This should be your next fragrance, according to your star sign

Let the stars guide your match

March 31 2022

There’s nothing quite like starting the next season off with a new scent. It’s more than just about smelling nice – fragrance can uplift, motivate and inspire, tying our emotions and memories in a particular moment to the scent we were wearing at the time.

Spring is the perfect time to start a new chapter, and fragrance is a great way to signify that fresh start.

As we tend to gravitate more towards lighter, fresher scents in warm and sunny weather, MECCA’s fragrance education manager, Laura Curtis, shared with us why she believes it’s necessary to explore a new fragrance with a change of season.

“Scent has the wonderful ability to lift our spirits, inspire creativity and transport us to other times and places, so perfume is the ultimate mood-booster to take us into a new season,” she says. “In addition, fragrance can also wear on our skin differently in warmer climates – so fragrances that we love in winter, may feel too heavy or cloying in the heat of spring and summer.”

So, out with the old, and say hello to the crisp new scents of the season. According to Curtis, the latest spring fragrance trends will see us (metaphorically) picking bunches of blooming roses, while the honey bees buzz around open green fields.

“Bright and joyful notes like bergamot, rose and honey” will feature heavily this spring. And for those that like something a little more earthy, “notes of galbanum and tea also present in calming, nature-inspired scents,” says Curtis.

But with a lot of choice, comes the hard decision of what to opt for.

Picking a fragrance can be difficult at the best of times – with so many offerings on the market, throw in online shopping and it’s gone up a notch. So, why not look to the stars for inspiration?

Our star signs are connected to traits that make us innately us, and can even help lead the way to what notes our noses will love.

“Our sense of smell is very evocative, because our scent receptors connect directly with our limbic system – the part of the brain that forms memories and emotions,” explains Curtis. “Our taste in perfume is therefore very personal to us, and our life experiences.”

“More often, we are turning towards fragrances that make us feel something – whether we want our scent to ground us or uplift us, our fragrance can help us to feel more at one with ourselves.”

To help you on your way, the below fragrance forecast pairs your sign with its perfect match – from perfumes and scented body lotions to enveloping home fragrance, we have something for you.

Let the stars guide you into a newly scented season… 

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Fragrance: Lemon

Notes of fresh citrusy lemon is perfect for the independent and impulsive Aries. Citrus is known to stimulate the senses and the mind, which pairs well with the optimistic and brave nature of this fire sign.


Lancôme Ô de Lancôme Eau de Toilette

A true, fresh citrus perfume, this fragrance delivers a sparkling flurry of clean lemon notes, evoking spontaneity for its wearer. 

$82 at

The Body Shop Lemon Protecting Hand & Body Lotion

Known for its purifying properties, this hand and body lotion is enriched with natural lemon essential oil, leaving skin lingering with the delicious citrusy scent. 

$20 at The Body Shop

Nonna’s Grocer Lemon Candle

For the ultimate lemon lover, this handmade candle will almost have you fooled as the real deal. Inspired by great grandparents who opened a local fruit shop in Victoria, Nonna’s Grocer produces lifelike fruit and vegetable candles – just don’t take a bite!  

$32 at 

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Fragrance: Sandalwood

This earth sign is suited to scents with a touch of spice and wood, which is why sandalwood is a great option. The exotic, yet smooth and warm notes of this aromatic wood pairs nicely back to the loving and honest traits of Taureans.


Le Labo Santal 33

Revolving around Australian sandalwood, sustainably sourced from Western Australia, this cult favourite fragrance is a completely genderless scent, effortlessly taking you wherever you want to go.   

$279 at MECCA

Love Beauty and Planet Shea Butter & Sandalwood Body Lotion

Infused with the intoxicating scent of warm sandalwood, this ultra-moisturising body lotion keeps skin feeling smooth and soft.

$13.80 at iHerb

CIRCA Amber & Sandalwood Soy Candle

Heady and hypnotic, this candle is equal parts spice and sensuality. The smooth blend of both amber and sandalwood is delicate, yet exotic.

$40 at Sephora

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) 

Fragrance: Pineapple

Geminis have a love for experiences and trying new things, which is a perfect pairing with the light, spirited scent of pineapple. Travel may be on hold for a little while longer, but this tropical and fruity fragrance will have you feeling like you’re on an extravagant vacation.


