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Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion Paraben Free

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Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion Paraben Free is an eye primer that preps the eye for a smoother, more vibrant, crease-free eyeshadow application and all-day wear. The formula uses space-age polymer technology and has a creamy, weightless texture that glides across the lid to neutralise redness, fill in imperfections on the skin and create a flawless, even canvas for eyeshadow to adhere to. Paraben free.


Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion Paraben Free


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Eyeshadow just looks so much better with this as the base. I have oily eyelides and by the end of the day eyeshadow will seep into my eyelid creases without this. It's really easy to apply (just add the teensiest amount), wait for a few seconds and then apply eyeshadow over the top. This is a must for me for nighttime looks and any foiled/dramatic/coloured eyeshadow because it intensifies the colour.
Urban Decay primer is an old favourite of mine and has never let me down, although it cannot be my absolute favourite as that spot is reserved for Urban Decay Primer in Sin, a shimmery champagne primer. The original primer  potion  for eyes is a smooth skin-coloured cream that smooths on the eyelids as a base for crease-free long-lasting eye shadow. I ensure that I pat it in with a fingertip after applying so that it is well-blended onto the lid. Neglect this step and it can lead to creasing and a“crepey” look.  Once the primer is set, eye-shadow can be pressed on easily and stays in place on the smooth base, without creeping where it isn’t wanted. With this base I find my eye-shadow colours are more defined and vibrant and stay in place until I take them off,rather than fading away during the day or evening. Urban Decay primer has made even a sketchy or chalky shadow perform far better than it deserved, on some occasions! So with a good quality shadow the effect can be amazing. This primer lasts a long time as not a lot is needed. I have had my little pale purple tube for a while and love the cute, Arabian Nights style lid and sleek shape. I will definitely repurchase any of the Urban Decay primers that I use on rotation when I need to, and give this one a definite  5 stars. 
I enjoy this eye primer. It's a great formula that helps brighten eye shadow. It keeps it in place all day. I love using this when I'm using glitter or shimmer shades at it really makes them pop. The tube lasts a really long time, I haven't had to repurchase yet!
Great product and it is a must for anyone using eye shadow. This primer really helps keep your shadow in place and stops it from moving around through out the day/night. It also makes it much easier to apply your eye shadow and makes the colours much more pigmented. I always use this before applying my eye shadow and it always makes it look amazing!!
Great product. Fantastic primer that keeps my eyeshadows on all day and are much brighter too. The primer also prevents creasing. Would definitely re purchase this product in the future. Little bit goes a long way, so it lasts for a fair while! a good product and would recommend it to others.
If you’re looking for an eyeshadow primer, this one surely does the trick. I originally purchased this because my eyeshadow tends to fade during the day and I hate losing all the vibrant colours I worked so hard to blend. Wearing this has definitely helped my eyeshadow retain its vibrancy and stay on all day long. As well, I’ve got fairly oily lids and have issues with my eyeliner transferring onto my upper lid.  I usually have to set my eyeliner with a dark eyeshadow to counter act this, but sometimes it can still be an issue. I’ve noticed that since using this product my eyeliner has been staying in place and have been forgoing my precautionary eyeshadow setting step because I no longer need it.   The primer has a sheer nude colour added in to it, but personally I prefer a little more coverage to hide the blue colours that come through from my veins, so I pop a little concealer over the top and then set with a setting powder. The added concealer doesn’t diminish its primer abilities and I personally prefer that the colour is sheer unlike other tinted ones, because I can then add my own colour to suit my skin tone. The primer definitely needs to be set with a powder because trying to blend an eyeshadow over tacky skin makes the eyeshadow look patchy and uneven and difficult to apply. When you do set it with a powder it makes wonderfully smooth base which grabs colours beautifully and makes blending a breeze, and this is my favourite aspect of this product. I know some people prefer to add their primer after they’ve added foundation and concealers to their lids, but I find when I do this it moves around all product underneath it no matter how it is applied. I only recommend doing this if it is going to be covered with liquid eyeshadow or glitter as eyeshadow won’t hide all the streaks left from the application. The primer also makes for an excellent glitter glue. I was a little apprehensive when I first used it like this especially since I was using a lower quality glitter and was afraid it wouldn’t last. To my surprise my glitter stayed in place all day! Not a single speck fell onto to my cheeks or worse, into my eyes. Urban Decay claims that this is best eyeshadow primer out there and they are not wrong. I will and have recommended this amazing product,it is a 10/10!
It took me years before I tried this eyeshadow primer. I had been well aware of its existence but the reason why I never bothered to get it was simple.... I already had my favourite product. I was using Artdeco"s shadow primer and was happy with it. However, not a long time ago I hit the pan and since Artdeco is a German company, it is not so easy to get it here in Australia. I decided to give that famous magic Primer Potion by Urban Decay a go. And oh my God- was I missing out!!! What are my thoughts on the most famous eyeshadow primer on the planet? It is phenomenal! Hands down the best primer I have ever used! To be honest I do not have even one negative thing to write about ! To me this is one of those products that you simply cannot fault. That is why I will mention the great effects that this products provides and helps to achieve: - the packaging is handy and easy to use, we get a tube with a sponge applicator. Of course we are going to use the fingers to spread the product out but the applicator is cute. - the formula is somewhat of a silicone like paste, very silky and velvety - Primer Potion spreads easily and evenly creating the perfect canvas for the next step as it evens out the colour of the eyelid - the primer is not sticky or tacky at all, it makes the lid soft and smooth to the touch and it sets after a while, then magic happens - Primer Potion definitely helps with the blending, I never knew it was so easy to blend the shadows into one another.... well, until now - it helps the shadow to "adhere" to the lid and "sit" untouched all day ( and night), it does prolong the longevity of the shadows. Just think in these categories: a night out is a piece of cake, as Urban Decay Primer Potion makes the shadows last practically unmoved throught a hardcore HIIT workout! - one can forget about the creases or oily lids - doesn't irritate - shadows look more vibrant and colours richer Primer Potion, although might seem a bit dear is a great value for money. Only a tiny amount is needed, moreover, the handy packaging makes it easy to use up the product till the last drop as it is just enough to cut through the tube and get the rest of the primer out - one word to describe it : RELIABLE All in all, not only does this primer change the whole eye make up look, it makes you want to play with all the shadows in your stash!!!
This tube is my first eye primer i have ever bought and it is my go to as well compared to the other ones i have in my collection. It's compact and cute so you can take it anywhere you go and this product is really bang for your buck as it has lasted me for years and a little goes a long way!
Despite so many glowing reviews for this product, I just couldn't get it to work for me. Sure it made my eye shadows last longer & more vibrant, but it made my eyelid area look so dry and crapey, that it really aged me! I tried it several times hoping that I was just doing something wrong, but each time it made my eyes look dehydrated and old... not the look I was going for.
This primer is absolutely perfect and is definitely worth the money! It will make any eye shadow last the entire day. It will even make cheap eye shadows last for the whole day. When you use this primer there will be absolutely no creasing at all, and only minimal fading.
One of the best primers for your eyelids ! I absolutely love using this product when i am attending a special occassion or making a Makeup video. The texture wise is soft and smoothe which makes it easier to work with. It helps my eyeshadows last long & prevent them from smudging all over my eyelids. I feel happy that i have purchased this product, because after using it i feel like my eyeshadows don't slip and slide all over my eyelids or smudge. It keeps my eyeshadows in place as well as acting as a base for the eyelids. Pros: Texture wise is smoothe and soft Easy to work with Helps prep eyelids for eyeshadows Helps eyeshadows last longer on eyelids Perfect for everyday use, night outs or even special ocassions Using a dime size would be enough for both eyelids Enhances the colours of eyeshadows, makes them appear more vibrant No particular scent/smell to it Prevents eyeshadows from smudging all over my eyelids Recommended for: Both emales and males Those who are into makeup makeup gurus and makeup artists Anyone who are into Urban Decay products
My eyelids are oily which makes my eye makeup slip and slide around, growing patchy and melting away within an hour or so post application. This is a no no because I want my eye makeup to stay in place after spending a good few minutes blending eye shadows to pretty up my eye area. Which is why when I tried the UD primer potion for the first time a few years ago, I was a convert and have since gone through several tubes.  The primer potion comes in a silverish/lavender metallic squeeze tube. The primer is a thick, beige coloured paste that I dot a tiny amount of around my eye area with the pointy applicator tip. I blend it in with my fingers and it dries invisibly for a natural appearance. I follow it quickly by brushing on loose powder to set the primer before the primer dries. I find the primer coagulates if I don't set it quickly, making it hard to blend on eye shadow well. So its important to work quickly to set the primer with loose powder first. Once the primer is set with loose powder, eye shadows blend in easily and I find the shadow colours look more vibrant and pigmented over primer than without primer. Most importantly, the eye shadows stay in place for up to 12 hours over primer and this helps me focus on more important things throughout the day than worry about my eye makeup. The eye primer works just as well with UD eye shadows as it does with other brands so theres no need to exclusively use UD eye shafows with this primer which is fantastic.  I don't know how the primer potion compares with other eye primers out there as I've never tried any other brand of eye primers. When something works well for me, I'm not going to bother to take the risk of trying out other products. A tiny bit of the primer potion is all you need for each application and I find it goes a long way. While its pricey, a tube of primer potion lasts me over an year so I think its well worth the price.  Pro  Extends life of eye shadow  Makes eye shadow pigmented/vibrant  Dries invisibly for natural appearance Little bit goes a long way, a tube lasts over an year  Con  Coagulates making eye shadow hard to blend so you have to work quickly to set primer with loose powder first      
This product is a must have staple for me as a makeup artist, I'd recommend it to anyone
I  am one of those people who has to use an eyeshadow primer, I  have a lot of reddness and naturally darker eyelids. I  brought this primer in the sample size which lasted a good five months and I wear alot of make up.  This primer is a light colour that asborbs well, it wont cover anything but after setting with a powder it will give you a great even base to work on. I have tried it without a very light dusting of setting powder but found it works better with.  My shadows went on well, blended out really nicely, glitters and pigments not so much. But works well with mattes and shimmers. My shadows lasted all day and didnt look muddy at the end of the day. However I found that the primer could be a  little difficult when using some shadows - just need to blend a lot more. The packaging is great, UD always slays it, the sample size was a squeezy tube and easy to disperse. The regular size has a doe foot applicator which isn't my favorite but fine if you'll use it every day.  I  will probably repurchase but I'd like to try out all the different versions that UD first.
Love this primer. It primes my eyelids for eyeshadow and makes them more vibrant. It's also great for preventing creasing.