Trilogy Age Proof Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream

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Trilogy Age Proof Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream is a natural cleanser with a velvety texture that gently removes makeup while exfoliating and brightening the complexion. The cleansing cream helps to refine and smooth skin and prepare it for absorption of serums and moisturiser.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals and is free from synthetic irritants, Certified Organic, non- GMO, recyclable packaging, cruelty-free, and supports ethical trade practices. 


Trilogy Age Proof Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream


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This is a gorgeous, super effective product. I love the handy pump dispenser bottle, no mess and easy to use, I pop it on my shower shelf and use it while showering to remove dirt, oil and makeup so effectivley. Its a lovely smooth silky cream, a gorgeous consistency that cleans with ease and leaves my skin so soft and smooth, its really hydrating and nourishing.  its gentle on my face and suitable for those with sensitive skin. The product exfoliates as it cleanses which leaves my skin brighter and fresher which I love, it has a pleasant scent and is great value as a little goes a long way, it cleans really well. I love trilogy products and as with all of them this cream is free from synthetics which is important to me. I loved this great anti ageing product and I will be purchasing it again, I really recommend it.
I have always used a foaming or gel cleanser as I have never come across a cream or oil cleansed I liked using. They never seem to leave my face feeling clean enough. I couldn't help but purchase this however when I saw it half price. I was already using the Age Proof Oil,Night Cream and Overnight Mask,why not add the cleanser from the same line of products?. The cream cleanser comes packaged in a large and sturdy pump dispenser bottle (my favorite kind of dispenser for easy use in the shower!).  The product is as it claims,a light and smooth cream. The scent is a strange one bug not unpleasant. A mild and earthy mix. I used this in the shower each night as it seemed to be easier to use on already wet skin. Just hard to use on dry skin. Not a problem for me as I generally cleanse in the shower anyway. It felt gentle and luxurious to use and I usually left it on a minute or two to allow the natural enzymes to do their work. I was surprised that I actually enjoyed using this! It even truly seemed to work,removing all the days light makeup and sunscreen and leaving my skin soft, clean and hydrated. I've been using this every night for over five months and have only now run out so its very well priced too! I will be buying another bottle for sure. Amazing gentle and natural cleanser that keeps skin clean and free of congestion.
The Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream from Trilogy is amazing! I randomly bought this during a priceline sale and i'm so glad it did! It's a wonderful cream cleanser in a plastic pump bottle that is great as a second cleanse at night, or first cleanse in the morning. I use two pumps and leave it on for a a minute so the active fruit enzymes can work their brightening and exfoliating magic. It doesn't tingle or irritate and has a light, pleasant scent. While i love this product, i do think it is quite expensive, so i would recommend waiting for it to go on sale.