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Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder For Face

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Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder For Face is a silky, lightweight illuminating powder that gives skin a naturally radiant glow. Infused with a micro-shimmer for enhanced radiance, the powder can be used on the face and body, dusted across the cheekbones, the collarbone and anywhere you want to deliver a luminous glow to skin. Combining the colour pay-off of a loose powder with the convenience of a pressed powder, the terracotta-baked formula contains light-reflecting particles that diffuse light across the skin to blur imperfections.

Available in four shades.


Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder For Face


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Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder is a makeup product I can't live without. The packaging is not fancy but it is super portable and travel friendly. The powder is super fine and super pigmented where I only need to apply one layer to get the intensity I wanted. The highlight stays on the same spot for the whole day without needing to re-apply unless I want to. Highly recommend.
I  am a sucker for sparkles.  I love this product. It is so sparkly... I use it all the time and no where near the end of it.. It lasts ages and ages. It's great for a night out.. I use it on my face as a highlighter as well as on my chest and collar bone to give me that extra glow.
I am such a sucker for sparkles. And I have got a box full of them. I was browsing through Mecca once and of course having everything I wasn't planning to buy anything, but this little box caught my attention and (how surprising) I left the shop with it in my bag. I have seen mixed reviews of this Naked Illuminated product, and in my opinion those who treat it as highlighter will be disappointed. Those who use it more like an iluminator will like it. What we receive in the light brown box is the golden globe ( well, half of it) filled with sparkles. Yes, they are a bit glittery, but the particles are really tiny and they reflect light in a beautiful way. Since it is not a highlighter , I wouldn't be using it on my cheek bones as it might create two lines of glitter and this is not the effect we are after. What I do with this Shimmering Powder is I use it with a really fluffy brush and I go over my eyelids, on top of any shadow ( whether matte or satin or any other) to add a wonderful shimmer and sparkle. Sometimes I also do it on top of the highligher ( with a very fluffy brush again) to add a few more sparkles. The result might not be seen in a regular every day light, but when we are out in the artificial light or in the sun, the sparkles start their dancing and it just looks so lovely. That effect reminds me of some fairy dust and magic. I probably wouldn't use this powder on the face for work, but I believe on top of the eyeshadows it would be work approved. Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder is such a fun toy for big girls to play!
Urban Decay has once again blown me away with their nakedilluminated shimmering powder (that’s a long name!) A few years ago when I sawthis product it was love at first sight but I couldn’t afford it so I had towait but a few weeks ago I saw it again and I couldn’t resist and I haven’t regratedmy purchase since! There is no sickly or chemical like smell to it which is ahuge pro! And the packaging is fun and desirable to the eye! It feels nice andlight on my skin and lasts well throughout the day, even when it’s really hotoutside. After using this product for around two months now I can say that Iwill probably go back for more! The highlight is subtle so it’s perfect for anatural and glowy look, which is the makeup everyone is going for at the momentso that’s perfect! The colour pigment is gorgeous and I’m absolutely obsessedwith that, it gives your skin warmth and makes you into a bronzed beauty themoment you apply It. Whether you’ve just started makeup or a fully seasoned proI’d definitely recommend making the purchase of this, you get tons of productand quality well worth the price! Pros of the product includes… ·     A ton of product ·     Gorgeous colour ·     No glitter chunks ·     Makes your skin look radiant ·     Very light ·     Beautiful packaging Cons are… ·     There isn’t the most pigment to it, it can be alittle subtle but personally that’s what I love about it! But if you’re lookingfor a very pigmented one and love highlight I wouldn’t get it. In the end I’ve been recommending this product to all myfriends (and my mum) everyone who’s also tried it have enjoyed it just as muchso take my advice and go and buy it for yourself! 11/10    
