Selena Gomez’s cherry red Emmy’s nail polish was only $20

Vamp nails have entered the chat…

Content Producer / January 16 2024

Selena Gomez partnered with longtime collaborator and nail artist Tom Bachik to create her vampy manicure for the 2024 Emmy AwardsBachik set out to create a shimmering manicure match for Gomez’s sequinned dress, and boy did he succeed. Not only did he perfectly match her nails to her glimmering gown, but he even gave us a step-by-step guide on how he achieved the look!

The vampy shade or ‘Black Cherry Mani’ as Bachik called it, is going straight in our ‘nail inspiration’ folder for the next trip to the salon.

So, how did Bachik make Selena Gomez’s nails look like that?

Meticulous Mani Prep

For red carpet worthy nails the shape itself is almost as important as the colour. Bachik chose a strong oval shape to compliment the curving sequins of her dress. Hot tip: to achieve this shape, angle your nail file at 45 degrees and file from the side of the nail to the centre of the nail. 

The exact nail polish shades Selena Gomez wore to the Emmy Awards

To achieve Gomez’s customised black cherry colour Bachik layered multiple nail polishes- on top of one another. The brand he opted for was Paris Lash Academy, a UV-cured gel option, so if you’re recreating at home be sure to crack out that UV lamp. 

He started with a very thin layer of black polish (Paris Lash Academy Gel Polish in ‘Jet Black’ $20 at PLA Pro). Then he applied a coat of the rich purple shade ‘You Can’t Tell Anyone’ ($20 at PLA Pro). But we’re sure you’re wondering, how did he achieve that juicy, vampy cherry finish? With a glimmering buff of red chrome powder. Bachik didn’t tell us which brand he used on Gomez but we think the NSI Solid Mirror Chrome Nail Powder in ‘Ruby Red’ ($7.50 at NSI Nails) would do the trick. He finished off the look with a final coat of Paris Lash Academy’s Non Wipe Top Coat ($18 at PLA Pro), which is what gave the manicure that eye-catching, super glossy shine.

Her cuticle care routine

Bachik mixed Gomez's own Rare Beauty Find Comfort Hydrating Hand Cream ($35 at Sephora) with the glimmering-glossy Chanel Le Blanc Oil ($220 at Chanel) to create a luxurious custom cuticle treatment before she hit the red carpet.

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