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Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / October 31 2019

Don’t get us wrong: we’re not opposed to getting older. With every year comes more life experiences and memories. We don’t even mind a laugh line or two - they add character. But, the list of things we need to worry about - and address - in our beauty routines just keep getting longer with every year that passes. And more expensive! Thankfully, you don’t need to see a pro for many of them. These seven products deliver clinically-proven results that are comparable to professional treatments, only you can use them in the comfort of your home (and they work fast!) to save time and money.

#1 / Fuller lips

The professional treatment: Lip fillers
The at-home product: freezeframe LIP INJECTION

Cosmetic injectables can be intimidating, not to mention costly. freezeframe’s LIP INJECTION is a needle-free way to boost volume in your lips, in a matter of seconds. It’s formulated with dehydrated hyaluronic acid filling spheres and volumising peptides. As soon as you apply the formula, it plumps lips up to double their size, while also stimulating fat cells in your pout to smooth the look of lines and further increase your lip size by up to 40 per cent in 28 days. 

#2 / Younger-looking eyes

The professional treatment: An eyelift, anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers
The at-home product: freezeframe REVITALEYES

Our eyes sure cop it when it comes to the signs of ageing. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and under-eye bags do not say ‘youthful’. Instead of an invasive eyelift or cosmetic injectables, address your eye concerns with something non-invasive yet effective. freezeframe’s REVITALEYES targets deep wrinkles, chronic puffiness and serious dark circles with a single application, improving their appearance in as little as 30 minutes, with more dramatic and long-term results visible after seven and 28 days. The potent formula contains an anti-wrinkle peptide to reduce muscle contractions and their associated wrinkles; an anti-puffiness peptide that decongests the under-eye area, reduces water retention and prevents bags from forming; an anti-dark circle peptide to reduce blood-originated pigments responsible for dark circles; and vitamin C and hyaluronic acid in a unique gel tensing system which lifts and brightens skin almost immediately.

#3 / Wrinkle-free skin

The professional treatment: Anti-wrinkle injections (botulinum toxin), eye lift, laser light therapy
The at-home product: freezeframe WRINKLE BLOCK

Wrinkles can strike at any time, in many areas of the face. Unfortunately, booking in to see a cosmetic clinic every time we see a new line show up just doesn’t work within our busy schedules or tight budgets. freezeframe’s new WRINKLE BLOCK is a fast-acting, effective alternative and is ideal for crow’s feet, frown lines, smile lines and marionettes. Australia’s first anti-ageing skin care stick gets to work in as little as 30 minutes to block expression lines, and with continued use, you’ll see even more dramatic results: in seven days, WRINKLE BLOCK can help reduce wrinkles by close to 40 per cent and improve under-eye bags by up to 78 per cent. As it doesn’t paralyse muscles, the results are natural-looking. The formula contains two powerful peptides that slow down the movement which creates wrinkle creases, while simultaneously charging skin with the energy it needs to bounce back from expression trauma.

#4 / Longer lashes

The professional treatment: Lash extensions
The at-home product: freezeframe LASH PRESCRIPTION and freezeframe MAGNALASH

Anyone who’s ever sat through an hour-long application of lash extensions knows it’s a tedious, fiddly process. Plus, you need to go back regularly to replace them as they start to fall out. It takes a lot of maintenance that most of us don’t have the time for. Instead of faking it with falsies, freezeframe’s LASH PRESCRIPTION helps you get naturally longer lashes in just two weeks. A lash strengthening peptide and red clover extract combo work together to strengthen the hair follicle so lash fallout is reduced, while copper peptides boost hair growth and a lash-extending peptide helps extend the natural growth cycle so that lashes grow longer. In as little as 14 days, lashes have been scientifically proven to visibly increase in length by 42 per cent; and after six weeks of use, lashes can appear up to 72 per cent longer and thicker. While you wait for your lashes to naturally grow longer, reach for a pair of magnetic lashes for instant volume and length. freezeframe MAGNALASH are clip-on magnetic lashes that add dramatic volume, curl and length. Plus, there’s no need to use glue, which makes them easier to apply and remove.

#5 / A flat stomach

The professional treatment: Abdominoplasty
The at-home product: freezeframe TUMMY TUCK

We are all for exercising to keep our bodies healthy and those endorphins flowing, but it can be a real mission to achieve a flat, toned stomach, no matter how many crunches you do. So, we love a quick win. freezeframe’s TUMMY TUCK contains a marine peptide in its formula that stimulates mitochondrial activity in muscles and a micro algal extract activates thermogenesis,  converting lipid-storing fat cells into lipid-burning cells. Basically, this cream tricks your body into thinking it just exercised and triggers all your fat-burning processes to get to work. Best of all, it’s been clinically proven to reduce waist circumference by 9cm in 28 days and up to 10.4cm in 56 days, performing better than exercise alone! And, if you were to add exercising into the equation, it can enhance the benefits of your workout and boost your contoured-body results even further.

#6 / Veins and uneven skin tone

The professional treatment: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
The at-home product: freezeframe BODY BLUR

IPL can help with a variety of skin concerns, including treating spider veins, reversing signs of sun damage and ageing, and improving skin tone. However, it’s a targeted treatment, so it can be costly to treat large areas and numerous concerns in one go. What we love about freezeframe’s BODY BLUR is its one-and-done formula. It is basically like an airbrush filter for your whole body that can hydrate, help mask imperfections like veins, blemishes and bruises, as well as enhance skin tone. The formula also contains BodyFit Marine Complex to tighten, tone and slim the waist, thighs and upper arms by as much as 3.1cm. It’s water-resistant, so the effects can last up to 48 hours (and it’s bikini season approved), while the long-term benefits of its slimming and contouring actives can be seen in 28 days. There are two BODY BLUR formulas to choose from: SUMMER GLOW gives you an instant sun-kissed colour, and  WINTER WHITE provides a brightening, whitening benefit. Good to know: You can even use both formulas to  blur away tan lines

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