A straight-from-the-set guide to Riley Keough’s ‘Daisy Jones’ hair

Daisy Jones & The Six's Hair Department Head spills all

Editor / March 03 2023

‘Daisy Jones’ is the name on everybody’s lips right now, whether they’re talking about the character, the band, or the series. Well, we’re here to talk about the character in the band, in the series. Or more specifically, we’re here to talk about her hair. Because said name is also bound to be on everybody’s lips in the hair styling stakes.

Luckily, we caught up with MaryAnn Hennings, Daisy Jones and the Six’s Hair Department Head to learn exactly how to replicate Jones’ look IRL…

The inspiration behind Daisy Jones' hair

"My inspiration for Daisy was Stevie Nicks: that wild child with a bohemian flavour," Hennings shares of the aesthetic she was aiming for with Riley Keough's onscreen counterpart. Hennings even cut Keough’s bangs on-set, opting for a straight bang style that flattered her face over a traditional ’70s curtain fringe.

Jones' hair journey isn't a one-stop wonder, though; Hennings wanted her hair to reflect her experiences. “Daisy starts the show as a young songwriter and singer. She’s a tough girl with an edge. [She has] long red hair, simply washed and left to dry. By the end of the show, she was part of one of the biggest bands ever, which means her hair matches her success," she explains.

Her signature flame-red hair colour stayed intact, but her style differed based on setting. "I kept the red, but style wise I added curl and volume," notes Hennings. "To be true to her character, I followed her highs and lows. When she was doing too many drugs, I made her look dirty and unkept. When [she was] performing, [I gave Daisy] bright big curly sexy wild hair."

The inspiration: Stevie Nicks

The result: Daisy Jones

How to get Riley Keough's 'Daisy Jones' hair

So how do we get Jones' Stevie Nicks-inspired style? It all starts with a few prep steps designed to amp up the 'oomph' of your colour and texture. "[First, I'd use] Olaplex No.5 [Bond Maintenance Conditioner] ($54 at Chemist Warehouse) to control any frizz," Hennings explains.

"Next up, [Color Wow Retoucher in Red] ($49.95 at Hairhouse) to help with colour regrowth. [And then before heat styling, I would use] Oribe [Thick Dry Finishing Spray] ($63 at Rogue Beauty) for [added volume for] performance hair." You'll want a generous spritz of that before you go in with your blow-dryer; Jones' vibe is volume central!

Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

Color Wow Retoucher in Red

Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray

While the series is a period piece, Hennings relied on present-day technology to master the retro style more effectively. "To achieve Daisy’s 1970s look, I used modern day tools and products," she explains, running us through her faves.

"[My hair] t
ools [for Daisy] were the T-3 [AireLuxe Professional Hair] Dryer ($199.99 at T3), ghd straight irons [like the ghd gold hair straightener] ($325 at ghd), [and the] BIO-IONIC Long Barrel Curling Iron ($149 at BIO-IONIC)."

Safe to say we'll be stocking up on all of 'em; the '70s aesthetic is back, baby.

T-3 AireLuxe Professional Hair Dryer

ghd gold hair straightener

BIO-IONIC Long Barrel Curling Iron

Main image credit: Prime Video/Daisy Jones & The Six

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