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Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray

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Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray is a makeup setting spray for oily skin that deflects surface shine and keeps makeup looking fresh for up to 12 hours. Combining oil control technology with long-wear functionality, the setting spray was developed in an exclusive partnership with Skindinävia. It works to set and extend the wear of makeup while helping control oil, deflect shine and deliver a just-applied finish that lasts all day. Patented temperature control technology works to lower the temperature of your skin and keep foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and concealer in place—even in hot and humid conditions.

Price above is for 120mL. Also available in 30mL.


Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray


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I generally have an oily complexion so thought this would be perfect for me. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a let down. I found that it didn't control my oil, or keep makeup in place any longer than usual. I absolutely love the all nighter setting spray, I think that one is much better than this one.
Skin type: Oily Combination, Olive skin 25-30years  I tried this setting spray after the success I had using the all nighter setting spray by urban decay. The spray smell and texture on the skin when sprayed is exactly the same as the all nighter spray. I used the same base products so I could truely test the overall effect the product had on my skin oily ness. I wear full coverage foundation and always set it with a matte powder. The spray did not make my skin appear less oily then normal nor did it make my makeup stay on longer. The only thing the spray did was provide a normalising effect to my makeup a finishing effect but there are much better products out there that result in a better look. I also purchased this on the basis of the oil minimising outcome and I was disappointed that even with trying it a few times it did not perform as advertised. 
I live and breathe for the OG Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray so I was super excited to try this oily version! Sadly, this one doesn't quite live up to high expectations set by its sister product. I have oily/combination skin and I found that that this product doesn't make my product last as long as the original All Nighter Setting Spray. Instead, I found myself getting especially oily in my t-zone 3-4 hours into the day and my make-up would begin to slide off my face. I love the demi-matte glowing finish it gives my foundation at first but I would definitely prefer the original All Nighter over this since it offers better longevity. Like the All Nighter, the De-Slick Setting Spray comes in a classic matte bottle and the spray nozzle distributes the product in a fine mist evenly over my skin. It has a light scent and dries quickly so that I can head out the door quickly. Overall, this is a decent product suited to short wear time and less-oily complexions.
Ihave combination skin. I find that with this, it increases the longevity of my make up. It kinda makes my face feel a little bit stiff, to be honest! A big pro is that it seems to reduce the amount of make up transfer. What I think it can improve is that I still look quite oily after I spray this. In fact, spraying this gives me an instant shiny look that doesn't go away. Add to that my own natural oil production, and after a while, I do look very greasy. I think this will probably work well if you have more of a normal skin texture. For other people with oily skin out there, well... it's a good product, but I think it can be better.
This is liquid gold for my skin! I've always had oily skin and therefore struggled to keep my base looking flawless throughout the day. Makeup will usually break down, smudge, and disappear in my T-zone meaning I have to take extra care to blot my skin, touch up with powder or reapply throughout the day if I don't want to look like an oily mess. Because of my struggles I was actually really skeptical of setting sprays and though they wouldn't do much in helping my skin. My thoughts were confirmed when I tried some setting sprays initially - they didn't really do anything to help keep makeup on my oily skin. In saying that, I went for more 'drugstore' options as I was hoping to save some cash. However, my quest to find the perfect setting spray went on. It was then that I decided to try out the De-slick Oil Control setting spray from Urban Decay largely because of the hype surrounding them. I chose this over the standard All-Nighter variation as I really wanted something designed for oily skin as most setting sprays aren't. Firstly, the spray nozzle is perfectly manufactured in a way that you don't end up with large droplets of spray on your face, rather, it's a fine mist that allows an even and light coating of product onto the skin - just spray more if you desire a heavier application. The product isn't too heavily fragranced either which will make it attractive to those who can be offended by strong scents, especially if they are on your face all day! The finish is so subtle that it almost looks like you've sprayed nothing on your face. There are no discoloured patches of makeup (which I have experienced with other setting sprays), no lingering scent, no change in texture of the makeup on your skin and it doesn't 'dissolve' any of the makeup. Surprisingly, it doesn't have a 'crunchy' feel to the skin either which can make your face feel uncomfortable. I've also experienced this with other sprays and it's not pleasant when you feel like your face is cracking every time you move a facial muscle. The spray has prolonged the wear of my makeup like I wasn't expecting at all. I wouldn't say it has