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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Mascara Vinyl Couture

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Mascara Vinyl Couture is an intense, super shiny mascara that gives lashes length, volume, curl and a deeply saturated colour. The liquid lash colour helps frame eyes with a high sheen and statement look.

Available in nine shades.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Mascara Vinyl Couture


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I was fascinated by the beautiful packaging and decided to give this mascara a go. (It is definitely a plus to be able to showcase make-up items in the bathroom, just because they are so pretty). I used the mascara in black and was disappointed. I usually apply two coats of mascara, that wasn't necessary with this product, because the first layer just wouldn't dry. That meant that I was trying not to blink before the mascara was dry, otherwise it would be all over me eyelids. It also didn't last a full working day. Usually around lunch time, I noticed flaking and had to use cotton pads to remove the product that had fallen under my eyes. One positive thing - it was really easy to remove with eye makeup remover. I didn't enjoy this mascara and would not purchase it again.
I’ve tried every mascara there is but none of them really worked until I found this precious product. This mascara has got to be the best out there! Makes my lashes so long, luscious, heavy, sexy, seductive for max attraction/destruction. Got value for my money and am always paid with compliments for curly lashes!
As any beauty lover knows,beauty 'aint cheap.You want luxury gorgeous?,you will pay a bit more.But when Yves Saint Laurent brings out a mascara like this,you know you must have it. This is luxe defined....everything from the insanely beautiful tube,to the sexy,lush product,screams beautiful.I will admit,i wanted this for the colours available (i never have gotten over the 80's with it's blue mascara),so i treated myself to the No.5 (blue) and No.7 (purple) and neither disappointed.Long,lush,thick lashes in one coat,with gorgeous (not gaudy) colour that lasted the day without smudging or wearing.It states a "vinyl" finish...well,not really "vinyl" looking,but definitely a sheen going on.I loved the fact that with the mascara colour,i didn't need an eyeliner....enough colour came from this for daytime. It goes on smoothly and really looks just like a beautiful mascara--nothing too shiny or bold, just long, thick, full lashes that last until I take it off. So now I have to try the green and the hazel (birthday perhaps? )TIP:Want to embrace the coloured mascara look but are a little worried about looking like an extra from "Pretty in pink" ? Try this:apply a black mascara first,then apply the colour over the top...Et Voila,the coloured effect,just a little more subdued.
Oh my lord! This mascara is everything! There's not one bad thing I can say about it (except maybe the price - but that doesn't matter, beauty is expensive)  The colour is great. The brand is great. The packaging is great. When it put it on, it looks great. Like honestly, it's so great, that when I have it on, I start singing Megan Trainors new song that goes "who's that sexy thing I see over there" Coz mmmm girl that's me "standing in the mirror". So if you ever feel down and just need to feel great, you just have to buy this product because trust me you will get your monay's worth.