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Urban Decay Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray

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Urban Decay Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray is a makeup setting spray for dry to combination skin that keeps makeup looking fresh for up to 12 hours. Developed in an exclusive partnership with Skindinävia, the setting spray sets and extends the wear of makeup and features temperature control technology that works to lower the temperature of your skin and keep foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and concealer in place—even in hot and humid conditions. Mist the spray on to skin to deliver a just-applied finish that lasts all day.


Urban Decay Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray


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My favourite setting spray, it's hydrating and makes my skin glow. It really changes the look of my makeup, especially because I wear some powder foundation (on top of liquid) and bronzer, it makes it look dewy and less makeup-y. I have actually had this one for a couple of years, and use it every weekend so it's great value for money.
This product is amazing and a must for everyone's makeup routine. Once I've finished applying all my makeup, I spray it four times up, down and diagonally across my face. It always makes my makeup last all day and helps it stay in place even when I get a bit oily or begin sweating. This is one of the best products I have ever bought. My suggestion if you have big issues with oily skin is to buy the oil-slick setting spray from Urban Decay.
I recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep their makeup in place all night long. The mist is fine and evenly distributes on the face, leaving a matte finish. It doesn't feel cakey and it locks in the product. The only con is the expensive price of this product!
This setting spray is the best I've used by far! I have bought and used many brands and types of setting sprays and this one never failed me. The spray it self is cool, hydrating and very comfortable on the skin. My makeup lasts all night long and even through 12 hour plus, shifts. Its also kept my makeup intact through dry hot summers in Australia and even through humid weather in Asia.The spray nozzle is perfect to deliver an even fine mist over the face and the packaging fits well into your hands. I own this product in all sizes - full size and a travel one for the hand bag. The one bottle lasts for a very long time. I highly recommend this product.
Before using Urban Decay's setting spray I was using NYX and I found my foundation splitting a lot of the time. I live and breathe by this product! I am such a crier and I just cry at everything and anything. and OMG it doesn't budge! I'll be having a meltdown and my friends will be staring at me and I'll be thinking that it's because I'm an ugly crier but nope all I get is "is your face put on with black magic?" "how isn't it melting off" Such a great product and you don't even need that much to get you a long way!
I put this setting spray to the ULTIMATE test....an outdoor summer beach wedding...and it passed! I've been using (and loving) Urban Decay All-Nighter for about a year. This "Chill" spray is like All-Nighter's hotter, smarter sister! All the matteness you love with added "aaaaaaahhh" cooling after you've just blowdried your hair and held a curling wand next to your face for 30 minutes in a bathroom that's already 35 degrees.  I was pleasantly surprised to see I didn't get my usual dry cheeks (highlighter's worst enemy) during the heat of the day and even more surprised that when I woke up the next morning my make-up still looked so good I could have gone out to brunch with it on...but didn't...because that's terrible....
I have used the urban decay setting spray to control oily skin with amazing results so I was keen to try another variety of this spray. I just pitched a travel size spray from senhora just to try it. I really loved this spray, the mist is really fine and feels nice to wear on the skin, it's cooling and soothing and feels really fresh and light. It's so easy to use, just simply spray when you finish applying makeup and it sets it like a dream, controlling oil and keeping makeup looking fresh and professional all day, so it lasts really well, it has a pleasant scent
This has been my go to setting spray for the past month, it does everything it says it will sets makeup, cools the face. It is a dream come true. The nozzle is perfect and you get the perfect spritz over the face. I have sensitive and dehydrated skin and this spray has been amazing for my skin, keeping it hydrated and not irritated.
My friend bought me a travel size product of this product from Sephora the other month as I was interested to try it as Urban Decay setting sprays have a great rep in the makeup world! I have to say, I was fairly impressed! I bought this product as it is targeted at those with dry skin whom need a moisture boost but also need their makeup to last- which is me. RESULTS/RECOMMENDATIONS: As UD suggest, I probably would recommend this to those with drier skin (but also those with normal skin who want their skin to have more of a 'glow'). I find that when I apply this product (as the final step in my routine after I've applied creams then powder products) that it helps mesh my makeup with my skin. It helps my makeup look more natural/realistic and as one with the skin, rather than it sitting on top of the skin. It also gives my skin a healthy glow, although it does dry down fully on the skin and doesn't leave your face tacky- my pet peeve! I found it does help with making my makeup  last longer. UD claim that it will help your makeup last 12 hours although to be honest, I typically get around 7 hours wear with my makeup looking decent and this increases it to 10. SPRITZ (V IMPORTANT HAHA!): The mist on this spray is nice and fine. I find that it distributes the product perfectly so you don't end up with that horrible spotty white dots finish. PACKAGING: I like the packaging, it's sturdy and I have never had any issues with it malfunctioning. I've also taken it travelling and had no issues with the product spilling. SCENT: It doesn't have a noticeable scent, which is perfect if you are sensitive to scent- or have skin that is sensitive to fragrance. (note: in my experience- the product has not broken me out and I have reasonably sensitive skin). AFFORABILITY: The main downside of this product for me is that I think this product is quite expensive for what it is. I would recommend getting the travel size to begin with so you can work out if you like the product before buying the fullsize. That being said, it's on my shopping list for my next Sephora order as I have found that I only need a couple sprays for it to work effectively and it has made a big difference to my make up game, in terms of making my makeup look more natural and stay put. But, again try the travel size first!
This product does exactly what it says, it sets your makeup and chills your face. It's especially lovely in summer, a spritz at the end of applying your makeup keeps you cool and fresh all day. It has a non-distinct, pleasant scent, the spray nozzle is good for ensuring even application. I would recommend this for people who find themselves easily overheating as an alternative to UD's "All-nighter" setting spray.
My favourite setting spray! It feels light and hydrating and seems to blend the makeup together to give you a smoother and flawless look without being cake-y! It feels as though my face is "set" without making it feel tight and heavy, which is something I look for as I hate the feeling over having too much makeup on my face. Really great value too!
I was using MAC makeup setting spray after receiving it as a gift from my sister. Both of them fhen purchased the urban decay version and it really does exceed the MAC one. Unlike MAC it doesn't have a particular scent. The spray nozzle ensures only a fine mist comes out and a couple of spritz's is all you need. Would recommend you try this in the travel size as it is inexpensive, you will LOVE it and it will last you ages!