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Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette

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Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette is a 12-shade eyeshadow palette that features a range of amber-hued neutral shades that can be blended for a natural daytime look or built up to an intense smoky eye. The powder formula has been developed with a pigment infusion system that ensures each shade has a strong colour pay-off, blends easily and lasts throughout the day.


Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette


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I am very late to the party with the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette.  I was on an advanced purchase list when it was first released in Australia and purchased it as a gift for my sister as she is a huge fan of the original Naked palette.  I couldn't justify spending that much money on myself when I already have a number of warm palettes (Morphe being my favourite and most well-used).  I was recently on holiday in Hawaii and treated myself to an enormous Sephora splurge (as-you-do) and included the Naked Heat palette in my haul.  I am so annoyed that I didn't just bite the bullet and buy myself a palette all those months ago.  The shade's are PERFECT. The colour payoff is rich and the texture is creamy and so easily blendable. I haven't touched my Morphe palettes since I purchased Naked Heat and I find a way to use the palette daily. I can do a subtle work look right up to a bold, warm smokey eye without having to substitute in any other shadows.  This is without a doubt the best palette I have ever used. I recommend it to anyone but particularly any brown-eyed girls, because the shades UD have selected in this palette pick up on every subtle colour in your iris and all of a sudden my boring brown eyes can look gold or hazel. Brilliant Palette and worth every cent! 
Naked Heat is the perfect name for this very HOT palette, Urban Decay are the Palette perfectionists. I would love to get a $1 for every hour I spend in Mecca playing with the gorgeous cosmetics they shower upon us. Feeling sad or lonely or beautiful and bright Urban Decay just make you feel fabulous. This palette has some really out there shades and I love that it gives you so many more options to play with,you can blend with other Urban decay shades, wear alone as a statement, soft or intense the choice is yours Urban decay has remarkable pigment and as they say you get what you pay for. Bronze, coral and copper tones suit my colouring and ofcourse the shadows blend beautifully giving a soft shadowy edge.  There is a good balance of shimmery and matte shades and very little fallout when using,the packaging is easy and typical Urban Decay complete with a decent double ended brush. This palette has given my usual neutrals a real boost and is a great addition to my usual colours.
Whenever Urban Decay does a new palette,the beauty world usually buzzes with anticipation of what it will be like....such was no different when this hit the market a little while back,and it still remains a much sought after (and copied) "must have". Now,this palette,the latest offering from the much loved Urban Decay Naked range,is called the "Heat " Eyeshadow Palette,and one glimpse of those shades will tell you why....12 supremely buttery soft (as all UD palettes are),highly easy to blend shades of warm,scorched beauty that stay colour true and wear for hours fill this palette...everything from soft,peach-hued ivory ("Chaser" ) through to extreme,burnt reddened plum ("Ashes" ),so you will definitely be able to pull off everything from a subtle daytime hint of warmth.through to an extreme,burning hot evening smokey eye. Now,in all honesty,i don't know that everyone will like this as much as i do...after all,it is hard to pull off some of the more "true red " shades (i'm looking at you "He Devil" and "Dirty Talk" ) without looking as though you have a nasty case of conjunctivitis,BUT,for warmer skin tones (this really isn't one for the cooler hued beauties out there...it just somehow looks "wrong" ),and those who persevere with blending (thankfully,most of these shades blend like a dream,although i did notice that one or two of the more shimmery hues ( "Scorched" being one) did take a little work to blend,and did have a little fallout (i will post a tip later to help with that),but all in all,this is usual UD brilliance.But what of the packaging ? UG is pretty well known for some amazing packaging,and once again, they have nailed the packaging with a very sturdy plastic outer casing in a holographic multidimensional sunset effect with gold lettering embossing it.Another plus for this palette is the Included dual ended eyeshadow brush,which i have to say,beats anything other palettes give you to work with (it is really quite "pro" in feel )... one side is a dense packing brush and the other is a nice fluffy blending brush,making for easy and professional blend ability. Now lastly for the outlay...and it is a big one.So, if you are going to splurge (because let's be honest here...this IS a really considered purchase at $85,but for UD quality,that equates to $7 a pan...pretty good i think),this is the palette to do it on.Twelve shades,all very wearable and adaptable,they last for HOURS (10 hours and minimal creasing and fade here...and that's WITHOUT  primer.With,it did me a good 12 with no creasing and colour payoff was brilliant. Personally, I loooved this palette for my summer makeup looks,BUT to create a warm,inviting,"by the fireside" warmth,this palette worked a dream as well. I adore this palette,and reckon you will too.Give it a try (now she has a little sister,you might want to dip your toe in by starting with that first). TIP:As i mentioned,this palette CAN make you look either allergy ridden or infectious if you aren't careful,so to prevent that from happening by fallout,apply a little loose powder under your eyes.don't blend in and leave it until you finish your artwork.When you are done,simply sweep away the powder....along with messy fallout and any hint of "yes, i look like i spent the day in an over chlorine rich pool" .
