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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Touche Éclat High Cover

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Touche Éclat High Cover is an illuminating, high-coverage, concealer pen with a natural finish. The concealer contains soft-focus fillers and light-generating pigments that reflect light and help to brighten the under-eye area. It also contains vitamin E to combat free radicals, caffeine to boost circulation, and Moroccan calendula extract to soothe.

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Touche Éclat High Cover


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So many people love the Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat for a good reason. This highlighter / concealer comes in a lightweight gold coloured metal pen with a click shut lid. To use the product you remove the lid and click on the base to dispense the highlighter / concealer. The first time you need to click quite a few times, once you are using it you only need to click twice to get a good amount of product. The product is smooth and thin so a little goes a long way, it is easy to blend it and lasts all day. The pigment really does brightens the area without having a thick layer of makeup. The main area I used this on is the dark areas under my eyes.
An amazing concealer. On the expensive side, but worth every cent in my opinion. Lovely coverage, hides under eye darkness and brightens without being too heavy. Sleek packaging which is travel friendly and easy to use. I find it works well with both a CC cream and foundation seamlessly, making it perfect for everyday use.
It's iconic for a reason. I love this so much I have a spare at all times. I use it most days as a concealer and I put a bit under my brow too because it has just enough glow without being GLOW. If I've had a particularly big night I might use it over a full coverage concealer because I have a tendency to get dark circles under my eyes but then I put this over the top and blend it out over the top of my cheek bones. It's a multi-tasking wonder stick and I'll use it until I die.
I originally bought this after watching a live from Adore Beauty on Instagram. I was instantly impressed with the results on the model and knew I needed to have this. After debating to myself about the price and staring at the product in my cart, I decided to buy. When I received this in the mail, I instantly tried it on. I found the product was quite thin and didnt really cover my under eyes very well. I gave it a few more tests (on different days) and I still dont think the product is worth the price tag. Yes, it covers well under the eyes but certainly not full coverage (compared to what I have tried). It does last long and does not wear off but that may be because of how this the formula is. It is very easy to blend and a little is all it is needed. One thing I can compliment is that there is no creasing under the eyes. If it werent for the price tag, id probably use this just to cover up the dullness under my eyes. But I think ill use this with other concealers when I wear full face/glam makeup
I have been using touche eclat forever adn thought there is no way it could be improved. I bought this after I gained a temporary scar on my face and needed better coverage.  Excellent cover and saved the day.  Now I use both for effective coverage under different circumstances.  Should be in everyone's make up kit.
The classic version of this has been a staple for me for years...and i swear by it's amazing abilities:it highlights,it conceals,it acts as a great eye makeup base AND it can be used anywhere.It is creamy on the skin,lasts for hours and gives me a "just had 8 hours sleep" even when that is as far from true as you can get,so when an even better version came out,i knew she must be mine. Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Touche Éclat High Cover is an illuminating, high-coverage, concealer pen with a natural finish that gives the same ëthereal glow the other gave...but with improved concealing ability (FYI,the original was never meant for use as a concealer,rather it was a highlighter before the gamut of others flooded the marketplace with some pretty cheap and tacky "seen from space" versions that Insta seems to love) and an ease of application that i adore.But what will sway you to try this baby ? Well,it is like the original,but actually HIDES imperfections (breakout before a big event ? this covers it like a dream AND deflects attention away from redness with it's light diffusing pigments),covers the dark circles under your eyes (i have chronic dark circles,reminiscent of Jon English, just not as "rock God" like,and this actually had family telling me that my eyes looked much less dark and tired) and the dark spots that we will ALL get at some point (that i already own).Add to that the fact that you still use this as the cupids bow defining glow getter you know and love,and you have a makeup "must have". Now to be really superficial,the presentation of this wand is to die for....the same glam gold pen,but with the added luxe of a single,gloss black strip down the front with gold lettering,it