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Weleda Skin Food is a nourishing and hydrating body cream that restores and protects skin. It is formulated with 100 per cent natural ingredients, including sweet orange and almond oils as well as organic chamomile extract, calendula, wild pansy, sunflower and lanolin. Use on rough, dry skin anywhere on the body. The cream is NATRUE certified natural and free from synthetic ingredients.  


Weleda Skin Food


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Very occlusive, only for dry to very dry skin

This product has been around for a very long time and has stood up to the test of time for being a reliable product for very dry skin. The formula is based on plant oils and extracts as well as lanolin and beeswax. It can be used on the face and body. The product comes in a green tube and it's easy to dispense and control the amount you want to use. The cream is white and thick, and has a pleasant botanical scent. It is a bit heavy and waxy, so it's too much for the combination skin on my face. However, it's great for dry and rough patches like elbows or heels. It forms a protective layer and protects skin from drying out. Those with dry skin will get more use out of this if it can be used on both the face and body. For people like me, it is quite expensive and a bit wasteful to be used just on the body.
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Naturally Nourishing

I had used Weleda's natural skincare before, for my sensitive skin, and was very excited to try this skin food cream. It is thick, and a bit herbally smelling. I really loved the way that, even though it felt thick and heavy when I squeezed it out of the tube, it felt like it absorbed quickly and seemed to have an immediate effect. It does take a few moments to sink in completely, but that only seemed an issue when using this on my feet, as I couldn't walk around barefoot straight away after use. I was very impressed that after a few days of use on my elbows, knees, and heels, all those areas of skin were looking and feeling more supple and hydrated. I noticed the skin was less dry, and it seemed to retain that moisture better.
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Perfect cream for this Sydney weather!

I was lucky enough to receive the Weleda Skin Food body cream as part of the BEAUTY/crew VIP Box. I have oily skin, so I don’t typically use products for very dry skin, and I’ve never used any of Weleda’s products before. However, in the current Sydney weather with the near-constant high humidity and fluctuating temperatures I’ve been having real issues with dry and cracking skin (particularly on my hands, elbows and knees), so I was really keen to try the Weleda Skin Food. This cream is definitely thick and super hydrating, and those with dry skin will for sure love this product! For me, this won’t be a staple in my weekly skin care routine but will be my number one go to when I’m having dehydrated skin issues.
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This one is a staple.

As far as I am concerned, the Weleda Skin Food is a product that you need to have on hand for those dry/rough patches that pop up from time to time. I constantly have dry elbows, and I had a dry patch on my ankle that I hadn't been able to shift and this one did the trick! I used it daily and it only took a few days to notice a huge difference on my dry patches. The Weleda Skin Food Cream is a really high quality product and is extremely rich and nourishing. It is thick and creamy, and when I applied it to my skin it absorbed well without any tackiness. It has a lovely fragrance which is quite strong, so I kept this one to the body and didn't apply it to my face. The packaging states that it is Certified Natural Skin Care which is fabulous, as I love Natural products.

Ultimate cult product

This is the ultimate cult product that you need in your life. Certified natural skincare, the skin food is formulated with 100% natural ingredients including sweet orange and almond oils. You can pretty much use this on your entire body where you experience dry and rough skin. I love to use this on my legs in particular or hands where I expierence dry and itchy skin. It is a thicker consistiency which is greta for nourishing dry skin and relieving itchiness. This is a greta product to pop into your handbag to have when in need. Given the formula is thick, this will be a good product as we move into the cooler months and my skin becomes dry.
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Wonderful hydrating product

I have been using the Weleda skin food on my dry skin around my nose at nighttime over the past few weeks and it has made such a noticeable difference. The immediate hydration is so incredible and long lasting. I have since also used as a base moisturiser before applying makeup in the mornings before work. This makes my skin feel hydrated all day, even when sitting in an air-conditioned office. Couldn't recommend this product more for any dry spots, or an intense overall. hydration. Great price point, and will definitely be stocking up again soon.

Truly a great thick nourishing product!

