain brands of haircare and Toni and Guy is one of them. Since I had some Purple shampoo I thought to make the results even better I needed a Purple conditioner, and this one was on special so this is how it landed in the basket. I must say I love the product, but I take away one star as I am not a fan of Toni&Guy packaging of shampoos and conditioners. The bottle and its lid look quite ok and I suppose the designer of the lid thought it was genius but it is not if you have a thick conditioner inside and you are forced to shake the bottle, turn it upside down etc just to get the product. I think it is a bit of a miss. However, the Purple conditioner is lovely. It makes my hair so soft and well nourished and I am sure it seals and prolongs the effects of the Purple shampoo. The conditioner smells lovely, seems lightweight too. A great product, but for a packaging.
This conditioner is so so nourishing! Doesn’t stain hair but actually leaves your hair feeling hydrated. The smell of it is very fresh. Leaves a really nice shine on the hair as well which is always ideal I have reccomended this so so many of my friends and family who are both natural and not so natural blondes 
LOVEEEE THIS CONDITIONER. I have blonde hair and always looking for affordable good purple shampoos and conditioner. This one is a winner. I thought i would give it a go when i saw it half price at woolies, and i have to say it is very good. Makes my hair feel nourished and soft and keeping up my hair colour, but not staining it purple. I have had purple conditioners in the past where i have felt they left my hair feeling dry and dull but this conditioner makes my hair so smooth and soft and it feels so healthy.. I have not tried the shampoo yet as i still have some of my old shampoo left but very excited to give it a go! Will continue to buy this product, and recommend this product to any of my family and friends. Toni & Guy, you have done well !!
Smells great, doesn’t have that “toner” scent that a lot of silver hair products have. Leaves my hair soft and shiny. Use it with the shampoo. Left my bleached hair a soft grey. Didn’t do much for my lightened hair but worked great on the bleached parts! The nice smell really makes a difference
The purple conditioner is heaven!! Along with the purple shampoo it goes perfectly. The conditioner made my hair feel SO HEALTHY. It strengthened it and conditioned it and my hair has never felt so good. It left my hair feeling soft, silky and really made my blonde better. I highly recommend encorporating this conditioner into your daily routine!!! Amazing!
I usually use Fanola which damages my hair quite a bit so was really excited to try this product.  My first impression was that it smells really nice and I much preferred the fragrance of this to many other blonde conditioners ive tried.  I left the product on for 5 mins the first use and 10 mins the second use.  I didnt see much of a difference in reduction of brassiness.
Well doesn't this conditioner just smell A-Mazing! Its has left my hair super soft and hydrated. I am not one to fall for the blonde conditioner.. I usually just buy a treatment or a normal blonde conditioner and focus more on buying a toning shampoo... However this has completely changed my mind.  I am not entirely sure if the dull purple does do any toning effects to the conditioning process, but the hydration makes up for it!  The packaging bottle itself its great, I love the push top lid, the skinny slim bottles and they seem leak proof! I will be reusing these bottles for travel! 
I used this conditioner in conjunction with the Toni & Guy shampoo for about a week, and had great results. I've used many toning conditioners in the last five years, but none as conditioning and moisturising as this one. I usually forgo the conditioner that is paired with my purple shampoo for more intense moisturising conditioner, not any more! I definitely would recommend this product to any bleach blonde for toning and moisture in one.
The product had a great smell and the bottle was a pretty.  design. It make my hair feel a bit weird at first but once dried I was really happy with the outcome. The texture is a bit heavy but that was fine by me. It make my hair feel soft and lighter. I would easily purchase this again when it runs out.
The texture that the conditioner left was hair was so lovely. Soft and light- some conditioners have left my hair weighed down. I love the way the product is dispensed - really user friendly. My only thing is, I have long hair and you really don’t need much product to achieve the same result. Will definitely  keep using this product.
I definitely did not find this product to be anything special compared to other purple conditioners on the market! It was hard to spread on my wet hair, and I didn't find it helped when I was trying to brush my hair in the shower. It did leave my hair feeling quite nice after I washed it out, but my hair was already tangled when I went to dry it. This didn't make my hair feel hydrated or reduce frizz, and it did not do much in regards to toning my hair either. Overall, I found this product to be quite average.
