TRESemmé Pro Collection Conditioner Botanique Restore & Shine

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TRESemmé Pro Collection Conditioner Botanique Restore & Shine is a conditioner with a botanical blend of coconut water, coconut oil and aloe vera that gently cleanses hair and nourishes it. This system gently cleanses and restores smoothness and strength, leaving your hair with brilliant, natural-looking shine. No Parabens. No Dyes. Silicone Free. Safe for colour treated hair.


TRESemmé Pro Collection Conditioner Botanique Restore & Shine


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I am very impressed with this conditioner.  First off, I love the fragrance, it is tropical, balmy and inviting.  This product works wonders on my hair, I no longer look like a frizz head, my tresses are tamed and under control - woohoo! and immediately my hair feels well cared for, it is soft, calm and manageable.
This has an amazing pineapple-coconut scent; it's just like a tropical island scent which I like it a lot.  It's a perfect match to use with the Botanique Restore and Shine Shampoo.  It gets the tangles out in my long hair easily and I only need to leave it in for a couple of minutes - then I can comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb from tips to roots, gradually working my way up.  My hair feels clean and looks really shiny when I use this; my hair cuticles are smoothed and they look much less frazzled. It's safe for colour treated hair so even my 16 year old daughter can use it (she dyes her bleached hair pink!)  - it's a great family conditioner because it's not expensive.  It seems to suit everyone's hair in my family and they all like the scent.  I like the design of the packaging and it's easy to see which is the shampoo and which is the conditioner because the bottle of the shampoo is black and the conditioner is a white bottle.  The cap is an easy-to-use flip up and squeeze-out style which is sturdy and easy to open and securely close with just one finger.   The formula is a creamy opaque white and a couple of tablespoons easily covers my long hair.  Less would be needed for shorter hair but in my family we all have long hair (except hubby who shaves his head!!).  Although there is four females with long hair in this house,  this conditioner is lasting longer than other conditioners here because the bottle size is 390ml which is a generous size and so again makes a perfect choice as a family conditioner.  
I received this as a part of a prize from Beautycrew. Wow. Now I may be a little bias as I I am a loyal tresemme customer, but I think they've topped it with these new coconut additions. Imagine smoothing your locks with the help of coconut oil and aloe vera and having the light, creamy scent take you away.  My hair really is shiny and smooth and I have a coconut fragrance all the time ! It really turns your quick wash and shower experience to an exotic little paradise, and we all need a little of that.