Rozalia Russian reveals her 5 favourite beauty products

Rozalia Russian interview

Plus, she shares the biggest beauty blunder she’s ever made

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / July 31 2018

With more than 233,000 Instagram followers tuning in daily to peek inside her fashion and beauty closets, plus a slew of brand ambassadorships and two small children in tow, Rozalia Russian is a busy woman. So how does the style icon find the time to look after her skin and indulge in a beauty treatment (or two)? We recently chatted to Rozalia in an exclusive interview to find out just that.

On her five favourite beauty products…
“1. Foreo LUNA 2 is definitely at the top of my list as it exfoliates my skin really well. I have noticed a huge difference since I first started using it a few months ago.
2. ProPlenish Marine Collagen Sachets have been a favourite of mine for a few years now. I first started taking them about four years ago, and when consumed regularly they really help clear up my skin, giving it a nice glow. I’ve also noticed that they help with the health of my hair, as it feels a lot thicker and stronger.
3. Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream has become my new obsession! This winter my hands have become so dry and irritated and the Clarins products have really helped them.
4. Kora Organic Noni Radiant Eye Oil has been great for my eyes. I have noticed that my eyes are much less puffy in the mornings when using this product the night before. The oil is super nourishing and the roller is cold and soothing on my eyes.
5. Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo is my current beauty saviour. Because I have long hair and am a mum of two, I never have enough time to wash and style my hair, so I heavily rely on this dry shampoo to prolong my styles!”

Foreo LUNA 2

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

On her skin care routine…
“Ever since I have become a mum, I have had to ensure that my skin care routine is as quick and easy as possible. My morning and nighttime routine is usually the same, and consists of a cleanser, serum, moisturiser and eye cream. I always try to make sure that I’m looking after my skin by having regular facials when I can, which means that when I’m at home my job is a lot easier, as I’ve been lucky enough to have had the added help from professionals.”

On her day on a plate…
“I can be very naughty in the mornings when it comes to breakfast, as I have never been one to be that hungry when I first wake up – but then I make up for it during the day! I will have something small with a cup of tea and then head out the door for a coffee. Lunch consists of a salad sandwich or two poached eggs on toast with a side of avocado and spinach. Dinner is one of my favourite meals of the day and I love it because we always change it up and have something different. I will generally cook some sort of soup or pasta and on the weekend we always do a Sunday roast with vegetables. If I snack during the day it will always be a bit of fruit.”

On what her average day looks like…
“I wake up at around 6am, which gives me an hour of ‘me time’ to shower, get ready and have a cup of tea before my kids wake up. Again, every day is different: Mondays and Tuesdays I am full-time with my kids and spend the days with them doing Kinder pick-up/drop-offs, park dates, grocery shopping, cooking, washing etc., in between me getting to all of my emails. On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, I am working with my management team, LMB Management, and each work day will consist of client meetings, photo and video shoots, campaign strategy, emails and general admin. I always make sure I head home for quality family time in the evenings.” 

On her biggest beauty mistakes…
“Regretfully, I have been one to torture my hair too many times. About two years ago an at-home colouring kit got the best of me and my hair was 50 per cent black and 50 per cent green! Luckily my hair colourist helped me fix this (and has also banned me from any DIY hair kits).”

On how she avoids skin flare-ups…
“My skin can be quite sensitive, which can derive from hormones, so I try to always use brands and products that my skin is familiar with and agrees with. Every now and then I will try and add a new skin care step into my routine. This could be introducing a new serum or eye cream. However, when it comes to cleansers and moisturiser, I always ensure that I use products that my skin is used to so that I’m not aggravating it.” 

On her favourite beauty treatment…
“I have just started getting a treatment called EPI Leveling at a clinic called The Skin Boutique and I am obsessed! Using a fine surgical blade, they will exfoliate my skin by removing the outer layers of dead skin along with any fine facial hair. My skin is instantly more glowing, softer, smoother and brighter.”

On how being a mother has changed her approach to beauty…
“I think it was when I became a mum almost five years ago that I really learned the importance of investing in good-quality skin care. Like many individuals, I have become more and more time poor, so I really need to ensure that the products I am using are actually working efficiently on my skin. I now have my skin care routine down to four or five steps, which takes me no more than three minutes both morning and night.” 

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