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weDo Light & Soft Conditioner is a lightly moisturising conditioner that is ideal for fine hair. It instantly detangles hair, leaving it soft to touch. It features a minimalist formula born in professional hair care labs, 95% natural-origin ingredients and naturally activated bamboo leaf water. Vegan Society & Cruelty Free International approved. Dermatologically tested. Free from silicones and artificial dyes. It also delivers professional performance and is coloured-hair friendly.

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weDo Light & Soft Conditioner


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Surprisingly amazing!

Absolutely blown away with this brand and combination of this conditioner with the shampoo bar. I have never really thought that these "natural" brands could deliver the results my usual products do but I've been proven wrong. For the purpose of reviewing this, my hair is long, fine (though there is lots of hair on my head, its not thick hair just tonnes of fine hair strands) has blonde highlights (half grown out) and is naturally wavy. I usually straighten it due to flyaway etc. To say I was sceptical about this conditioner working wonders would be true. I didn't think it would work particularly well. It has a pleasant orangey-floral odour which is not overpowering. I imagine it would be suitable for sensitive skin/scalps. It is fairly thick and is a good follow up to the relative rough lather the shampoo bar provides. It doesn't feel heavy while in the hair and rinses out easily. It doesn't feel like it weighs the hair down after rinsing and my hair felt smooth and light. Once my hair was dry (I also used the day cream/leave in moisturiser) for the first time in years I liked the way it looked naturally! Without needing to blow dry or straighten it. My waves were defined without being too puffy or messy looking and there were minimal flyaways. I am very happy with these products and am likely to buy them again if they keep delivering the same results.
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Great for thin hair

I have thin hair and suffer from breakage and split ends. I am a strong advocate of environment friendly products and thus I love the recyclable tube. The texture is really smooth leaving me hair nice and smooth. weDo has really come up with this great haircare range which is amazing, cruelty free, environment friendly and vegan. I am a fan of fragrant products and I love the perfume of this all weDo products. I am sure to use it regularly and will definitely buy again. Would definitely love to recommend to friends and family.
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hit and a miss

This weDO light and soft conditioner is a hit and a miss. Unfortunately it didn’t work well with the weDO shampoo bar. My hair was extremely dry after using them together, I’m not to sure how that works or such but was definitely a miss however when I used the conditioner with my another shampoo, it was absolutely beautiful! The conditioner did exactly what it promises to do, which is leaving your hair de tangled free and soft to touch. I really like using this conditioner on its own, not paired with the matching shampoo bar. I’m not sure if this would happen with other people but unfortunately it did for me. But other then that, I’d still recommend this conditioner.
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Best conditioner I’ve ever tried!

I have been using the weDo Light & Soft Conditioner in conjunction with other weDo products and after a bit of trial and error I can say I absolutely LOVE this conditioner! I have thick, wavy hair and when I first started using the conditioner it was weighing my hair down and I was losing definition. I then tried using less and less each time I washed my hair and am now using barely a 10c piece worth and I have been loving the moisture and how healthy my hair feels. It combs through my hair so easily, takes a little longer to rinse out then some conditioners I have used in the past but the final product is soft, healthy looking hair without being weighed down. The scent is initially a little bit strong but once you get used to it it is quite pleasant and long lasting. I would not expect this kind of result from a natural, vegan and environmentally friendly product but I am glad to say I have been happily surprised!
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Not a fan

Does not work for my hair, I used this together with the shampoo bar and found my hair to be really dry. After using the shampoo bar I had to use a large amount of conditioner to get the ends of my hair decently moisturised, but the next day I still find my hair tangled and dry. This is probably more an issue when I use it together with this particular shampoo bar as it seems to dry my hair out quite significantly, but my regular hair conditioner seems to salvage it slightly better than this does. Would probably recommend this to people who don't have as much of an issue with dry/tangled hair.
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Great for fine hair

This product is nourishing but still lightweight for my fine and colour treated hair that's in recovery from some iso-diy-hair predicaments. I'm super happy that the range is vegan and cruelty free as well, and even happier that they didn't use this as an excuse to cram the product with unnecessary fragrances which I normally react to! This product rinses out really easily and doesn't cling to my hair like other clean/vegan/natural haircare products have done in the past so I'm pleased with the result.
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Good for fine hair.

