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Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter is a finely-milled highlighting powder that applies sheers and blends easily. The formula contains light-diffusing pigments to enhance and perfect the skin, leaving it looking luminous and glowing.

Available in three shades.


Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter


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Love this product for a luminous glow. It was recommended to me I should use a highlighter and that this is a good one so I thought I would try it. I was suitably impressed, so easy to use, this little compact is convenient and with such pretty feminine packaging it feels like a treat. I love the sheer light quality, it feels nice and light to wear and the light diffusing pigments really highlighted features and illuminated my face giving it a youthful, pretty glow, like being lit from within. I really notice a difference when using this, my skin really glows with no tacky shine. this is a super fine highlighter that has a subtle shimmer, not glitter. Easy to apply with a quality brush I love the way this highlights cheekbones especially and the golden bronze colour I chose is so flattering, it makes skin look healthy. A great product that i would recommend
Shine bright like a diamond....is exactly what this amazing highlighter will do for you! This is my all time favourite highlighter because it gives my face a subtle yet noticeable glow all over, without looking cheap and glittery. It goes on smooth and stays on all night, so after a night of dancing when I'm standing in the kebab shop at 4am and I get a glimpse of my reflection in the window...BAM...My highlight is still on fleek! This is definitely a product for those of us who prefer a "glow" rather than looking like a unicorn rolled around in glitter. The sleek and chic packaging is an added bonus! Urban Decay delivers yet again.
I received this highlighter from my friends for my birthday earlier this month and I have to say, I have been rather impressed by this product! I went into Mecca cosmetica recently to look at various highlighters (as they have become quite popular of late and i got a little tempted!) and I had a look at the urban decay line...I have heard not-so-fantastic things about their recently released highlighter trio palette and I went instore and found that when swatched that palette was rather glittery and chunky, however I had a completely different reaction with their Afterglow individual highlighters. But as per usual there is both pros and cons of this product, so let's begin.... FINISH/PIGMENTATION: I have used this product numerous times and I personally really enjoy the formula of this highlighter, I find it is very finely-milled and the glitter particles within the powder do not show up on the skin so it creates an overall glow on the skin not a glittery shimmer. I would most definitely recommend this highlighter to those looking for a more subtle highlight. On a day-to-day basis I wear my makeup in a natural way and I think that this highlighter gives your face a real "your skin but better" glow. However, if you are looking for a blinding highlight- which there's nothing wrong with, sometimes for a night out that's what you want or even during the day (you do you!!)- this may not be the one for you. I tried to build up this product on the skin to see if you could get more of a intense highlight and although eventually it does build up its still not overly strong! Although if you wet your brush (using water or some variety of setting spray) this can help to make the highlighter pop a little more! I've also found that using different brushes gives a different effect with this particular highlighter. So if your wanting a more natural finish I find a less dense brush (fan brush or round, what ever you prefer) works best and if you place it generally in the areas you like to highlight (tops of cheekbones, brow bone, cupids bow, etc.). And if you use a denser brush with more specific placement (I'm thinking that instagram c-shaped highlighter placement on the cheekbones haha) then your highlight will look more intense! COLOUR: There are three shades in this collection, which I think is definitely better than just having one as some brands tends to annoyingly do, but having three colours means there's more selection for a variety of skin tones. The three colours urban decay have chosen are a champagne-golden one, a light rose pink and a golden-bronze. I have the champagne gold highlighter (very reminiscent of Becca's classic 'Champagne Pop', if you can't get your hands on that one!) and it is a beautiful shade on my skin. It melts into the skin and looks natural and not at all stark, for reference I have a medium skin tone! I think the pale pink would look amazing on light skin tones and that golden bronze shade would be absolutely stunning on those with deeper skin tones! FEEL ON SKIN: This powder is lovely and soft to the touch and feels very smooth when applied to the face. However, a small gripe I have with this product is that it can tend to cling to any dry patches and sink a little into lines and pores. You cannot really tell initially when you first apply it both over the day if you have a few lines in the areas where you apply highlighter you may notice it. I mean honestly it's not terrible but I tried it on my mum (she's only in her early 50's) and she did notice slightly by the end of the day. LONGEVITY: I've noticed this highlighter has extremely decent staying power, but then I did some research online and Urban Decay claim that its lasts 8+ hours! On me i find this products lasts around 7-8 hours, which is pretty good really! This is when I apply primer underneath my base but still I was fairly impressed by the weartime, handy for those long days at work! PACKAGING: I do have to admit, I can be a little bit of a sucker for some pretty packaging and this highlighter is no exception! It comes in a sleek gold reflective compact with the Urban Decay logo on the top. I think it's nice and simple and it feels lovely and luxurious which is want you want when you buy an expensive more higher-end piece of makeup! I also like that it's not too large (you still get a decent amount of product in the pan) but it's still rather compact which means' it perfect for on-the-go if you want to put it in your handbag- also a good size for travelling as well! I would have liked if it came with a mirror, especially for the price tag, but I guess you can't have everything! So, I realise this is a rather expensive product especially considering it is just a single highlighter but positively, a little product does go a long way and I do not think you are ever going to run out....So, if you are in the market for a new highlighter and you're a fan of a more wearable natural highlight maybe go give this one a swatch!