screams expensive,(and at $70,it IS),but with the wearability of about 6 hours during summer,(more i imagine in winter,which i have not used it in yet ) before you need to take another look,the amount of multi use purposes this can tackle AND the divine,silky texture make it worth it.Oh,and i must mention the shade availability. Before this came along,Touche Éclat came in a limited amount of shades that were easily found in retail land (you really had to hunt to get a hold of the full range),but this comes in so many shades(14 people) that you will surely find the one made for you (mine is shade 1.0,Porcelain...a beautiful,warmer toned blush / ivory that suits my fair,yet yellow based skin,but every skin from the palest of ivory to the deepest coffee is covered). Lastly is the ease of application....a few clicks of the pen (prime it with several clicks prior to first use),and the delicate brush is filled with just the right amount of creamy textured product to cover each and every area you want to both hide or accentuate.All in all,this is an offering from YSL that you must try if you loved the original version (even with that slightly eyewatering price tag). TIP:Still into the whole "contouring and highlighting" thing that every blogger / Insta using / "reality show only"  famous,makeup "pro" wannabe tries to inflict on you ? Then perhaps try the way a real pro would and give this a go.Use a shade lighter to make browbone / cupids bow / cheekbones come to the fore and look divine,then take a shade darker to chisel out those same cheekbones / recede a not-so-perfect jawline / slim your nose to perfection.You will have a gorgeous,subtle look that has the same idea behind it,just a lot more polished.
Yes YSL Touche Eclat is the bomb. Luxe packaging, coverage, fragrance and (gulp) price tag. But really that golden pen is a work of art. In fact, I knew a (male) makeup artist that used to wear it around his neck as a necklace. Absolute truth. I used to be never without this super concealer, for it's skin loving ingredients and outstanding highlighting ability. But sigh, finances, what can you do. I switched to a cheaper brand and have missed it ever since. Worth the price.
I really appreciate the opportunity to review YSL Touche eclat pen. It arrived a little late which isnt Beauty Crew's fault, but it was well worth it! Beautiful packaging and after 25 clicks to start the product I was rewarded with a blendable, non greasy fluid that glided onto my skin. Further applications only required 1 to 2 clicks for an effortless look. I think I selected a shade to dark for my skin so I used this for contouring purposes and it just feels so beautiful on my skin. It feels moisturising and luxurious  and blends with everything beautifully. Thank you once again Beauty Crew!!
I Really enjoyed using this product in the recent trial, being a big concealer fan myself I was surprised at how easy the pen was to use. I applied it in the morning and whilst it was still on towards the end of the day I really noticed that it sat around the creases and wrinkles around my eye. It did a great job at covering my dark circles, but was slightly disappointed at the end result at the end of my working day. This product is probably a better night time wearing concealer for shorter periods whilst still offering great results and coverage.
Oh hello magic pen! Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Touche Éclat High Cover is my new favourite under eye concealer. After years of trialling so many different products snd creams i was very impressed  with the instant results from this high cover product. Packaging is beautiful and compact to take anywhere. On the first brush it felt smooth and was highly pigmented so you could see results very quickly.  My favourite part a bout this product is how nstural it looks on. The concealer pigments really do reflect light and help brighten the under-eye area. Overall a great little find that I'll continue to use daily in my makeup routine. Perfect for day or night wear. Even though this product is a little expensive it makes my under eye area look so much better and you can't put a price on that. Definitely worth the $$.
Much like its highlighter equivalent, the packaging of this product is simply divine! It's professional, luxurious and compact. Big tick of approval there. I also loved the finish this concealer gave. But this is where it stops for me. If you're a makeup wearer looking for a heavy concealer, this product is definitely not for you. However if you're looking for a cosmetic product that provides light coverage, it'll do. For the exxy price point, I won't buy it again, but I would recommend it to someone who doesn't have a small budget for these types of products. 
First off I found this product very easy to use.  Especially as I am a concealer novice. Applicator was easy and think it's a good idea as u can control the product.  The product also was nice on the skin.  Unfortunately I found that this seemed to emphasise my fines lines after a while of wearing buy it did cover my slightly dark areas under my eyes.  Think the price is a bit much for it is and I don't think I would repurchase for that reason.
