TONI&GUY Topsy Tail Tool

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TONI&GUY Topsy Tail Tool makes it incredibly easy to create eye-catching braided and twisted hairstyles. Made from strong and flexible material, use the TOPSY TAIL TOOL to create an endless array of both simple and intricate hairstyles.


TONI&GUY Topsy Tail Tool


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Creates a new twist on a ponytail

I had always wanted to try one of these tipsy tails but honestly didn’t know what to do with it. A friend showed me and it’s so simple so I bought one. This Toni and guy tipsy tail took is so cheap, a real bargain and it elevates my pony tail to something more sophisticated. I simply put my hair in its usual ponytail and use the tool to pull hair through the centre of the ponytail for a twisted flip that looks quite impressive. For anyone not sure what to do with these it’s easy to google and get creative. I would recommend one of these for a twist on a usual ponytail. This one is great

There’s no hair fail with Tony & Guys Topsy Tail

Tony & Guys Topsy Tail is my little best friend! I got mine from Woolies for $5 and it’s the best little spend I’ve made in a while. Easy to use when I was a kid I had one similar that my mum would use on mine and my sisters hair to simply flip our pony tails. Nowadays we have YouTube and google at all times on hand so I have been really loving watching tutorials on how to upgrade my simple pony flips into multiple ones. To do a simple pony flip I simply tie my hair up, push the topsy tail through the top part of the ponytail right above the hair tie keeping the loop visible on top then pull my hair through the loop pulling the bottom of the topsy tail that then flips my pony and creating a stylish look that’s done in seconds.