Skin type: olive skin, oily combination 25-30years  I’ve used urban decay eyeshadows before and I have nothing but fantastic things to say about the brand. This palette contains 12 eyeshadows, in a palette style similar to other palettes in the urban decay cosmetic range. This is a warm colour palette with combinations of matte and shimmer eyeshadows. It comes with a brush that has a blending and packing end-the quality isn’t the best but it’s a free brush! The pigment of the eye shadows is fantastic, quite buttery in consistency and very easy to blend. You can use a primer or not and still achieve a fantastic eye look. There are 3-4 transition shades used to blend out other colours, 1 skin colour like all over shade, 4 shimmery shades and 3-4 darker crease shades. I wear the shadows around 10-12 hours where the rest of my makeup comes off or transfers except the eyeshadows stay intact. There is a mirror in the platter which is good quality too. I think this palette would suit all eye colours. 
The naked heat is nice. It's very warm toned, including lots of orange brown shades.  I love the formula, the shadows are very easy to work with and are very pigmented.  I'm able to get many different eye shadow looks using this palette.  It's helpful that it comes with a brush for on the go use. 
I told myself numerous times that I didn't need another warm toned palette... but I took the plunge and bought this palette and haven't looked back! This palette is paradise for anyone who adores their burnt orange, pink and red shades. There are a few matte transition shades that are ideal for a quick, all-over shadow look on a day-to-day basis, and easily compliment any sort of dramatic eye look. The shimmer shades are super pigmented, some of which are duo-chromed (yes!!!) and highly metallic. The shimmer shades appear most striking when applied to the eyelid with a finger - no Mac fix+ needed! The only let down for the palette is the brush which is a little dense, making it difficult to seamlessly diffuse the eye shadow. But considering how blendable and buildable all the shades in this palette are, I definitely view this as one of the best beauty releases for 2017 and a must-buy this Christmas/New Year!
BELIEVE THE HYPE!  This palette is my first urban decay purchase and now I'm hooked! There is a reason why everyone is talking about this palette as it was definitely the pioneer of this seasons go-to shades. I find the colours to be super easy to blend, the brush is great quality and there are so many different looks you can do with this palette, easy to do day or night looks to really get your moneys worth. If there was anything I could say against it, I would have loved some more transition colours or matte shades and I probably prefer the packaging of the other UD palettes, but those are only minor and really I cant fault it. If you're hesitating, dont - You wont regret it! 
This Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay includes twelve warmer-based eyeshadows, including a mixture of both mattes and shimmers. The palette is primarily red and orange based hues, and due to the warmth of the shadows I would assume it is best suitable to warmer skin tones only (I didn't love it on my sister's neutral-cool fair skin).    The consistency of the shadows is a little drier than those included in my other UD palettes (Naked2, ShadowBox etc), but all-in-all they are still beautiful shadows.They are still pigmented (even more so if applied using a wetting agent),buildable, and blendable, and work well on both a shadow primer and directly on the skin.   I love the idea of the palette, and purchased it with the main objective of creating warm sultry eyes. After finding the Naked2 much too cool-toned for my skin (looks somewhat dirty on me) I was super excited to try this super warm palette. And luckily, the colours suit my tan-olive skin beautifully! Each of the colours are warm and rich and just a delight to put on. My only concern with the palette is that I wish there were a few colours included which provided more contrast across the range. Although they are all lovely, some of the colours are pretty similar once blended, and it just makes me think they could have swapped out one of the lighter browns and one of the deeper browns for something with a bit more of a ‘WOW’ factor, like a bright orange or maybe even a golden yellow (but maybe I’m just being greedy).   As with the other UD shadows I have tried, the performance of the palette is really good. There is minimal fall-out on application (ensuring you tap the excess off your brush), and the shadows will easily last throughout the day/night, even more so if applied over a primer and set with a setting spray. I have not experienced any creasing or smudging with any of these shadows.   The packaging is in line with the rest of the UD naked range, donning a warm sunset vibe on the cover. The case is sturdy, although I would prefer a latch closure as opposed to the magnetic system it uses, so I am a little hesitant to carry it around in my bag in case it comes open. There is a large mirror under the lid, and a soft dual-ended brush that gets the job done.   A quick rundown on the colours in the palette: -       Ounce: bone, gold undertones, shimmer finish; -       Chaser: beige, peach undertones, matte finish; -       Sauced: light brown, copper undertones, matte finish; -       Low Blow: light brown, yellow undertones, matte finish; -       Lumbre: rose gold, golden undertones, shimmer finish; -       He Devil: burnt red, red undertones, matte finish (my favourite matte); -       Dirty Talk: copper, golden undertones, shimmer finish (my favourite shimmer); -       Scorched: rose gold, copper undertones, shimmer finish; -       Cayenne: medium brown, yellow undertones, matte finish; -       En Fuego: maroon, red undertones, matte finish; -       Ashes: plum, brown undertones, matte finish, and; -       Ember: bronze, brown undertones, shimmer finish.   In summary, the palette is a beautiful contribution to the UD naked collection. It is a welcome addition for those needing warm-toned hues, and is line with the current industry trends. I have rated this palette as 4/5 stars, as although I love it, I do believe there are a few areas in which it could be improved..
I received this gorgeous palette as a gift, best gift ever. I love urban decay and this naked heat eyeshadow palette contains all my favourite colours, happy days . With the Christmas season approaching this makes a gorgeous gift. The colours are divine and complement each other beautifully making this palette so easy to blend. The pigment is high quality and the 12 stunning colours are suitable for day or night. The addition of a double ended brush makes it easy to use and blend and this shadow won't crease or smudge and lasts all day without wearing off. This is the absolute rolls Royce of eyeshadow palettes for its high quality and stunning colour. I love that there is a combination of matte and shimmer and I see no negatives with this product. I adore this and highly recommend it.
Im not one to go out experiment with more vibrant tones but this pallets has the perfect mix of warm shadows with 12 colours that are on the warmer side There’s even  a mix of mattes and shimmers!  The mix of warm colours will suite any skin tone and with the amazing mix of mattes and shimmers there is endless possibilities to create the perfect look for your style  I noticed that the quality of the shadows were a little less than previous pallets but the shades are fairly pigmented, buildable, and blendable so still lived up to its name of the best shadow pallets around. Urban decay have never let down with their amazing products and continue to make pallets that catch the eye!  Very affordable and worth the price ! Its a must have in your make up case !
I bought the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette as often my go to look is a brown/ bronzed smokey eye. I thought this would especially be beneficial to take on holidays as a seemed like an all in one solution.  The Naked Heat Palette comes in a sturdy plastic compact with a great sized mirror tucked inside and a double-ended eyeshadow and blending brush. It contains a mix of warm tone mattes and shimmers (seven mattes and five shimmers to be exact) The texture is soft and very velvety. I was really impressed with how smooth and pigmented the shimmer shades were but the darker matte shades seemed to loose pigmentation easily and start to appear patchy. Using a good eyeshadow primer, these eyeshadows lasted pretty well on my eyelids for about 8 hours. I must say I'm disappointed as I feel the looks I can create are limited, I only wish it contained at least one lighter shimmery shade and at least one darker brown shade. I found it works best with a secondary palette to compensate. What I love about the shades in this palette is that they’re geared towards such a variety of different skin-tones. It may seem pricey for one makeup item but when broken down in cost per shade its actually quite budget friendly. Overall I don't think this palette quite lives up to hype. Save yourself some money and get a similar look with the NYX Warm Neutrals Palette. 
Palette of the year! Great pigment and really easy to blend. I think the warm shades compliment all eye colours. A good makeup investment you will get plenty of use out of. Easy to achieve a day or night look and has good lasting power. It comes with a double-ended brush that is easy to use.