Reddit just unveiled the BIGGEST makeup mistakes

Margot Robbie biggest makeup mistakes you might still be making

And we definitely learned a thing or two

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 03 2018

We all make mistakes, but damn do we make some BIG makeup mistakes. Like, really big ones. Whether it was the time you thought bronzer could be used all over your face or when you thought you only needed to blend your foundation as far as your jawline, we’ve all been there. 

For many of us who are still just trying to figure it out (guilty!), a recent thread on Reddit’s Makeup Addiction subreddit could just hold all the answers you’re looking for. And make you feel a whole lot better about your own makeup mishaps.

A user who goes by the name SunshineofYourL started off the killler yarn by asking the question, “What’s a makeup mistake that was a part of your everyday routine?”

And boy were there some good ones.

First up was Redditor Meggglily who wrote, “Only using my dim bathroom light to do my makeup. Led to: too dark foundation, unblended eyeshadow and bronzer. Yeash”.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly? Unsure) SO many people shared the same issue with doing their makeup under bad lighting. Hey, let’s blame it on a poor bathroom design.

A fellow Redditor agreed, saying, “This is the problem in my bathroom too. We have a really warm but dim yellow light in there, and my makeup looks flawless when I'm doing it. Then I check my makeup in another room that has more natural lighting and WOW my foundation is too peach against my white-ass neck, my blush is straight up psycho clown killer, and my lipstick looks like Anna Nicole in that one video her lawyer Howard filmed.”

Oh damn.

AnneViper1 added, “OMG the same thing happened to me. I do my makeup, think I look like Beyoncé, go out into my car, look at the mirror and BOOM, I’m Donald Trump. I was so orange I had to go back and fix it all. I blame shitty lighting.”

Thankfully, there’s a really good solution as Redditor danninicole revealed: “Oh my loooord me too. I took the light cover off the fixture in my bathroom about six months ago and replaced all the bulbs with newer brighter ones. Such an improvement.”

Some Redditors also divulged that they have given certain makeup products the flick. One user found that setting powder made her makeup look cakey and enlarged her pores. “I only realised it six months ago after seeing myself in some very unflattering lightning.” Lighting again, huh?

And of course, what would be a thread on beauty mistakes be without mention of overplucked brows? Hoppeduponmtdew420 wrote, “My eyebrows were about 6 inches apart from each other. Thanks ‘90s. I finally let my brows grow wild about a year or two ago. My face looks soooo different now. After getting the shape I wanted, I only pluck wild hairs now. It has made a world of difference.”

It seems one of the other most common mistakes involved the ol’ eyeliner pencil. One Redditor confessed, “I used to line my bottom lashes too thick and low (this was a long time ago). Once I saw what it looked like on someone else, I stopped immediately.”

Someone else commented, “Throughout all of high school I used thick eyeliner on my top and lower lash line, all the way across. Definitely didn't do my small slanted eyes any favors.”

Our personal fave? Tealparadise wrote, “Goth liner. Just full on goth liner. In my defense I was 13.”

Ughhh regrets.

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What are some of the biggest makeup mistakes you used to make? Let us know in the comments section below.

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