Sammy Robinson’s debut show for One Mile is a lesson in ‘clean skin’

Inspired by her own beauty routine

Editor / May 12 2022

Fashion week in Sydney is just as much about the street style as it is the runway. And this year, worlds are colliding with influencer Sammy Robinson’s first show for One Mile debuting at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week.

After attending for many years prior, Robinson told BEAUTYcrew she has a newfound respect for all the brands that feature. “I have attended for so many years and I don't think anyone realises how much planning really goes into it, it is a full production with so many people involved and so many months of planning.”

One Mile designs feature everyday sustainable and wearable pieces for real life. “They are elevated basics that timelessly transition through the seasons,” says Sammy.

Ahead of the show, Robinson talked us through the beauty look for One Mile and how she’s been relying on her own skin care routine to get her to the finish line…


Yelena Feil Photography

What’s the plan for One Mile’s runway skin?

“Skin is in. So being able to showcase each model’s complexion in a natural, glass-like way is our main priority. The look will be fresh and understated to give a hydrated glowing look.” 

And how will the makeup and hair complement this?

“The skin prep is vital to achieving the beautiful, hydrated base. All the products on top will simply elevate each model’s natural complexion. We are going for glass-like, peachy tones to bring life to the skin. We want each model to feel beautiful, healthy and fresh. We will also utilise each model’s natural hair, they will all have a unique look, while also keeping consistency.”

Model on the One Mile runway

Does this relate to your own routine/approach to beauty?

“Yes, over time my style has completely changed in beauty. I used to layer far too much product on and not prioritise the health and condition of my skin and hair. I now know that the secret to any look is beginning with a good skin care regimen, using minimal product and building up gradually. I love the fresh ‘clean skin’ look at the moment.” 

We can only imagine how busy you must be in the lead-up to the show. How have you been taking care of your own skin?

“I have one or two more wrinkles since starting fashion week preparations. No, but in all seriousness, I have implemented Sunday Riley retinol ($183 at MECCA) into my regimen, it has helped drastically with the condition and appearance of my complexion. I haven’t been sleeping very well either, so I have been trying to increase my water consumption, go to Pilates in the morning for some “me time”, and take care of my skin with my morning and night routines. Everything else has gone out the window, my diet is a mess, my room is a mess, so controlling what I can control helps with the stress. Your skin care only takes 5 minutes, and makes you feel so much more put together.”

If you could only suggest one Sunday Riley product that everyone should try - what would it be?

“Can I choose two? Number one would have to be Good Genes ($183 at MECCA), THIS STUFF IS MAGIC. I have NEVER tried anything that transforms my skin texture and appearance more than this product. Closely second would be the retinol or the Luna oil ($157 at MECCA), I swap between these two every night. These in conjunction with Good Genes, WILL CHANGE YOUR SKIN. Don’t sleep on it. Please, try it for me.”

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Keen on the 'clean skin' look? A tinted moisturiser will become your BFF.