I trialled the shampoo and conditioner for 1 week. I have bleached short (above shoulder length), hair which is rather fine and tends to become dry quite easily. Used in conjunction, I found these products to slightly reduce any brassy tones in my hair (definitely did not see them get worse). I was pleased to find a silver conditioner, as these are few and far between with hair brands. My hair felt smooth and moisturised after towel dry or blow dry, however a little too heavy or some residual ingredient that flattened and slight volume my dead straight hair might muster.  The packaging is easy to use with a secure lock dispenser, to avoid those nasty leaks on the bathroom shelves. The conditioner was a little slow to dispense however this was useful to reducing the amount applied. The scent was not for me, but not so overpowering that you wouldn't want to continue using it.  Overall I would recommend the product (however I probably would not buy it), my main criticism/suggestion would be to use the conditioner in conjunction with a different shampoo as personally I found the shampoo to be quite drying. 
What a fantastic addition to the Toni & Guy line. I've always loved their shampoo and conditioners and this product has been no different. Gorgeous packaging and no offensive smell made it a welcomed addition to my shower caddy! I noticed improvement from the first wash with a reduction in brassy tones and the conditioner does everything a great conditioner should. I noticed smoother more management hair right away and the silky feel seems to last longer than traditional toning conditioners. It's a fantastic product that I would definitely use again!
Although this conditioner left my hair soft, I found it did not have the colour intensity to effectively tone my blond hair (remove brassiness). The shampoo is the hero product in this line, but together the products with very well together. Overall, I liked this conditioner, but I would only recommend it for use in conjunction with the shampoo.
I used this product in conjunction with the Shampoo and while I didn't rate the shampoo, I feel a bit differently about the conditioner. The packaging again makes the product look a lot more expensive than it is and the bottle is super easy to use in the shower with a flip top. It's not the best purple toned conditioner I've ever used, but at the price point it is fairly effective - I find I need to conditioner my hair with every wash and the price point on this is very attractive. My hair was left smelling amazing and moisturised, and I found it didn't get as oily as quickly as it does with some other brands. While I didn't rate the shampoo to buy again, I do rate the conditioner and would probably purchase it for a cheaper "daily use" conditioner, in conjunction with a more powerful/effective purple shampoo.
After using this for 2 weeks my hair has definitely felt softer and moisturised. I only have subtle blonde highlights and have noticed that using in conjunction with the shampoo my hair isn’t as brassy. The smell is pleasant. I would continue to use it purely for how moisturised it makes my hair feel. To get the full toning effect it definitely needs to be used with the purple shampoo 
I was keen to use Toni and Guys purple shampoo  and conditioner as my blonde balayage hair (naturally dark brown) was getting dry and frizzy with my old products and looking dull. The first day I did notice my hair was smoother. The conditioner really helped so do use the two together. I didn't notice much change in colour but it did add shine and was much softer. After a few washes i found my hair soft and shiny. I didnt notice a huge change in colour but i wasnt looking for much. Went on easily, subtle fragrance, washed out easily. My hair felt clean and fresh. I like a bit of wave in my hair but this slicked my naturally straight hair poker straight. Not sure what would happen to natural curls. Not a bad conditioner but you would need to use it often and with the shampoo to see a colour difference i think.
Unfortunately for me, I suffer from psoriasis and wasn't able to use the conditioner and shampoo as often as I would of liked, but this conditioner made my hair super soft! As with the shampoo is has a really nice scent. A big no-go for me is a conditioner that feels heavy and leaves residue but for me this conditioner felt light on my scalp and left no residue
Love it. I have blonde hair that I have not been able to have redone at the hairdresser for a while and after a week or so of using this I have blonder less brassy and dull hair. I don't use it everyday but follow the instructions of leaving it on for a few minutes. This leaves my hair soft too, unlike some other blonde brightening conditioners which don't leave your hair moisturised. Will continue to use!