This concealer has a lovely lightweight texture and application. I ended up dispensing too much on my first use, but as a result, found that this concealer doubles fantastically as an idealfoundation- great, long lasting coverage without being sticky or heavy. I built up the product on areas I needed greater coverage, such as dark circles under eyes, and a few spots. It did a good job as a spot concealer, and lasted well under the eyes without caking or accentuating the fine lines there. Overall this is a fantastic, and surprisingly versatile product!
I was lucky enough to be selected to try the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Touche Éclat High Cover.The concealer is easy to apply ( I used a beauty blender) and covers dark circles well without any creasing or looking like its caked on. I found that I had to click the pen quite a lot before any product actually came out which was a little annoying, however once it was clicked down it was easy to use. I would recommend this concealer to anyone who wants a easy to use product that does what it says it does.
I love that this formula is fragrance free meaning I can use it around my eyes with no issue at all. I do however have some dry patches just under my eye and if I add too much of this concealer by mistake, it can look a bit cakey and the dry patches are more noticeable. It’s definitely high cover (good) but can settle into my giant cheek pores (not so good). I tend to use this to cover blemishes and it’s ace for that
i was excited about this product, firstly I love the look of the product, very slick and posh. was a bit annoying to get going, all that clicking but runs wells now with only a couple of clicks. it blends really well, colour match well and I don't seem to get residue from mascara like I do from other products. however at $70 a pop, its a high end buy for me and not a sustainable one. But thank you for letting me try it and review it
I was always aware of the Touche Eclat reputation as being a cult product so was super excited to try this new higher coverage version. At first, I though it was a tad bit too light, but I was pleasantly surprised by the finish. It looked really natural and skin-like, but wasn't sticky or dewy. I tried it as a spot concealer (I didn't find the coverage to be enough for this use). I also used it as a foundation, just swiped some coverage and blended out. It looked super natural and beautiful. My only issue is with the packaging. I think it looks great, but sometimes I would be pushing for ages and nothing would come out, and then I'd push another time and all of the product came out so I had too much of it.
I was really impressed with this product. First of all I was very happy with the color choice, it blended so well  with my skin tone and this is huge because with my dark Indian skin tone and very dark under eye circles I have trouble finding any shades that would match me. This concealer just blended in so efficiently , covering my dark circles and making my complexion look natural. I love the texture of this concealer, it is so lightweight yet it feels creamy and hydrating. It does not dry out my under eye area and does not crease at all. In-fact it remains creamy and fresh whole day long. Wow this is the best concealer I have tried love it so much. It looks so natural and makes me look fresh and alive . You only need a little amount for great coverage. it is highly pigmented. The packaging is so luxurious , every time I use it gives me joy.
I really enjoyed using this concealer, the pen is very easy to use and looks sleek and compact. Did a great job of covering dark circles. Same brightening properties as original touché eclat with a bit extra “oomph” in the coverage. Great staying power when set with powder and didn’t fall into undereye creases like many other concealers can.
I was looking so much forward to trying this product and it didn’tdisappoint me at all. I have been using iconic Yves Saint Lauren Concealer during the past years as I consider it as a cult product of this brand.  I am so happy that this brand released new products and so grateful for the opportunity to try  it as a part of Beauty Crew! I think it has a great balance of coverage and so easy to use as it blends in straight away and coverage is absolutely buildable which gives flawless look to your skin.  I have few discoloration spots in my under eye area and dark circles so I was really impressed at how well it blended in conjunction with the foundation and didn’t leave a sign of this imperfections. It also didn’t dry area under the eyes and didn’t crease.  Despite the fact that my skin is very oily it lasted all day, however, I set with powder.  I love Yves Saint Lauren distinctive gold tube packaging which looks gorgeous and very high-end  and it will look so pretty in my make up bag and on my make up dressing table.  On the downside this product is quite pricy like any high end  luxe brands which is quite expectable. Of course, You can find cheaper alternative but even if you pay the full price for this product it will last a long while as you only need to use a small amount for your daily routine. Overall it is a very good product with excellent quality , a bit pricy but worth money you are paying for. I will definitely recommend this product and will be a future customer myself as well.