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TONI&GUY Purple Shampoo is a purple shampoo for blonde hair that neutralises brassy tones and brightens blonde-coloured hair. The toning shampoo is infused with violet dye to reduce colour fade and help blonde hair, including bleached blonde hair,  stay vibrant for longer.


TONI&GUY Purple Shampoo


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Good drug store alternative

Thank you to beautyheaven for the opportunity to trial this. Pretty sure this is my first time trialling this brand. I have bleached blonde hair and recently got it redone so using a purple shampoo every once in a while is must for me to maintain the ashy blonde look im going for. The packaging in my opinion is nice, looks good to display but I don’t like how the product is dispensed. I prefer a pump. I like that the shampoo is scented but not overpowering. I found that it cleaned my hair pretty well and the toning effect of it was great. Ofcourse the more toning you need, the longer you leave it on for but I think regularly incorporating this into your haircare routine will definetly help you maintain your blonde hair. Overall I found this to be a great shampoo and would definetly recommend it as a fairly affordable option.

No toning effect whatsoever

I bought this after i saw all the good reviews it has, and cause it is much cheaper than my usual purple shampoos (Fudge Clean Blonde or Fanola NoYellow). My hair is naturally almost black but has been light ash blonde for about a year now. I was disappointed as this shampoo did not have any toning effect whatsoever, especially in comparison to what I use normally. It is good to use as a normal shampoo, but don't expect it to neutralise brassiness or yellow tones.
Iv recently lightened my hair and as most people proberly find I have trouble with warmth and brassiness.  I have tried a few different more upmarket purple toning shampoos before this one but I have to say it does what it says and for the price I think it's a great comparison to the more expensive purple shampoos out there. It does take the brassiness away and most importantly not too drying on the hair and smells nice as well.  And as others have mentioned I like the design of the bottle as its very easy to use and control amount of product.  I would definitely purchase again. The availability is great as well as its sold in supermarkets and priceline . Even better when it comes on sale.  Im definitely going to try the purple conditioner in Toni & Guy now.
I recently went on a holiday and realised I had forgotten to pack my shampoo and conditioner! Had a brief moment of panic because no one wants brassy tones in their hair on holiday. So I went to the closet woolies I could find and bought the shampoo and conditioner! I was surprised at how fantastica this product is! The shampoo keeps my hair nice and blonde and gets rid of any brassy tones. It’s great that they are so easy to buy at any supermarket and are a great price and sometimes they even have them on sale for Half price!!
Honestly the best purple shampoo I’ve used! Lathers amazingly well and cleans your hair so so well, and even better doesn’t stain your hands purple. It smells really good and whilst it doesn’t tone your hair an incredible amount, it does still take the orange tinge out of your hair. It’s great for an everyday shampoo
Smells great, doesn’t have that chemical “toner” scent that a lot of silver hair products have. Leaves my hair soft and shiny and cleansed. Use it with the conditioner. Made my bleached hair a soft grey. Didn’t do much for my lightened hair (highlights) but worked great on the bleached parts! The nice smell really makes a difference. Be careful as it’s quite runny when you squeeze it out. Also leave it in for at least 5 mins!
I usually use Fanola which damages my hair quite a bit so was really excited to try this product.  My first impression was that it lathered really well and I much preferred the fragrance.  I left the product on for 5 mins the first use and 10 mins the second use.  I didnt see much of a difference in reduction of brassiness.
I found that the shampoo lathered nicely and left my hair feeling nice. However, I found that I've got other drug store purple shampoos that do a better job of removing brassy tones. Though they tend to dry my hair out, which this one did not. I would use this again as an everyday purple shampoo, but if I really want to remove brassy tones I would use another shampoo.
Shampoo for blondes is my forte! I have tried almost every single supermarket / drug store shampoo out there! To have the opportunity to try this one was right up my ally.  As of late my hair has been quite orange / yellow in places as its just come back from a slightly darker colour back to my normal bright light blonde... I had previously to this been using a strong blue pigmented shampoo however was finding it too strong for each wash use. This Toni&Guy one is perfect for those in between refreshes! It has a lovely smell, lovely coverage, easy to apply and brightens the areas that need a little work - most importantly it cleans my hair. I have been really impressed with how my hair has performed after trying this. The packaging bottle itself its great, I love the push top lid, the skinny slim bottles and they seem leak proof! I will be reusing / repurchasing these bottles for travel! 
