Rebecca Harding has praised this treatment for her "clear, glowing skin"

Can't argue with those results

Beauty Editor / June 13 2023

Rebecca Harding has incredible skin, there's no question about it. After all, when you've got Zoë Foster Blake in your close inner circle, we can only assume that means a plethora of Go-To products are available at the ready. In saying that, this time around it's not topical products that Harding is crediting for her radiant skin.

No? No! In fact, the founder of soon-to-launch body care brand Lui Body has taken to Instagram to document her most recent experience with a non-invasive treatment that has left her "very, very happy."  

And may we add, very, very luminous?


After a FRACTAT™ treatment at the Melbourne-based clinic Skin To Heart, Harding has shared some of the results she's already begun to notice just seven days following her treatment. 

"All of that dry skin and blood spots have all come off. I'm left with beautiful, clear, glowing skin," she said. Harding continued, "it's targeted some acne scarring that I had on my cheeks, and some sunspots that I had across my nose." 


So, what exactly is FRACTAT™?

This non-invasive skin treatment uses a laser that has been designed to improve skin tone, minimise acne scarring, fade pigmentation and reduce pore size, most of which Harding had described experiencing within one week of her first treatment. 

One of this resurfacing treatment's greatest selling points is that unlike most, it requires no downtime. 

How much does a session cost?

As in any case, the price will vary from salon to salon. As for where Harding is undergoing her treatment, Skin To Heart's Fractat Revive Laser treatment will cost $425 per session. And as seen during Harding's video, results are very much evident after the first treatment.

Main image credit: @rebeccalharding

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