Love weleda and all they come out with. This is a super thick, nourishing and hydrating cream that will revive the dryest of skin!!! I always have one on hand and find it great for my hands/cuticles, extra dry elbows/knees or ankles and even my face as a final step at night. I love the green packaging and squeezie bottle, as it is so thick you have great control of how much you use at a time. I have used this prior to receiving it as part of a VIP box and even have multiple to keep at my work desk and my hand bag. This is the first think I reach for if someone asks for something hydrating and nourishing. It's my one stop shop for all the goodness!!
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Thick natural moisturiser

Weleda skin food is an amazing moisturiser with certified natural ingredients. It comes in a smallish tube, but the product lasts and a little bit of product goes a long way! It has a light citrusy scent that doesn’t overpower. I have used Skin food light in the past, and this was quite a different experience. Skin food light is like a body butter, whereas the original skin food is very thick. It has lanolin in it so is incredibly moisturising, but it has that typical lanolin thickness, where you have to work the product in for it to absorb. It is probably too thick for everyday use for myself, but perfect for extreme dryness, like hands and feet, or even as more of a barrier cream, like a nappy cream or on a minor burn (I would obviously check the ingredients first!) Overall I enjoyed trialling it, but would prefer the Skin Food light in the future.
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Fragrantly Fabulous

Firstly, the Weleda Skin Food smells fantastic, I literally cannot stop smelling it. Secondly it is deeply nourishing and protective. The product has the consistency of an ointment similar to that of a paw paw ointment but does not feel sticky or icky. My only issue with the product is that I have naturally very oily skin, so I wanted to use it everywhere but was limited to dryer areas like knees, elbows and feet. It did work very well on my tired old feet. They felt much softer and revitalised after I used the Skin Food. My over all experience with the Weleda Skin Food was great, it would have been better had my skin been more suitable but I enjoyed it none the less.
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It really is food for the skin!

I have used this product for years and it never fails to impress! It really is food for the skin - it absorbs easily into the skin, as if your skin literally drinks it up! It's super thick consistency works wonders to nourish the skin! Weleda's Skin Food can be used anywhere on the body, and this is possible due to it's formula of ingredients being 100% natural- amazing! I love using Weleda's Skin Food on my super dry hands, cuticles, feet, and especially on my sons face in winter when his cheeks get raw and red from the cold wind. It has a beautiful scent, that is not overpowering in any way. I have recommended this product to not only family and friends, but also to my customers when I was a supervisor in a department store - and I will continue to do so, this should be a staple in everyone's skincare cupboard!
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Affordable and effective

An absolute gem. Every now and then my skin feels dehydrated and in need of some extra hydration and something rich and nourishing. I loved using this for those kind of days. It’s rich which is perfect for night time use when the skin is renewing. It smells nice too which is a bonus. I also get dry legs every now and again and this was very relieving and didn’t irritate my skin. Super affordable and so glad I got to try it. Will definetly repurchase once I run out. I wonder if it comes in other varities, because I would totally give those a go after trying this.
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Great product

This product is an absolute staple, especially for dry and defrayed skin. The texture is beautiful and thick. It applies really well and doesn't feel greasy. The tube is small but a little goes a long way. It works well on its own you can also use it under makeup and as a primer. It gives you a beautiful base. The squeeze tube makes dispensing really easy. No over powering scent. I would definitely recommend this product. My skin loves it during winter. my skin feels hydrated and well nourished. I think its good for sensitive skin too