Glasshouse Fragrances Kyoto In Bloom Eau de Parfum

With top notes of pineapple, this new fine fragrance balances fruity and floral notes and will have you daydreaming of your next holiday.

$99.95 at Adore Beauty

Bangn Body Firming Lotion

A tropical getaway in a tube, this lotion brings major piña colada vibes with naturally derived pineapple fruit extract and organic virgin coconut oil.

$48 at

So…? Unique Vanilla Candy Body Spray

Tease your senses with sugary notes of marshmallow and sweet vanilla, before progressing into a refreshing blend of peach and pineapple.

$9.95 at Woolworths 

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) 

Fragrance: Rose

With their protective and compassionate nature, Cancerians are perfectly linked to floral notes of rose. The scent lends itself to the caring and emotional, yet seductive side of this water sign.


BYREDO Young Rose

A fresh take on the classic note, this fragrance proves that rose is here to stay. It wraps the damascena rose in sichuan pepper and musk for a modern twist on tradition.   

$320 at MECCA

DIOR Miss Dior Hair Mist

Enriched with precious rose centifolia water, known for its moisturising properties, this mist will dress your hair with a delicate and sensual floral bouquet.

$72.00 at MYER

Maison Balzac La Rose

An ode to the romantic bloom, in all its forms. This scented candle pays homage to roses wild in a garden, freshly cut in a tall glass vase, and heaped mounds of delicate dry petals. 

$69 at David Jones

Leo (July 23 – August 22) 

Fragrance: Ginger

As a sign that loves to stand out and be the centre of attention, notes of ginger are a winner for this king of the jungle. The warm and playful ginger scent lends itself perfectly to the matching traits of a Leo. 


Juliette Has A Gun Moscow Mule

A reimagined take on the classic cocktail, this fragrance captures the drink’s iconic flavours of zesty lime, Russian vodka and of course, ginger ale.

$159 at Adore Beauty 

SACHAJUAN Ginger Flower Body Lotion

This body lotion hydrates and soothes. It has anti-ageing and anti-irritant properties, leaving skin comfortably scented with ginger flower, bergamot and lemon.

$41 at

Peppermint Grove Australia Black Orchid & Ginger Soy Candle

With top notes of ginger and cardamom, this seductive scent will captivate you with its exquisite fragrance that is both soothing and relaxing. 

$44.95 at

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) 

Fragrance: Vanilla

Virgos are famously hardworking, loyal to those around them and can be known to be perfectionists. The fragrance for this earth sign would have to be vanilla. It’s fresh, clean and warm, helping to provide an element of peace and harmony.


LUSH Vanillary

Spritz yourself with this deliciously sweet and warming perfume, and the notes of vanilla and tonka, combined with jasmine, will leave you wanting more.

$50 at

JERGENS Oil-Infused Softening Vanilla Moisturiser

Pamper skin with long-lasting hydration with this oil-infused formula. Relax to the warm and comforting scent of sweet vanilla essence.

$11.99 at Priceline

Palm Beach Collection Brown Sugar Candle

With a base of vanilla and top notes of brown sugar, caramel and candy, this delicious scent is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and smells (almost) good enough to eat. 

$44.95 at MYER

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Fragrance: Honey

As natural peacemakers, Librans love all things balance and harmony. Because of this, the romantic, light and sweet fragrance of honey will suit this air sign down to a T. 


Ellis Brooklyn Bee Eau De Parfum

Dripping with honey and warmed with dark rum, this is the kind of fragrance where you can't stop smelling yourself. 

$150 at MECCA

Burt's Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion

Let this classic body lotion hydrate and nourish skin, with its milk and honey formulation that softens and moisturises for up to 24-hours.

$19.95 at Adore Beauty

L'Objet Beehive Scented Candle

Not only does this luxurious beehive candle resemble a honeycomb, it fills the house with the sweet scent of honey while burning, and looks beautiful while doing so.

$266 at

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) 

Fragrance: Orange

Think rich and enticing notes of orange for the mysterious and loyal Scorpio. The orange blossom fragrance means prosperity, love, mystery, and adventure, which goes hand in hand with the traits of this passionate sign.



This classic oriental fragrance is spirited and voluptuous. The fresh and vibrant notes of orange immediately awaken the senses, while a heart of jasmine and rose accompany a base of patchouli and vetiver. 

