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Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Structure+ Mask

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Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Structure+ Mask is an intensive restructuring mask for coloured hair. Formulated with WellaPlex bonding agent, it provides strengthened hair structure, shine and lasting manageability. PRO TIP: only use a small amount. Apply on sensitised areas only (lengths and ends).


Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Structure+ Mask


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Wella Motion Structure Mask

I don't usually use hair masks but I really, really should to repair my hair. I currently don't colour my hair, especially given COVID-19, I have less maintenance all the time now so I can't comment whether this product is keeping my colour longer. However, I can comment that it does make my hair hydrated and leaves it feeling really soft. My hair just feels really smooth. This product comes in a tub and it is super easy to get the amount of product that you want to use on your hair. The product also smells really nice and I can the fragrance.
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Smell amazing

I haven't dyed my hair for over 3 years so i cannot tell about the colour protection properties of this mask. However I really enjoyed using this because it smell amazing. After washing my hair, I scope out a small amount and apply it on the ends of the hair. It has a very thick consistency so a little goes a long way. It does not weight down the hair and leaves any residue after washing it off. My hair feels smooth and looks shiny after blowing dry. I can run my finger through my hair after waking up in the morning and there is no tangle ;)
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Best thing I've smelt in my life!

I think this Wella Professionals Color Motion Structure + Mask is the best thing I've ever smelt in my life! When I opened the product I could not stop sniffing it lol. Even after my hair is dry I find myself bringing some of my hair to my nose just so I can smell it again! The mask itself it very thick and is a cream colour. I use a 50 cent piece sized amount as I have very thick hair. I apply it to my mid-lengths and ends after shampooing and towel drying my hair to get a majority of the water out of it. I then leave the mask in my hair for 5 minutes and also comb it through. After 5 minutes I rinse it out and my hair feels super soft, silky and hydrated. My hair is easier to manage after using this mask as it is less frizzy and feels stronger. It also feels less course. I would definitely recommend this hair mask to anyone with colour treated hair and anyone who may have heat damaged hair as it really does work.
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Protects colour and adds shine

I absolutely loved this mask. I have very thick hair that I colour regularly and using this mask made my hair soft, silky, manageable and easy to style. It protects the colour pigment in my hair, making it last a lot longer between having to colour, a huge bonus for me. It’s quite simple to use, it comes in a handy tub and is a thick cream colour which smells beautiful, I simply scoop a small amount, apply to damp hair, leave for a few minutes and rinse clean. I find a little goes a long way, which means it’s great value, using too much or putting it on the roots will leave hair greasy. I would use this mask twice a week for excellent results. I love this mask to protect my colour and add shine and would highly recommend it
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Detangle repair reduce breakage- shiny silky hair

My hair: tailbone length, fine textured, thick and highlighted (silvery to nordic lights/bayalage). Therefore knots are a big problem, breakage, dry and fragile ends and overprocessed highlighted parts of hair. This mask immediately softened the crunchy and dry strands and ends. Instructions: use little of this product, only ends and lengths where needed. I usually use a handful of mask or conditioner for the amount of hair I have. As it just soaks the product up. With this mask, dessertspoon full. And That is for the hair that goes over the rear. I did use it over all lengths and over the head (to soften those top highlights). I used only plain shampoo to wash hair, then this mask for 5 minutes (combing trough in shower with wide tooth comb was first time so easy! Was never able to do this before). After rinsing I towel dry and air dry my hair. Hair is insanely soft, silky, shiny, healthy looking , ends soft. Brushing trough like a dream. This does a really great job at sealing those damaged strands. Scent I dislike. Nivea like-strong soapy scent. Lingers. But for the result-do not care. Wish it was better though. Less is more. Mask is lightweight on my fine hair strands, does not weigh it down. Also frizz is gone. And natural volume intact. Product washes out so easy and does not leave any film. Please Wella can you improve the scent?
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Smell nice

Repair and restore colour-treated hair with the Wella Professionals Color Motion Structure Mask with WellaPlex. Offering up to 8 weeks of extended colour protection, the hair mask helps to prevent fading and oxidisation. Designed to protect the hair from environmental aggressors, the mask works to encapsulate metals in order to reduce the oxidisation that can cause colour fading. This mask is reminding me of those conditioners/mask used by hairdressers as it smells very similar. You can apply it on damp hair and leave it for few minutes before rising off. What I can suggest its not to use a lot of it and avoid applying on scalp/ roots and it will leave your hair greasy after it. I can say my hair are nice and soft in touch. I should add that mine hair are natural not color-treated hair.
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Wella Professionals Color Motion Structure + Mask

The Wella Professionals Color Motion Structure + Mask comes in a 150ml white tub when opened the lid the scent is a beautiful soft floral and the mask is thick and cream in colour. I like that it has instructions to use a small amount and to apply to lengths and ends and to leave in for 5 minutes I apply the size of a $0.20-$0.50 cent piece to my hair and it is naturally very thick. After rinsing my hair in the shower I found that my hair was really silky and smooth it had no knots in it when I brushed it and was very easy to style after styling my hair looked soft and smooth definitely improving the appearance and feel of my hair. I would recommend this mask to those wanting to keep the fresh look of their hair colour, to improve the structure of their hair and those that have damaged hair through colouring and chemical treatments.