The 5 facial treatments to try this summer

According to a skin expert

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / October 22 2023

Here at BEAUTYcrew, we like to keep on top of our skin care routines year round, which is why we opt to rotate the products in our collection in accordance with the seasons.

But when it comes to skin treatment and facials, we’ll admit we don’t always know where to start, which is why we reached out to Dermal Clinician and founder of Viviology, James Vivian to suss out once and for all how to treat our skin in summer. 

With Vivian’s help, we’ve identified the top five summer facial treatments to try, as well as the ones to avoid.

“Treatments that involve a great deal of downtime can be avoided during summer as they usually present an increased risk of photosensitivity, which if not properly managed can minimise the positive effects of the treatment and cause a higher risk of sun damage during the summer months,” warns Vivian.

He also advises to follow the pre-treatment instructions you’re given to avoid negatively impacting the final outcome of your treatment. “And as a general rule, don’t go crazy on the actives before a treatment,” he says.

As for the treatments to try? Here are James Vivian’s top 5 favourite summertime facial treatments..

1/ Healite II LED

“Too much time in the sun is never good for the skin and summer can also bring increased breakouts and sensitivity due to heat and sunscreen application,” says Vivian. To calm and restore balance to the skin, he recommends Heallite II LED treatments. “[They] help repair the skin post-sun and reduce the signs of sun damage, blemishes and help you to get your summer glow on.”

2/ Extractions

“Our skin is more active in summer in terms of oil and sweat production. Couple this with SPF applications and long summer nights out on the town and this can lead to increased skin texture, blackheads and breakouts,” says Vivian. “Having these professionally extracted will help restore skin clarity and smoothness.” However, he warns that it’s not a treatment that you should try at home as you can damage the skin if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

3/ Signature Dermal Therapy Treatment 

Vivian specialises and performs signature dermal therapy treatments for his own clients and espouses the benefits of the personalised “facial-on-steroids”. It involves a personalised blend of exfoliators, extractions, light-therapy and active ingredients to meet each client’s specific skin concerns. 

4/ PRIN Lymphatic Flow Facial

This lymphatic treatment helps to boost vibrancy, firm skin and stimulate circulation, says Vivian. “Using a blend of skin-loving ingredients, this treatment sets firm on the skin to stimulate lymphatic flow to encourage healthy, summer skin,” he explains.

5/ Consultation with a Dermal Therapist

“Not everyone has to have a treatment to have summer-ready skin,” says Vivian. “Ensuring your skin is being cared for at-home with the advice of a professional is often the most important step for summer-proof skin.” A consultation with an expert can help you to ensure you have all the tools you need to keep your skin glowing, protected and hydrated for the hot, hot summer ahead. 

Want some guidance around how to switch up your skin care routine for summer? These are  the summer skin care products you should be using based on your skin type.

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