The beauty staples Ricki-Lee Coulter can’t live without

Ricki-Lee Coulter's favourite beauty products

Her go-to brow product is just $20

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 01 2018

There’s quite possibly nothing we love more than thieving beauty tips from celebs. And the latest to appease our hunger for product recommendations is Ricki-Lee Coulter. The Aussie singer is absolute skin/hair/freckles/whole face goals so when she recently shared a couple of her fave beauty buys, we were ALL over it. Naturally.

In an Instagram post, Ricki-Lee unveiled the secret to her fuller-looking brows (as well as her go-to products for younger-looking skin), posting an image of her brow-bleaching routine.

She captioned the pic: “Cheeky lil Saturday morning brow bleaching session! (For everyone asking...I only do this every couple of months...and it's because I like a softer brow on my face AND it makes you look younger!).

Ricki-Lee Coulter

Cue *all* the comments. 

She explained that although brow bleaching may not be for everyone, she finds that a softer brow works wonders on her face. “I have super dark brows and prefer my face with a softer brow. I don't bleach them white, I just lighten them a touch so that when I define with a pencil it's not so severe,” she said. 

Her bleaching product of choice? A $19.99 DIY buy you can grab at your local Priceline. “The brand I use is Andrea Gentle Cream Bleach. I just mix it and apply with a little brow spoolie and set the timer for 4mins & then wipe it off, then do the other brow. I always wash my face well after too.”

The singer also revealed that she works hard to maintain her flawless complexion and actually uses a long list of products. BUT importantly, she doesn’t over-complicate her routine. 

“Every morning I wash my face with water and a flannel - then apply @lamer moisturising cream. Then at night in the shower I use the @cosmedix_ Purity Clean exfoliating cleanser (every second night) - otherwise just hot water and flannel,” she says. 

“Then I dry my face and use the Cosmedix Define Resurfacing Treatment which is anti-ageing and great for your skin (filled with vitamin A & retinol) - then I mix the Cosmedix Rescue+ Intense Hydrating Balm & Mask mixed with two sprays of the Cosmedix Benefit Balance antioxidant toning mist :) xxx”

She certainly wasn’t lying when she said she uses a lot of different products, huh?

The Aussie singer also shared some of her favourite foundations for both full and everyday coverage – and we may be running out to buy *all* of them, like, now.

“I use a few different ones! For full coverage I use @beccacosmetics Ultimate Coverage Foundation and for an every day look I mix @lauramercieraus Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer with the @ellisfaascosmetics Skin Veil Foundation. ”

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Have you used any of Ricki-Lee’s favourite beauty products? How do you rate them? Tell us in the comments section below.

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