Hydrating and nourishing

I’ve been using the Weleda Skin Food for some time now and really like it. The cream is packaged in a deep apple green tube which contains 75ml of product. The white cream has a really lovely citrus scent. Skin Food has a thick, rich consistency almost lIke a balm so only a little is needed. It is recommended to use the nourishing and hydrating cream on dry skin anywhere on the face or body. I’ve used it as a lip balm every couple of days to keep my lips soft and supple, and I’ve used it as a face moisturiser on days when I wasn’t wearing foundation. The cream soaks in quite well but there is usually a bit of a sticky feel to my skin for a while. The Skin Food works beautifully as a hand cream and cuticle conditioner, and on my dry heels, elbows and knees to keep them soft and nourished. With its 100% natural ingredients I think the Weleda Skin Food provides a good dose of hydration and nourishment to my skin and it’s a product I will continue to use.
Very rich barrier cream, great for super dry and cracked skin.  3 stars from me only because I have opposite skin: oily to normal, huge pores and plenty of hydration. Do love using this cream on my lips overnight and under eye area as mask. For this is great when I need some boost after overdoing with actives (acids, retinol  and B3). It is great in protecting skin while it heals back to normal self again. But would never use it all over my face and on a regular basis.ore like a "healing" balm.
Been using this for years. This is hands down one of the best mosturisers for dry skin. The consistency is really thick, it absorbs easily and glides over the skin nicely despite being so thick. I use this on my hands and it really saves them during winter. In summer this is great for cracked feet. I also use this on my face when I have dry patches and also if I'm cycling or exposed to wind.  The scent is really pleasant and subtle. The tube is sturdy and practical. I buy a couple at a time so I always have one at work and one at home. 
I really enjoy using this thick cream. It is more like an ointment. It comes in a tube. The cream is a multi tasker. can be used for so many things. Recently my face was really dry and my skin was flaking. At night I took some of the cream on my hands and rubbed it together to warm it. It is very thick and needs some warming up to help spread it on your face (otherwise it can be sticky). I applied it overnight and the next morning the ski on my face looked so much better. It was soft and the dry parched skin was healed. I love the herbal scent of this cream. the scent can be strong for some. I also apply it on my cuticles to keep them moisturised especially in winter. Really hydrating cream. I am a great fan of it. Use it all over my body. 
Just started using this all famous skinfood and now I can see what's all the hype about. Packed in beautiful green tube, this cream is thick and super rich. Melts and moisturizes like a dream - so suitable for dry skin and winter weather. The ultra rich creaminess also makes it such a perfect product to keep in bag for so many reasons - hand cream, lip balm, elbow grease, foot cream - whatever you'd like to use it as and can put it even on face if your skin type is dry (mine is oily but love putting it on bub's cheeks). In a emergency, you can even dab a little bit as natural glowy highlighter ;)  While being all natural, gentle and suitable for all skin types - this also isn't a very pricey product. It's bit too rich for me to use during summer time but the way I am just slathering it everywhere don't think it will last that long.
I recently decided to purchase a tube of Weleda Skin Food as I have heard so many amazing, wonderful things about it. I have the 30ml tube and this cream is seriously concentrated, so you really only need a small amount each time. The texture is in-between a balm and a cream, and is quite thick and comes out of the tube with a bit of effort. The winter weather has really made my hands rough, dry, itchy and flaky. I have tried quite a few creams but haven't found anything quite as rich and nourishing as this one. The texture of this cream does mean it can take a while for it to fully get absorbed. It can also leave a greasy, slightly sticky feeling on your skin at first, but it's also very nourishing and moisturising. I have found that this product works to soften and smooth skin immediately. I do like that it contains mainly natural ingredients and although I wouldn't use many lanolin based creams, this one has helped repair my skin, so I can see why it's a best seller! My favourite thing about Skin Food is the amazing citrus, herbal scent which helps me sleep at night too. I will definitely be purchasing a larger sized tube next time so I can use this cream all over to treat my dry, irritated skin.  I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a multi-purpose product to treat and repair their dry/very dry skin.
Ever since I switched to natural/organic beauty, I've tried out a bunch of products. This is one of my favourite moisturisers! It is ultra moisturising, perfect for dry skin. It is also ultra thick- the consistency is like a lanolin cream I used to use. It doesn't spread easily, so I like to warm it up in my hands before pressing into my skin. It's a little sticky at first, but it's not a big deal. It leaves my skin looking really glowy after I use it too! The packaging is handy- a squeeze tube and you can take it on the go. I love the scent- it's not too heavy and is a beautiful blend of essential oils. If you have dry skin and want a pretty potent moisturiser, I highly recommend this!
Face Skin Type: Oily, Sensitive, Redness Body Skin Type: Dry, Keratosis Pilaris   I first used Weleda products when I was living in Germany in 2008 and then returned home and promptly forgot about them. Skip forward to 2014 when I was suffering from severe winter dryness all over my body and needed HELP. I picked this up in a health food store, remembering how much I loved the Weleda range and started slathering it everywhere with exactly the results you would hope for. Soothed, plumped and hydrated skin.  At the time I had serious breakouts (ACNE!) all over my face and had started using La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, which for me is the only acne product you ever need, but it dried my skin out after a couple of months of consistent use. I started using skin food over the top of the Effaclar and holy moly, that duo took my skin from sore, irritated, inflamed to clear, hydrated and toned in about a month. I had so many compliments on the results and have recommended the pair of products to a number of people who have all had the same results. I LOVE this product. It has an eternal place in my skincare collection. Things I love: - Scent - Rich texture - Natural - Soothing - Price BUT I miss the old metal tubes and the almost unspreadable texture of the old formula. It was so satisfying!