This glossy blush is the secret to glistening, fresh cheeks

This blush is “a breath of fresh air”

Content Producer / April 23 2024

The product

If you’d asked us even just a few years ago how much we thought hybrid products were going to take over our beauty cabinets we could never have guessed this level of domination. But don’t get us wrong, we love a skincare-meets-makeup hybrid beauty product. Because having good skin is genuinely always our end goal. 

Whenever we see a new hybrid product launch, the giddy skin-loving side of us is genuinely overwhelmed with excitement. So when Revlon launched their Illuminance™ Gel Serum Blush we just knew it was going to be good. And thankfully our REVIEWcrew® members were able to try it out themselves and give their thoughts. 

But what actually makes this blush worth its while? Well, for starters its aforementioned hybrid nature. The beautiful glossy shades (a point we’ll come back to) are infused with a mix of skin-loving superfood complex and oh-so-hydrating glycerin. This nourishing mix is able to give your skin a healthy dose of hydration, while even working to plump up your cheeks. 

With a lightweight gel-serum consistency, this blush is free-from parabens (and fragrances) and is able to easily spread its glossy, glowing colour across your skin seamlessly. With a sheer (yet buildable) finish, anyone who's a big fan of a ‘clean’ dewy makeup is going to want to get their hands on this game-changing blush. 

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The panel

BEAUTYcrew sent the Revlon Illuminance™ Gel Serum Blush to a panel of blush-loving women aged 24-39.

The lowdown

The blendable formula: If we’re being honest (and our Review Crews is all about honesty), the amount of times we’ve gone to apply a liquid blush straight to our faces and found out that the formula doesn’t budge is obscene. Sure, a budge-proof formula is fantastic (and this glossy formula has it in spades) but being able to, you know, blend the product across your face is so necessary. Thankfully one of the main points our REVIEWcrew® members made was just how nicely (and evenly) this gel-like serum blush blends out. 

The glowy sheen: If a dewy finish is for you, listen up. The REVIEWcrew® members loved the hydrated look that this blush gave them, thanks to its skin-loving formula. With a glossy, glowing dewy sheen of natural colour, the blush gave them a layer of sheen (without shimmer) that almost made the blush double as a highlighter. 

The buildable colour: Who wants a huge hit of colour from the instant your blush hits your cheeks? Maybe it’s that we’ve ended up erring on the side of ‘clown-like’ before, but we’re happy to build and customise our blush colour. The REVIEWcrew® members were happily surprised when they saw what colour payoff lay beneath the easy-to-use tube. With an initial reaction of ‘oh wow that's a strong pigment’ to ‘wait a minute, this is actually a glossy sheer tone’, the members loved getting the suits all shades treatment from this blush.

The verdict

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“Pleasantly surprised with this blush. I Have never tried a gel serum in blush form, but I actually have to admit I loved it! It was so easy to apply, and the consistency is not too sticky or overly wet! I was worried it may make my skin oily or get pimples but neither of those 2 things did not happen! It lasted all day and just gave the nicest hint of colour to my cheeks. It also never created any excess oil on my skin which was a real plus too! I would definitely recommend it and buy it myself! It doesn't have an overpowering smell either and I loved how I could fit it into my purse and take it to work! It's perfect for travelling! I also loved how it was easy to create different looks with it as well as it also doubles an eyeshadow touch-up! Such an amazing product and something I never thought I'd like being a traditional blush girl my entire life!”
Mandy B
REVIEWcrew® Member
“I love this product. When it comes to blending makeup I really struggle with getting a nice finish. This blush blends in so effortlessly, with just a few finger dabs. It's a nice light and smooth consistency. I love how easily it can be layered to build the colour up. I usually use a powdered blush, to which I'm never happy with the finish. I am so glad I came across this gel serum blush. Not only does the gel blush shimmer, but it visibly plumps cheeks leaving a healthy-looking glow and a beautiful finish to my makeup routine. The formula even consists of skin-caring Superfood Complex + Glycerin instantly hydrates and helps skin retain moisture. What more could you want!”
Danielle E
REVIEWcrew® Member
“Pleasantly surprised by this gorgeous gel serum blush. I usually use a cream or powder blush, as liquid blush intimidates me a little. But this is lovely and wears so much better than many high end blushes I have tried! Shade 120 is a perfect pink on my fair skin. It’s bright and glowy, yet natural and skin-like once applied. You only need a tiny amount to achieve a beautiful flush. It’s glowy and luminous but not sparkly, which I love. And it lasts all day! Do be aware that a little goes a long way, you need only a tiny drop, but it blends in well & gives the skin a fresh look. I’ve even used it on my lips and it looks lovely!”
Sophie K
REVIEWcrew® Member

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