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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Manifesto Elixir EDP

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Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto Elixir EDP is a feminine floral woody fragrance for women who say yes to style, beauty and mystery. The scent features top notes of a sour citrus blend of bergamot and mandarin; heart notes of Arabian sambac jasmine, heliotrope and tuberose absolute; and base notes of cashmere, vanilla and ambergris.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Manifesto Elixir EDP


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Best Winter Perfume

One of the best freshest perfume I would ever have.
I must admit I raced out searching for this mystical essence and I was not disappointed, I am great lover of Bergamot and this precious aroma comes through with a sweet mixture of vanilla. If you searching for a style,your personal scent, this is for you. It really does tick all the boxes and therefore ticks all the stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
The 3 letters YSL are synonymous with Parisian chic and elegance. For decades their fragrances have delivered quality, intoxicating, long-lasting scents and Laurent Beauté Manifesto Elixir is no exception. The divine Jasmine notes take your mind to a warm Middle Eastern night under the desert stars. This fragrance is intense and stirring; the bottle a decadent Arabian jewel. This is one of YSL’s greatest triumphs in recent years.
The perfume bottle looks elegant and gives off a sophisticated look. This feminine fragrance has an intense and passionate vibe. It has a musky, fresh and delicate scent, which lasts long. It is a product that would be perfect to use for a date night, in Winter. This elixir will for sure make a lady feel that she is desirous, warm, sexy and luxurious.
Stunning.sexy,sensual. I adore this scent which I received as a gift, it's spicy with musky tones,so exotic, it has a strong citrus element and I love the notes of bergamot and jasmine, really sexy, it has strong vanilla notes which I love as it's my favourite scent. This fragrance will last all day, though I feel it's especially special for night as it is quite spicy,woody and exotic. The packaging is gorgeous, a purple and gold dream. I love this and would recommend it for a special night time Occassion.
This perfume has a unique but alluring smell. The fragrance lasts all day and is quite refreshing. It actually smells like a high quality perfume, not cheap and nasty. I have also bought it for a family member who loved it! It was a perfume they would not have thought to buy themselves, but are very grateful that I purchased it for them as a gift!
They say don't judge a book by it's cover, but in this case you probably should! The intense sexiness of the bottle is a definite giveaway for what's within. I bought this beauty for my sister for her birthday, knowing she loves a scent that's mysterious and bold. She loved it! As with all perfumes it's best to spray and then give it a moment or two to "settle". If you go in too quick on this one you'll probably find it very overwhelming.  So who's it best for? If you're into light, girly fragrances, this is not for you. It's bold and has depth, and if you're drawn to woody fragrances, give this one a go. The design of the bottle makes it a great gift, and it will look lovely on your dresser amongst your other favourite perfumes.
I first came into contact with this scent while strolling through duty free at the airport, waiting for a flight. The gorgeous packaging drew my eye; it reminded me of an opulent purple ball gown embroidered with gold stitches, elegant and sophisticated. The beautiful royal purple made it stand out next to the other similarly packaged YSL Manifesto perfumes. As for the scent, I can't say it was love at first sight (smell). The initial fragrance is very intense, bordering on overbearing, but thankfully it settles into a nicer musky sweetness - a little bit spicy, a little bit sweet. I like it because the woodiness and spiciness isn't overwhelming, and there's an aromatic vanilla scent that is more dominant. I would describe the fragrance as a lightly spiced vanilla latte, filled with the velvety rich aroma of freshly ground vanilla beans. It has a very warming and creamy feel, which is nice. Personally, I think that this perfume isn't for everyday wear, but rather for days/nights out when you need a dash of sophistication and feminine allure. I like to wear it in Winter, because its warming scent is perfect for Wintry nights, and I like the way the cold air softens the fragrance and brings out subtle tones you wouldn't otherwise pick up. I rarely wear this perfume in Summer, because thick air humidity makes the fragrance borderline suffocating for the first 15 minutes or so, and even when it settles, I find it a little sickly sweet and too rich. Due to the intensity of the perfume, I usually spray it a ruler's length away to avoid being a walking bath bomb. Two sprays, left and right around my neck area, is all it takes. I prefer hair down, scarf off - the scent catches in my hair and on my shirt, making it last longer, but if the bulk of it goes on my scarf, it'll stay there for the whole week. The longevity of this thing is simply amazing, especially for an eau de parfum. I expected it to last 3 hours tops like my other EDPs, but it surprises me time and again! Once I wore it out to a daytime event, and when I hit the gym 8-9 hours later that day, I was surprised by the mysterious scent of vanilla that I could smell every time I turned my head. It took me a while to realise it was the lingering fragrance of L'Elixir that had resurfaced when I started working out. This perfume makes me feel elegant and feminine. It's not your everyday fresh, light, fruity, girly, flirty scent, but rather a deeper, more mature fragrance that feels classy and edgy. It may not be for everyone, so I would strongly recommend trying this perfume before purchasing it. But if you like intense scents that speak of old-world charm, and rich fragrances with strong tones of creamy vanilla, this may become a new favourite for your collection.
This fragrance simply oozes sophisication and grandeur. I love using this product as it makes me feel confident and sexy. I know that this may sound too over the top, but this fragrance does what over fragrances attempt to do and give back a women her confidence.