completely eliminated oil from coming through, but I'm fine with that as I actually like my skin with a little natural sebum coming through, as it makes the makeup look more natural and dewy - but not too much, I don't like looking like I can supply an oil rig! But otherwise it's definitely helped to lessen the appearance of the oil and for me I find it helps with the interactions between the oil and my makeup to minimise the effects of the oil breaking down product on my skin. I find that my blush, bronzer, contour and highlight are lasting longer on my skin too, product which usually disappears after about 2 hours. It's taking a lot longer for foundation and concealer to break down on my skin too. What usually was about 3 hours, I don't notice makeup breaking down until about 6-7 hours which is literally unheard of for my skin. The pinnacle moment for my love for this setting spray was when I ended up pulling an all-nighter before I had to fly internationally at 6am the next morning. My makeup stayed put so perfectly on my skin when I landed that it had looked like I had just applied it. Overall it ended up being about 16 hours of wearing makeup! The De-slick has done absolute wonders for my skin, and is an absolute essential when I plan to wear a full face of makeup for more than say 3 hours - because that's the most I can get out of a foundation before it starts to break down on my skin. I'd say it's definitely worth paying more for this product, don't do what I did and waste money on several different cheap options only to end up spending more than the RRP for the De-slick and being left way more unsatisfied. Even then, at $49 it's still pretty reasonable for the effects in my opinion!
This is the best setting spray I've ever tried. When I first heard of it I wasn't too sure if it would work on my skin; as I tend to get quite oily on my t-zone. Even though I use primers to control the oiliness, I still do need to touch up a few times in the day. But after I started using the setting spray; my makeup was always flawless and would last the whole day. Really good to use in the summer. I would recommend it for people who have oily skin to use it in winter and summer. It's very refreshing and cooling. But if it's used in the winter make sure to apply moisturiser and primer first, as your face might tend to get a bit dry, because of the weather. A very reasonable price under $50 for a bottle that lasts a while. Definitely recommend it to all down unders!!!
I found this product to be a little bit of magic in a can, I suffer from an oily t-zone that by lunchtime, especially in hot humid weather becomes a super oil slick, shiny and it looks terrible. Since using this spray I find it cuts down on oil significantly. It does not totally eliminate the oil shine but my skin looks and feels a lot better. This spray sets my foundation and keeps it looking fresher for longer, it almost totally deflects shine and lasts really well, at least to the end of the day. The temperature technology is genius to keep skin temperature down so makeup stays fresh and oil stays at bay. I love urban decay products and this is so easy to use, just a fine spray after applying makeup and good to go, although the rectangular nozzle is a little weird to get used to, probably the only downside for me. My tip is to reapply midway through the day just to stay extra fresh. As far as feel goes this feels really nice to apply, cooling and refreshing, I often use blotting papers, however this spray is less messy and easier and keeps foundation looking flawless for longer, a great bonus. At a price point of under $50 this is quite good value for money as I don't need to use much and it lasts a really long time. I absolutely loved this product and would highly recommend it
I was sick of looking in the mirror at lunch time and having no foundation left on my forehead and if I did it looked like an oily mess as I have a very oily T-Zone..... I tested this out and was in love after the first application! The setting spray leaves my foundation looking flawless and keeps it in tack all day!
I love this product! I use it at the end of my makeup regime and it ensures my makeup stays on all day. Before using this product, I was having to use a blotting stick on my T zone to reduce oiliness throughout the day. Now I don't have to use the blotting stick or do any makeup retouches.
I really wanted to love this product, it claims to do everything I need! I have very oily skin and I expected this product to completely cut down on shine and slick but I did not notice any difference. at the end of the day, my face was still shiny and had moved and was patchy - it just didn't work! The All Nighter one is far better and I will be purchasing that over this one every time.
There's a lot of hype surrounding the Urban Decay Setting Sprays, so I had some high expectations when I got this. Unfortunately, I felt this particular product didn't meet those standards. I have fairly oily skin and use moisturisers, primers, foundations and setting powders made for my skin type, but I still need a touch up half way through the day and every few hours or so after that. I found when I've used this during the day, it hasn't quite absorbed or "de-slicked" the makeup as the name suggest it would and half and hour to an hour later I'm needing to do it all over again. And if I've used it to set my makeup in the morning, the oil is coming through quicker than other setting sprays. As I said before I have really oily skin, so this spray may be better suited for people who want to set their makeup, but don't have big problems with oiliness. As well, the nozzle is a bit different to normal nozzles. It has a rectangular shape, so you have to turn the bottle around to get it to hit all areas of your face. Also, the alcohol stings a little when it settles on your skin, which may be uncomfortable for people with sensitive skin.