VOYA Waves of Wellbeing | Oh So Scented Gift Set

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VOYA Waves of Wellbeing | Oh So Scented Gift Set is a gift set that envelops you with opulent and beautiful scents at home. Transport your mind to a state of wellbeing in your personal oasis with a selection of fragrant pleasures. Become acquainted with 3 unique VOYA fragrances; a beautifully smooth Coconut & Jasmine Luxury Room Spray, a forest and floral-inspired Bergamot and Cedarwood Natural Candle and a sumptuous and relaxing Lavender and Camomile Pillow Spray. This container is made from tin-plated steel so it can be used again and again.


VOYA Waves of Wellbeing | Oh So Scented Gift Set


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Very relaxing products

This set has all my favourites including the room spray and pillow spray. I first discovered VOYA and the beautiful room spray in this set at a Spa evening and haven’t been able to get enough of it since. Will definitely continue purchasing this in the future. This scent reminds me of being on holiday and I love that it is natural and not artificial. I always buy pillow spray as I stay in different places and I've finally found my forever pillow spray. It's small enough for traveling which I love and one spray and I slept soundly. I would highly recommend the pillow spray to all who travel a lot and also for at home too.