$123 at MYER 

Aesop Breathless Body Oil

Enriched with vitamin E and skin soothing botanicals like blood orange, jojoba seed and laurel leaf, this quick-drying body oil deeply nourishes skin. 


Carrière Frères​ Orange Blossom Candle

A sweet smelling flower, orange blossom embodies spring and summer. As the candle burns, it emits lightness and femininity.

$69 at David Jones

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) 

Fragrance: Bergamot 

Known for having a compassionate and warm personality, Sagittarians will enjoy a fragrance that incorporates the classic, yet sweet notes of bergamot. This green and fruity citrus pairs with the optimistic, and fair-minded nature of this fire sign.


Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot

Elegant, sparkling and sensual, this Private Blend fragrance is Tom Ford's singular interpretation of the ingredient known as the ‘Prince of Citrus.’ With Venetian bergamot, the sun-drenched citrus from Italy's south delivers notes of rich florals, precious woods and warm spices. 

$360 at MYER

VOTARY Hydrating Body Oil

Revitalise, refine and smooth skin with this luxurious and rich body oil. Leaving behind the scent of bergamot, mandarin and camellia, it is as comforting as it is hydrating.

$130 at Sephora

Ashley & Co Bubbles & Polkadots Waxed Perfume Candle

With notes of bergamot, rose otto and powdery musk, this candle will have you drifting off in a relaxing bath, dreaming of a fresh green garden filled with roses. 


Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) 

Fragrance: Galbanum

Capricorns are extremely driven and enthusiastic about life, which is why they are perfectly suited to the green scent of galbanum. The intense fragrance with woody and balsamic elements imparts  rich and warm earthy notes, which will leave this earth sign feeling recharged.


Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori

Intensely green and fresh, this fragrance celebrates joy and energy. Notes of galbanum and cassis buds blend with the original Gucci Bloom, coming together to create pure, spirited emotion.

$140 at MYER

Black Blaze Bush Walk Interior Fragrance Spray

This spray surrounds any room with fresh green grass, trees and the scent of pine – the true scents of nature.

$55 at THE ICONIC 

Cire Trudon Trianon Candle 

Burning this candle will transport you to a countryside meadow of wild flowers. Picture a warm spring evening with aromatic green galbanum, floral notes of rose and warm musk filling the air.

$129 at MYER

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Fragrance: Fig

Intelligent, imaginative and sometimes eccentric, Aquarians go hand in hand with likewise fragrance notes such as fig. Thinking outside the box, this intriguing, creamy and green scent is as unique as the air sign itself.


Armani Prive Figuier Eden Eau de Toilette

The notes of this fragrance evoke all the facets of the fig tree – from the fruit's skin and sugary sap, to the freshness of its leaves and bark. The purple colour of the juice reveals a luminous and deeper side of this fruit.

$195 at 

al.ive body Fig, Apricot & Sage Hand & Body Wash

A scrumptious blend of summer fruits, this hand and body wash is ideal for those who love a sweet, fresh fragrance. Featuring top notes of fig, mango, apricot, apple and almond, it will have you craving a fruit salad.

$38 at 

MOR A Ripening Sun Ripe Fig & Sandalwood Candle

This new addition from MOR has a rich intoxicating scent of sandalwood that mingles with the sweet, syrupy aroma of figs from a sunny afternoon’s harvest.

$39.95 at MYER

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) 

Fragrance: Jasmine

As one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac, Pisceans should look for fragrances with notes of jasmine. The serene floral complements the water sign’s tendencies to be mysterious and alluring – the perfect scent to wear while daydreaming.


Jo Malone London Jasmine Sambac & Marigold Cologne Intense

Jasmine sambac is the queen of all jasmine, and as romantic as its wearer. Harvested early in the morning when the blossoms have just opened, surrounded by serene Indian countryside, the buds are treated like precious jewels.

$190 at MYER

AYU Jasmine & Neroli Body Oil

Notes of jasmine and neroli, known for their uplifting properties, are blended with frankincense, which is believed in spiritual practices to strengthen both intuition and spiritual connection. 

$60 at

Diptyque Jasmin Candle

This delicate candle will transport you to a garden filled with elegant jasmine, creating a sophisticated, yet mellow, ambiance in any space. 

$89 at MECCA


Image credit: Getty Images and Harrison Denman.

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