PSA: your body care routine might benefit from retinol

Let's treat all skin equally, shall we?

Content Producer / July 04 2024

We bet you're already all over using retinol in your skin cycling routine, sandwiching away. Heck, you might even know what retinal is (you skin care buff you). But if you don't, don't freak out. Because we've got plenty of top tips (and suggestions) to taking your skin to the next level no matter its sensitivity level.

But have you ever thought to wonder what actives are laying beneath the bottle of your fave body lotion? We bet you wouldn't have guessed retinol would be one of them. But yet, here we are, reaping the benefits of the skin-boosting, exfoliating superstar ingredient. 

Let's get down to the nitty gritty and find out how retinol is impacting our body lotions...

2024's Top 3 Retinol Body Lotion

  1. KOPARI Ultra Renewal Retinol Body Cream, $78, ASOS
  2. Bio-Oil Body Lotion, $22.95, Priceline
  3. Naturium Skin-Renewing Retinol Body Lotion, $49.95, Naturium

KOPARI Ultra Renewal Retinol Body Cream

From $78 at ASOS

With an unbelievably luxe feel, this lotion is poised and ready to address basically all of your concerns. Okay, maybe don’t ask it why they’re not texting you back. But if you ask it nicely (while coating yourself with it) how it can help your skin, it will proudly proclaim its abilities to improve the appearance of fine lines and crepey skin. Basically it’s a skin-firming (incredibly friendly) wonder lotion.

Key features:

  • Helps to resurface your skin
  • Seriously silky feel
  • Works to boost skin elasticity

Available at:

Bio Oil Body Lotion

From $22.95 at Priceline

Who would’ve thought it, good old trusty Bio Oil strikes again. This time in lotion form and bringing the power-packed actives (AKA retinol). If long-lasting and lightweight are your top two lotion tick boxes then you’re in the right place. Developed to be way lighter than your average lotion, this quick-absorbing, oil-concentrated lotion has a unique ‘shake to activate’ formula that adds a bit of fun to your body care routine.

Key features:

  • Formulated to be thinner than normal lotion
  • Unique ‘shake to active’ formula 
  • Ulta-lightweight 

Available at:

Naturium Skin-Renewing Retinol Body Lotion

From $49.95 at Naturium

Is having retinol in our body care products amazing? Yes, definitely. But at the end of the day, when we slather ourselves neck to toe in body lotion, we’re looking for some seriously hydrating, irritation-calming ingredients. But what if you didn’t have to make the impossible choice? Yep, this soothing pick can do it all, working on your skin tone and texture through the power of retinol and then working to address irritation concerns with hydrating allantoin. It’s even been developed to be used on all skin types.

Key features:

  • Works to address causes of redness 
  • Fragrance-free 
  • Dermatologically-tested 

Available at:

Paula's Choice Retinol Skin-Smoothing Body Treatment

From $49 at Paula’s Choice

When it comes to skin care that really works, Paula’s Choice has never led us astray. This beautifully hydrating treatment (what we’ll be calling all our body products from now on) works to soften your skin to a whole new level. And while all these lotions include retinol in their list of hard-working actives, this pick is the only one to implement retinol as its main skin-smoothing star, which leads us to believe that firmer skin is majorly on the cards.

Key features:

  • Mid-strength concentration of retinol (0.1 per cent)
  • Rich texture
  • Non-greasy 

Available at:

Frank Body Smoothing AHA Body Lotion

From $30 at Frank Body

You remember the coffee scrub people, right? Well, look at them now! Bet you didn’t know they had a range of active-packed, hard-hitting, totally coffee-free (we’ll take a decaf) scrubs, washes and lotions. This wonder is full to the brim with body-exfoliating goodness. Quite literally; think of all your fave skin care ingredients, and you’ll find them in this lotion plus the unbelievably hydrating mango seed extract.

Key features:

  • Enriched with chemical exfoliants 
  • Mango seed butter works to hydrate 
  • Leaves your skin with a glowing complexion

Available at:

Can you put retinol on your whole body?

Yes, definitely, absolutely. It’s a strong yes in every way possible. Retinol – and TBH all actives – have their place in body care. Much like scalps had their ‘skinification’ moment, its body care’s turn for a moment in the spotlight. Adding relevant to your skin concern actives will see your bod looking the best it can be. Retinol, do your thing.

Can you use retinol body lotion every day?

Look, if your skin often likes to remind you ‘go gently, I’m sensitive', then using a retinol on your skin, whether it be body or face every day is going to be a little bit too harsh. But if your skin is used to actives, then daily use (or use every second day if that feels safer) will be a walk in the park for it. Either way, it’s always best to work your way up when it comes to active-packed products. We would suggest for everybody to start with two to three days of retinol body lotion use and see how it leaves your skin feeling. 

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