I enjoyed this product! However, I feel as though this product would be better for people with finer hair. For myself, with very thick hair, it made my hair very soft, but after my shower, my hair was extremely frizzy, so I think my hair might need a bit more hydration. However, I did pair it with the hair oil and that worked great. But is quite expensive for one conditioner. I would definitely recommend this product to others, but personally would probably not repurchase just as I need that bit more hydration.
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Soft lightweight hair!

This is a beautiful, light conditioner. I love the idea of recycled packaging. I absolutely love the weDO smell, I can’t get enough of it! It not too strong of a scent as I’m sensitive to fragrance. I have very long fine, oily hair with bleached ends and a sensitive scalp. First time using it, I found my hair was not as silky smooth as I usually have after washing it. I struggled to get my fingers throughout the ends for my hair and was worried how it didn't feel soft or hydrated. After the second wash I realised I really needed to leave it in my hair longer, no less then 5 mins. No problems since doing this! I normally use a very large amount of conditioner and while I am using some what less product now. I really enjoy the product for my hair less nots and my hair so soft now, feeling like it did before the bleaching! The conditioner is definitely on the pricey side but I will be repurchasing
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Delivers on light and soft

This really delivers on its promise of "light and soft". I found that the conditioner did a great job of detangling and made my hair feel nice and soft. The product itself felt light, unlike some conditioners which are really thick, heavy or almost oily. I only had to use quite a small amount to work through and detangle my whole hair. The smell was really nice. The only downside was after I got out, I found my hair was a bit tangled again and had to brush it out, so the detangling didn't last as well as some heavier conditioners. Overall though, I really liked it and will keep using. Bonus that the packaging is made from recycled plastic.
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Lightweight and well priced

I'm pretty loyal to my hair care products, so am always a bit nervous when trying out new products. I didn't have to worry at all with this product/range! I have blonde (salon coloured) hair so it was a big plus for me to see that it was coloured-hair friendly. The scent from the weDO range is beautiful, and this product is reasonably priced. This conditioner didn't leave my hair feeling weighted or dull. It was easy to apply - however I would note that it does squirt out of the bottle quite rapidly (maybe this was just my bottle). My hair was soft, shiny, and smooth afterwards, and was a dream to style. This will definitely be a conditioner I repurchase in place of my salon conditioner.
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Feels and smells amazing!

Absolutely amazing! This product was beautiful! Really happy with every aspect of the product. Love the whole range! Love this product, the concept, the smell, the quality the feeling! It’s a great product, would definitely buy and recommend. I used this on myself and my two kids and it was great on my little boys hair, as well as my daughter long lock. So glad I was able to try this product. For something that is so simple, so natural and down to earth it was great! So happy to be using a beautiful natural range on my kids, will definitely use this again!
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A conditioner that goes a long way

I am the type of girl that lathers her hair in a ton of conditioner, at least twice the amount of shampoo. So when I began using the weDo Light & Soft Conditioner and read the instructions on the back stating “You don’t need to use much!”, it was an ‘okay well let’s see what good you can do then’ moment. Never have I ever been so surprised in how far that small amount could go for my long and dry hair. Even in the shower with drenched hair, instantly I could see my hair turn shiny and detangled. Once dried, soft and healthy. Not only do I love the product it self, but I love the fact that the ingredients are 95% natural origin, coloured hair friendly, vegan and cruelty free. Best of all, even though the weDo Light & Soft Conditioner comes in a plastic tube, the tube is 50% recycled and the company also donates 1% of their sales to plastic collection organisations. A product that not only makes your hair feel good but provides you with the satisfaction that you’re doing that little bit for the environment.
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Love, Love, LOVE!

