The silk hair scarf is the hair accessory to invest in this spring

Soft, feminine and versatile

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / August 24 2022

If there’s a season that we look forward to the most, it’d have to be spring. 

Well, technically the last three weeks of spring and the first three weeks of summer to be precise. But pedantics aside, so long as winter’s over, we’re happy campers. 

Our beauty routines are all set to take the season by storm too. We’ve got our eyes on freshly-scented spring perfumes, and we’re already talking our colourists into giving us a hair tan

But ever since Copenhagen Fashion Week, and the holiday photo dumps of celebrities and influencers in the northern hemisphere, we’ve been daydreaming about all the silk hair scarves we’re going to accessorise with. 

How to wear a silk scarf

A simple silk scarf can enhance any head of hair. It straddles the realms of utilitarianism form and luxury fabric, making it the perfect companion to a casual or formal spring ensemble. Regardless of the occasion, or your print of choice, you’re set to look like an expert accessoriser with one of these wrapped around your pretty head.




How you decide to wear yours though is entirely up to you. Embellish a practical ponytail with a stream of silk, fasten it under your chin, or tie it at the nape of your neck to protect your blowout from the seasonal winds. You could also channel icons of the ‘90s and knot it at the back of your head, letting your strands flow freely to frame your face. Our advice? Ditch the scrunchie on your wrist and tie your scarf to your handbag or the belt loop of your trousers for easy on-the-go styling that’ll elevate your look whenever and wherever you are.  




Where to buy a silk hair scarf

We recommend: 

Silviya Neri Mushroom Varieties Silk Scarf By Silviya Neri ($320-$450 at MYER); FLORENCE BROADHURST Circles and Squares Silk Scarf ($169 at The Iconic); and Zara Silk Print Scarf ($65.95 at ZARA).

Silviya Neri Mushroom Varieties Silk Scarf By Silviya Neri

FLORENCE BROADHURST Circles and Squares Silk Scarf

Zara Silk Print Scarf

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Main image credit: @hoskelsa

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