Rebecca Judd’s favourite beauty buys

The model reveals her top products

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

As The Skincare Company’s new ambassador and one of our favourite home-grown celebrities to watch on the red carpet (her powder blue Cinderella-esque gown at the Logies earlier this year is a clear winner), we were dying to find out about the beauty products and treatments she can’t live without, and how she stays fit, even when pregnant with twin boys.

On her favourite beauty looks…

“During the day, it’s concealer, eyebrows, bronzer, mascara - easy peasy! For red carpet events, definitely a chocolate smokey eye with smudgey eyeliner, lots of individual lashes, bronze skin, peachy cheeks and a peachy pinky lip. I also love a natural contour and highlight the cheekbones.”

On her favourite beauty trick…

“I reckon a spray tan is a pretty instant complexion changer and mood enhancer - just don't go too dark and always go for a more natural product with natural DHA like Spray Aus.”

On the best beauty advice she’s been given…

“I know it's been heard a gazillion times before but you must wear sunscreen - ALWAYS!”

On her favourite beauty indulgence….

“I love a dermasweep exfoliation, peels and the odd laser genesis and /or IPL session. I think if you use active ingredients in your skincare and have a really great canvas, the extra treatments like lasers and peels are the perfect icing on the cake for a glowing complexion.”

On her favourite beauty products…

The Skincare Company (TSC) Hydration Booster; I suffer from dry skin and this is the perfect moisture boost. It's particularly great on long haul flights too.

Klorane Dry Shampoo; I use this after I've washed my hair (seriously!) as it gives it grit and texture and provides more volume. I love it.

Go-To Exceptionoil is the best all over body oil, it has no nasties and is super hydrating. I'm praying it keeps those stretch marks away with my twins. So far, so good.

The Face by The Skincare Company Baked Bronzing Powder in Fiji. The perfect warm tone with a beautiful sheen. It leaves your skin looking glow instead of too glittery.

The Face by The Skincare Company Gel Eye Liner in Siena. A coffee brown, waterproof, eyeliner which is beautiful to blend and smudge with providing that sultry smokey look which lasts all day. I wear it on my inner rim too. It's heaven.”

he Skincare Company (TSC) Hydration Booster

Klorane Dry Shampoo

Go-To Exceptionoil

On her skincare routine…

“In the morning, I use The Skincare Company Daily Cleanser, HB5 Serum and then the daily moisturiser with SPF. At night time I cleanse again (sometimes a double cleanse if I have heavy makeup on), apply their Vitamin C serum, followed by the Exfoliant Serum (about 2 minutes after) and then the TSC Hydrating Moisturiser. I alternate when I'm feeling dry between the Hydration Booster.”

On staying fit…

“I do pregnancy personal training with a women's health physio two times a week and clinical pilates with a physio once or twice a week. To keep my cardio up I do a bit of spinning on the bike but not too much as you need to watch your heart rate when you're pregnant - especially with twins! When I'm not pregnant I like to run 400m intervals and do stair climbs.”

Iantha is BEAUTYcrew's Beauty Editor, and has been part of the team since the site launched in 2016. Besides pinky-nude nail polish and wispy false lashes, she has a healthy obsession with face masks and skin care ingredients. Her previous work can be found in Virgin Australia Voyeur, Women's Health, and SHOP Til You Drop.