I love this gorgeous light reflecting powder, urban decay are makeup gods and this product is so beautiful. A lovely shimmering illuminator that I dust over face and cheekbones for a radiant shimmering glow that looks healthy and not over the top glittery. I dust this on with a large good quality brush to blur skin imperfections and provide a healthy glow that looks like I have been on holidays. The powder is fine and beautiful on the skin, it feels lightweight. I still need to use a little blusher but this is a great product that i would certainly recommend
A very subtle and light illuminated shimmering powder which will last all day but unfortunately not provide a huge sparkle to your face. I really like the colour pigment of this product, it has a gentle bronzing tone which is great for emphasising your cheek bones. the packaging is absolutely adorable, with a lovely little brush and mirror to make on the go application an absolute breeze! I always tote this powder along with me, and I can apply more if i want some extra colour for the evening. I do want to warn, if you are expecting the super shimmery, glittery, sparkly illuminator for really highlighting your face and body, this product is not it. It will give you a lovely bronzed look with some light shine and a healthy little glow, so it is a terrific illuminator to use if you prefer a more natural look.  Because I find this product very light on my skin, I always feel smooth and like my face can really breathe which is great. If you want more of a dramatic look I advise really applying a generous amount to anywhere to want a light shimmer, and as for your cheekbones, if your after a very bold shimmer, i recommend using a nice creamy highlighter alongside. I have a stick highlighter that I LOVE to team with this product to give the shimmy-shimmy that I need for a night out. during day times and more toned down events I simply use this illuminator on its own, and I feel lovely and bright!  I really like how this illuminator looks on my body, it goes great on décolletage and cleavage too! I love really layering this powder on, it won't get cake I promise, and the powder lasts and lasts! Because the powder will last for months even with daily use, I do think it is a pretty good buy.  Another terrific quality is that unlike other illuminators this product is just so light that it won't emphasise your blemishes, even when I am feeling quite pimply this product never brings out my bad skin, and perfects my skin redness. I think just about any skin type can use it, greasy, problem, normal or dry skin, this illuminator is of very good quality and will stay on your skin perfectly.  The reason I feel like this product is 3 stars, is simply because for an illuminator I feel like it just doesn't add enough sparkle to my skin, yes it glows, yes it's a beautiful colour, however the lack of sparkle has just let me down, and means I need to pair this product with an additional highlighter. With that being said, I still think this is a great product, I love to think of it as a bronzer which contains a light shimmer to it. It is great to add a little glow to your body so I recommend trying it out not only on your face, but on other areas of your body too for evenings out. So let that body glow!   I do absolutely love Urban decay and think it is a great quality brand, but just be aware before you buy when it comes to this illuminator, make sure it is what you want. It is the kind of illuminator you can use everyday and is gentle (or able to be dressed up) enough for every occasion too! 
THIS PRODUCT GIVES THE BEST GLOW!!! The highlighter in colour illuminous is the perfect shade fro my skin tone. It gives a soft glow that makes my cheekbones POP! Definetly a 10/10!!!!!
I love this! I use this as a summer blush (I'm fair). The shade gives a beautiful soft glow, that looks like a mix of rosy cheeks that have gotten a hint of sun tan.
For highlighter lovers, this illuminator really is not the dramatic and standout look you may be expecting. It provides quite a subtle shimmer, so it is a very smooth and non-noticable addition to my makeup routine, it really does not standout. I certainly wouldn't purchase this product again, only because it's just not what I was expecting and had hoped for. If you want a noticeably glittery, shiny, sparkly illuminator for evenings out, this is not the product for you. Simply not enough shimmer. However with that being said, the product is still of good quality and I wouldn't totally diss it, it lasts quite well and includes a handy little brush and mirror for illuminati g on the go. If you want a discrete touch of sparkle to your look, then by all means, this product IS for you.
This seriously lasts and lasts! I've had my pallet for over a year and I'm miles and miles away from hitting pan!  It's really pretty, my only issue is that it can be a bit 'glittery' rather than 'shimmery' but it's great for a party or evening look!