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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is a pigmented eye primer that preps the eye for a smoother, more vibrant, crease-free eyeshadow application and all-day wear. The formula uses space-age polymer technology and has a creamy, weightless texture that glides across the lid to neutralise redness, fill in imperfections on the skin and create a flawless, even canvas for eyeshadow to adhere to. Paraben free.

Available in five shades.


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion


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I am well aware of the original primer Potion and it has become my eye shadow primer of choice. When shopping at Mecca I was given a sample of the four primers. I must say the samples were quite generous and for the last couple of months I have been using them and been very happy. I think Eden has become my favourite as it is pigmented, it covers the redness ( and the Purple veins) perfectly, it lightens up the eyelid and creates perfect matte canvas. The shadows apply beautifully and blend really well. My eye make up stays immaculate for hours. This is a product that changes your make up world when you start using it. A staple in my make up bag. Can't recommend enough. It also lasts ages as a tiny bit is enough.
This is the pigmented version of the primer potions. It's great for those who have discolouration or visible veins on their eyelids - it conceals it and makes eyeshadows pop more. I find it hydrates the lids and smooths it out to prep it perfectly for eyeshadow application. It makes my eyeshadow last from day to night. It may seem pricey, but the tiniest bit goes the longest way and one tube will last you over a year. It's a great investment, rather than buying a cheap eyeshadow primer that doesn't do anything. Go for it!
There's a reason this has become such a cult product! I honestly can't praise this product enough! I should start by noting that I have slightly oily skin, so this, combined with rather hooded eyes, has made using eyeshadow an absolute nightmare for me in the past. Everything smudges and smears, and by the end of the night my eyes are just a mess.   Enter Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion! This product (which now comes in a slightly different packaging to the one displayed here) is an absolute must have! Urban Decay has now changed the Primer Potion from a squeeze tube to one with an applicator wand, making it even easier to apply on your eyelids. The formula (as far as I'm aware) has stayed the same. A little goes a long way with this product - the amount of product that comes off the applicator is more than enough to cover both eyelids in one go, so a single tube will last you quite a while.    The product has a very creamy consistency that blends like a dream and sets very quickly - giving you just the right amount of time to blend it across your eyelids. It feels totally weightless and creates the perfect canvas for whatever eyeshadow colour you use on top. The base actually gives your eyeshadow a neutral base to work off, giving it an extra pop that really brings out the colour of your eyeshadow! Having tested this with various eyeshadows both during the day and through the night, I can honestly say that it stops any kind of creasing from occurring, and makes your eyeshadow last ALL NIGHT LONG. This beautiful product has even lasted through sweltering nights out when I was sure that my eye makeup was going to melt off my face.    I've recently purchased this in the shade Sin which is a gorgeous champagne colour with a touch of shimmer - I'm loving it so much I've actually taken to wearing it on its own without any eyeshadow on top (perfect for a lazy girl like me who has very little time to get ready in the morning).  Would highly recommend for anyone that wants their eyeshadow to stay put throughout the day. Once you experience how much of a difference this product makes you'll never go without! I seriously can't get enough of this beauty! 
Makeup is an art form....your skin being the canvas on which you create that art,so prepping your canvas is essential if you want a flawless,lasting result. Eyeshadow can be notorious for creasing / running / wearing off ,(especially during the weather we have endured of late),and that is true even of the most expensive of brands,which leads to the issue of "do i leave my stunning smokey eye to look worn and like i slept in it " ? OR do i re-do the whole thing ( seriously,who can afford the time to go and "touch up" hours after applying) ? Urban Decay (the cult brand that gave us the iconic "Naked" palette), took an advanced,super comfortable formula,made it perfect and gave us this offering...it glides across the lid to neutralise redness, fill in imperfections on the skin and creates a flawless, even canvas for eyeshadow to adhere to...FOR HOURS AND HOURS ( twenty four hours of wear actually...seriously,i have given it an 18 hour trial,and it stayed true to it's claim),eyes are prepped for smoother, more vibrant, crease-free eyeshadow (even pesky cream shadows...which crease easier than linen during a wrestling match) AND ensures colour true vibrancy the whole time (essential if you are rocking the current peach shadow trend) due to the neutral tone and very wearable feel (yes,it has a subtle "magnetic" feel to it...not literally of course,but a feeling of "adherence" that is extremely comfortable and re- assuring).Apply this prior to eyeshadow,allow to set for a moment and then get creating whatever look you feel is you. It is easily one of the best primers i have ever tried (you really can't go wrong with this) and well worth the $30 outlay (you need only a tiny amount,your shadows last for ages...even the more bargain priced brands you may currently use,so you save there,PLUS it leaves lids feeling nourished after) and it makes all colours so much brighter and colour true (if you are wearing a bold sapphire / amethyst / emerald shade,you want those to be the shades you see...not a "reasonable facimile" of them,especially if said shades are of a more exxy label). A makeup addict must have from every makeup addict's fave label. TIP:Give this a shot as a lip primer as well...the neutral colour will give the same "colour true" effect to your lip colour,will help hold it in place for hours and leave your lips protected from staining if you wear a deeply hued tone.
This honestly is the best eye primer I have ever tried! I know it's a bit pricey but it works. I've tried a couple primers and none seem to work. My eyeshadow stays on all night and as long as my top eyeliner.