LOVE! I have quite thick, curly hair and this was a dream! I love the thin consistency which i can honestly say, i have not come across before. It felt luxurious on my hair as i massaged it in. I left the conditioner in for about 10 minutes and then proceeded to brush through my hair. Normally brushing conditioner through is a 10-20 minute job to detangle the curls. My brush went through my hair like a warm knife through butter. My hair was tangle free. Honestly, AMAZING! My hair is so soft! It has a very light scent which i can’t pick what it is, but it is only very light. 100% recommend! 5/5
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Light weight conditioner is amazing

Looooooove this product. For the last month I've been using this weDo Light & Soft Conditioner in conjunction with the weDO shampoo bar, hair oil and the weDO day cream. The smell of this product and product range is unrivalled. This conditioner really is light weight, spreads easily while applying to hair. I will definitely be buying more and regularly adding into my hair care routine. I find that because I have curly 3c hair I need a lot of added moisture from products. This conditioner isn't specifically for curly hair but I am pleasantly surprised by how well it delivers extra hydration.
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The one

Having fine hair it’s difficult to find a conditioner that is truly lightweight, detangles and gives lasting softness and shine. weDo has answered my prayers and delivered me the best conditioner I’ve tried in a very long time. It’s my new favourite. It lives up to its claims and detangles upon application, rinses out beautifully and leaves my hair smelling incredible, feeling soft and silky. Styling is so much easier with manageable hair and I have a nice shine that I didn’t get before! Much like the shampoo bar a little goes a long way, I don’t find myself going back for more or conditioning multiple times. It’s such a great, effective product and I will be repurchasing in the future.
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Nice conditioner..

This was my first time trying the wedo range, and given everything the brand represents, I was really keen to try the products and hopefully love them. The packaging is basic but gets the job done. The conditioner smells nice, and isn’t overwhelming. It’s easy to apply, and washes out without leaving any unwanted residue. And my hair does feel nice and soft after use. The only downside for me is that I think the conditioner is a little over priced, and a slightly lower price would make this accessible to more people.
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The salon experience at home

The smell of this product is amazing - getting me through this lockdown and no salon visits! I really enjoyed using this product in conjunction with the shampoo bar. They compliment each other and found that a small amount of the conditioner goes a long way - I was easily able to run my wide tooth comb through my hair with very little effort. My hair dried down shiny and like all life had been restored to my dry and lacklustre ends. I would genuinely recommend this to people with all hair types
Incentivized Review

Lightweight conditioner of my dreams!

A brand and product I will definitely be loyal to! This conditioner is fantastic. It truly is light weight, instantly detangles and leaves my hair feeling so soft and silky smooth. The scent is to die for and it lasts in your hair too. I can still smell the amazing scent a few days after I wash!What I love most about this brand, is that it is vegan friendly, cruelty free, made from mostly natural ingredients and comes in a 100% recyclable bottle. If you’re looking to become a more ethically conscious consumer … this is the brand for you!
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Magically gives hair life and silkiness

This is seriously amazing and I have never used such a light, chemically safe and effective conditioner. I am usually using such large amounts of conditioner to get rid of knots and tame my hair because it’s really long and I find conditioners require so much product to do the job. When I first used this I decided to have faith in it and use just a small amount and surprisingly, my hair was detangled with such minimal effort, it was honestly a miracle. I leave this in for 5 minutes because it’s so hydrating and nourishing for your hair. It leaves it feeling so silky and amazing, and smelling absolutely heavenly. I love how this whole line of products really compliment each other, especially the shampoo bar and this conditioner which are pretty much the ultimate dream team. Your hair will look so healthy after using this so if you have fine hair that looks strangled and dead, this conditioner will give it life again, it’s definitely an investment.
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soft bright hair

I used this conditioner along with soap bar. My hair are very fine, so they are very difficult to detangle and become frizzy.. After using this we do light and soft conditioner i found that hairs become so soft and voluminous.. They got easily detangled. I am very happy after using this product. Initially Due to frizzy nature, my hair got break. Now it got reduced. Moreover it is vegan friendly... made from natural products.. Packaging is good Easy to carry Highly recommended Must give a try.. Hairs become soft and silky Easy to detangle Love this product