I've used many toning shampoos over the last five years and this is one of the best toning shampoos available from the supermarket or Priceline. My blonde that hasn't been dyed professionally in months looked less brassy, I can't imagine how well it will work on freshly dyed blonde hair, even my badly box-dyed roots looked less orange! Most toning shampoos have an intense smell and this one didn't, which was a good surprise. Overall, this is a great toning shampoo and used together with the conditioner will provide a more toned blonde that looks great and feels soft and moisturised.
The product had a great smell and the bottle was a nvm e design. It make my hair feel a bit weird at first but once dried I was really happy with the outcome. It make my hair feel fright and lighter. I would easily purchase this again when it runs out.
As a natural blonde, I’d always been worried a purple shampoo would turn  my hair ashy. After using the shampoo, my hair had an added vibrancy and lustre. It was left feeling clean without feeling stripped and dry. Overall, I really loved the way it made my hair look and feel! And with the conditioner, it was a winning combination. I’ll definitely been using them every fortnight or so.
This product was great for cleaning my hair and making it feel soft and supple, but I feel as if it did not do too much in keeping the brassiness out of my hair. When I first used this shampoo, I was confused as my hair didn't feel 'squeaky clean' like other shampoos make my fair feel while in the shower, but to my surprise, my hair felt perfectly clean and fresh after every use. Although it is not revolutionary for toning, this shampoo didn't make my hair anymore brassy than it was before use, so that's a positive for me! All in all, it is a really good product, and I would reccommend it!
Packaging: easy and secure to dispense (if not a little generous), aesthetically not my taste but I am sure it is someone's.  I used the shampoo every second wash for a week, in conjunction with the conditioner, and would say that there was no increase in brassy tones, and perhaps a slight decrease (but not something to write home about). The smell and texture ere fine, although it was a little water shy and most would normally end up on the shower floor rather than in my hair. My major concern  was the dryness that I noticed after a week of use. Overall solid product to purcahse as performs well, but perhaps not ideal for fine hair or if dryness is a concern.
What a fantastic addition to the Toni & Guy line. I've always loved their shampoo and conditioners and this product has been no different. Gorgeous packaging and no offensive smell made it a welcomed addition to my shower caddy! I noticed improvement from the first wash as I generally develop brassy tones not long after I have my hair done. After a couple of washes, these had reduced dramatically! Great product. Would use again!
I was apprehensive to try the Toni & Guy Purple shampoo as in recent times I have tried other brands of purple shampoo and they have not worked at all leaving me wasting money BUT this product is simply beautiful! It was everything I wanted in a purple shampoo.  It made my blonde brighter and made my hair feel thick, healthy and luxurious. It smells amazing and the smell stayed until I washed my hair the next time. I highly recommend.
I really liked this shampoo, as I found it helped to brighten and lightly tone (to remove brassiness) my bleached hair. The intensity of the purple ensures the product is effective, and it has a great lather (which I love in shampoos!). I found the scent a bit strong and I didn’t like the opening mechanism, which is why I only gave 4 stars. Overall, a very good purple shampoo at a great price point.
For a supermarket shampoo this did a better job than I thought it would at reducing "brassiness" in my bleached hair. The packaging does make it look like quite an expensive product though, and the consistency was great.  That being said, it wasn't anything super special, while it did make my hair soft and smelled amazing, I wouldn't rate it as any better or worse than other shampoo's I've tried at the same price point. I also found it left residue in my hair detracting a bit from the point of a shampoo being something to clean your hair. I probably wouldn't purchase this product again, but there are definitely less effective things on the market if its on sale and you want to try it.
After using this for 2 weeks my hair has definitely felt softer and moisturised. I only have subtle blonde highlights and have noticed that my hair isn’t as brassy. The smell is pleasant. The shampoo didn’t lather as much as I would’ve liked, so sometimes felt like I needed to use more product. I used in conjunction with the purple conditioner, will definitely continue using and would recommend to others 
This product combined with the conditioner is so amazing. It is really light and got rid of my brassy and golden colours. It made my hair really shiney and not oily like other products. It's not chemical smelling.  I used it as toner so slightly longer then what was recommended and it came out with that silver colour.  I would definitely recommend!