4 ways to keep that summer feeling alive

Summer beauty tips

Beauty tricks guaranteed to keep the good times rolling

Beauty Crew Editor / January 31 2018

While summer is indeed an entire three months long, we all know the best bits happen in that glorious Christmas/New Year’s period when we tend to be off work and enjoying the frivolity and relaxation that comes with turning on our ‘out of office’.

Our skin slowly develops a golden glow from being outside so often, our hair embraces its natural state thanks to many an ocean swim, our wardrobe shifts from office-appropriate to beach and bar-ready. What’s not to love?

And so once real-life steps back in to stake its claim on your time, there is no feeling sadder than that of those summer days slipping away.

As nice as it would be to stay on holidays permanently, it’s not exactly doable (have you seen the rent prices in Sydney?!), and so instead we offer you the next best thing – a few beauty tricks that’ll help keep that summer holiday feeling well and truly alive


Maintain your golden tan

Keeping the “oh my gosh, you’re so bronzed!” compliments rolling in after summer holidays’ end is actually pretty easy, even if you’re stuck indoors under a fluorescent light. Just reach for the gradual tanner. Sure, you could do a proper tanning session every Sunday with a mousse or a lotion, but a gradual build-up of colour is the key to everyone thinking it’s au naturel. 

So here’s the plan: Start with Jergens® Natural Glow® Colour Primer In-Shower Scrub to exfoliate away rough patches and prep your skin for an even, streak-free colour. Then, replace your body moisturiser with Jergens® Natural Glow® Gradual Moisturiser + Firming. Thanks to a skin-darkening complex, the nourishing formula helps build a natural-looking colour in just a few days (and added bonus: it actually works to reduce the appearance of cellulite within seven days!)



Fake that beachy texture

If you can go for a beach swim before work, great! But if it’s simply not on the cards, a sea salt spray is just what the hairdresser ordered to recapture the joy of salty waves. After you’ve washed your hair, towel-dry off as much moisture as you can, then spritz a sea salt spray through the lengths of your hair and comb the formula through. To give your hair a bit of extra texture, you can try creating ‘ropes’ by twisting sections and then shaking them out, or simply by mussing and scrunching up your hair with your hands as you spritz. Leave to dry and voila! Beach waves at work. We like John Frieda® Beach Blonde Ocean Waves® Sea-Salt Spray.


Keep it fresh with a fragrance

While the ultimate summer aroma may be a combination of sunscreen and salt water, perhaps a new fresh and floral fragrance could also help remind you of those warm beach days and balmy nights? A combination of white floral notes with woody tones will uplift your spirit and transport you back to that feeling of waking up late and eating hot chips every day. Try Gucci Bloom for an instant hit of summer.


Don’t ditch the colour

While you might have fully embraced colourful makeup and nail tones during your break, we encourage you to keep the party going and save any muted colours for winter. Our favourite trick? Adding a pink or peach cheek tint to eyelids for a soft, sheer pop of colour. Try Bourjois Aqua Blush. Pair that with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Tipsy Gypsy on your hands and toes and you’re good to go!

Looking to up the ante on your DIY fake tan? Follow our tips for your most flawless at-home tan yet.

What do you do to hold onto that holiday feeling? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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